Jack's POV

I saw her get up on stage. I knew it was her. For three weeks I had known it was her. I thought she was happy. She was better off with out all us guys. She needed girl influence, Medda was as close to perfect as she could get. When she came out without her mask I knew the other guys recognized her. I pretend not to notice and focused my attention on my new girl. When she started sing, I listened carefully to the words. I knew she was singing about me. When she was finished, half the boys ran backstage. I quickly walked Maggie home. I started to head back to the lodging house but heard someone being chased. I followed and saw Singer outside the "fun house." I gasped with everyone else. "Relax, I'm pre show entertainment. I still have very little dignity," she said. I couldn't believe it. She lived there?! I went home and sat on the roof trying to figure out what to do. I don't know what happened. How could I have pushed her away? I couldn't tell anyone, but I needed her back. I missed her. I've been miserable. I fell asleep trying to think of ways to get her back. The next night when she came on stage, I knew I had to find her afterwards. When she ran off stage crying, I knew she wasn't as happy as she wanted us to think. I had really messed up. I needed to get her back. I ran backstage to try and get her to come back.