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Summary: When Kagome mysteriously disappears and leaves barely any trace, Inuyasha and the group do all they can to find her. One strange trail leads to another as the group races through all of Japan to find Kagome. Soon a familiar scent, and a strange white bird, leads the group to a beautiful lake where they discover Kagome is held captive, but there's a slight problem, she can't leave!

Silver Lake

Chapter 1: Gone (again)!

Inuyasha tapped Tessaiga's sheath with his claws, what was taking Kagome so long? The group had returned from a not-so successful mission to retrieve the last shards of the Shikon no tama and Kagome had to return to her world for a bit. The mission had become more of a wild goose chase/embarrassment when the hanyo had "supposedly" caught Naraku's scent. Inuyasha couldn't help but smirk in amusement when the whole group had crashed into a lake.

"I can't believe you didn't see that coming!" Shippo shouted, wringing the water from his sopping wet tail. "It lead us right off a cliff and into a butt-cold lake! Why do I get the feeling that Naraku's laughing at us?"

Inuyasha only made an interesting suggestion to the kitsune which then lead to the two of them fighting which THEN lead to a massive sit for Inuyasha; courtesy of Kagome.

"Will you STOP that please?" Sango's voice jolted Inuyasha out of his thoughts.

"We can't think when you do that," Shippo muttered.

Inuyasha snorted. "Keh! I'm not surprised, you can barely think at all!"

Shippo growled. "That's rich, coming from a guy who can't stop fighting even in his human form."

Inuyasha grunted and looked out the door of Kaede's hut. "What's taking her so long?"

Kagome's giant yellow backpack landed on the ground with a loud thump. The miko then hauled herself out of the well and glanced at the sky. The sun had just begun to set, turning the nearing rain clouds a blood red.

"Inuyasha's not going to be happy that I'm late." Kagome whispered to herself, swinging her legs over the well's edge. As her feet touched the ground, Kagome felt a chill in the air. Winter was on its way, but it was not that kind of a chill.

"Yokai," Kagome whispered and hurriedly grabbed her backpack, getting ready to run. Suddenly, she heard a twig snap off to her left. Turning her head, the miko let out a gasp of alarm. Standing in the shadows was a tall hooded figure, his hands glowing with red energy.

"Kagome," He growled in a deep raspy voice.

Kagome reached for her bow and realized she had left it at the village. "Inuya-" A wave of red energy slammed into her side, knocking her down.

"Your half-breed friend can not hear you here." The man growled and threw another wave of energy at Kagome.

"Help!" She cried as the ground next to her exploded. Suddenly, a powerful force smacked Kagome in the head.

"I-nu-ya-sha," She whispered, and blacked out.

Inuyasha shifted uncomfortably, letting out a long low growl. By now, it had been five hours since Kagome was to return from her time, and his temper had not gotten any better. Inuyasha had to admit that she usually was late in returning, but was never this late.

"Where the hell is she!" he roared.

"Calm down, Inuyasha." Miroku muttered, peeling his hands from his ears. "She probably just got stuck at home or something."

Inuyasha shot his friend a look. "For five hours?!"

"It is possible," Sango said shrugging, before turning pink in the face.


"I must say though," Miroku said rubbing the forming red hand print on his cheek. "It has never taken her this long before."

"That's what I'm sayin'!" Inuyasha shouted, sitting down and shoving his hands into his sleeves.

Inuyasha shook his head from side to side and stared into the fire. It was because of that Skool that Kagome was so late, he thought. If she stayed in his time, then she wouldn't have to deal with homework and suspicious friends. For the past few weeks, a thought had begun to form in the hanyo's mind. It was still being worked on and he was not so sure about it, but maybe, just maybe-

Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through the hanyo's mind like an arrow.

"Shit!" he howled, holding his head. "What the hell was that?"

A dark feeling then washed over him; somehow, he knew Kagome was in trouble!

"Kagome!" he muttered, standing up. "Kagome!"

Inuyasha was out the door before anyone could make a comment. The hanyo raced towards the well as the rain began to fall in a cold and harsh torrent. Inuyasha froze in his tracks at the scene that lay before him when he arrived at the well. Miroku and Sango shortly appeared beside the hanyo and the slayer let out a gasp.

Kagome's backpack had been torn to shreds, like the work of some massive animal. Her belongings were thrown all over the area, broken and shattered. Inuyasha took in the scene and walked over to a pile of Kagome's items. Kneeling down, the hanyo picked something up of the muddy ground and turned back to the group.

"What happened here?" He whispered, a growl forming in his throat.

Suddenly, a huge twister appeared through the trees and Koga appeared in a swirl of dust and wind.

"What the-" the wolf yokai growled, looking at the scene with wide eyes. He turned to a now growling Inuyasha. "Oi, Dog-Crap! Where's Kagome?"

Tears began to form in Inuyasha's eyes as his hand closed around its contents.

Miroku turned to face Koga, his eyes filled with sadness. "K-Kagome…is…"

Koga nodded.


Sango bowed her head and choked back a sob. "Kagome…is…g-g-gone…"

Inuyasha dropped what was in his hand and stumbled back. Lying in the dark mud was a single piece of the Shikon no Tama. "No…no…no!" He whirled around and slammed a fist into the ground. "KAGOME!" He screamed, and for the second time in his life, Inuyasha shed tears in front of his friends.

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