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This story takes place a month before the first episode

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Chapter 1: Dimensional Shift and Strange Lands

As the sun raised up over the Earth showing it's warmth that hasn't been known for over a hundred years, Donovan Baine a Dhampir monk who finally managed to save the planet from an alien solar being named Pyron soon departed back to the planet to rejoin a group of fighters who fought valiantly against the alien threat. Donovan soon touched down onto the ground which was surrounded by an old coliseum after gliding back on his mystic sword. He was soon greeted by a little brown haired girl in a small dress with a red bow tied to her collar who quickly hugged his leg in greeting. He was also greeted by the ghost sisters Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling who also fought against Pyron. Mei-Ling was the first to speak to him.

"It's nice to see that your okay, but you had us worried for a short while there before Anita resurrected you."

"Yeah, that was a close call for ya." Hsien-Ko spoke but quickly added, "And if you die on us again, I will personally go to whatever after life you went to and drag your butt back here."

Donovan soon spoke, "Although I'm grateful that you would do that Hsien-Ko, but to your sister's earlier statement, "I wasn't dead, I was in a near death state having flashbacks of my younger days before being a monk...Anita only healed my body with extremely powerful healing energy."

While Donovan and his group were talking, up on some debris of what used to be a standing castle both Morrigan and Demitri stood standing be side one another staring down at the group that had just defeated the alien threat. Morrigan turned to Demitri and asked while raising an eyebrow, "Is there a reason that you brought back the sun?"

Demitri quickly answered, "Yes there is, I brought back the sun to make it seem that defeating Pyron would have brought it back. This way those annoying humans would stop trying to kill me so often." He quickly turned back to the ground to watch the group still talking only to see them staring straight at him and Morrigan.

Morrigan looked at the group below and spoke, "Well it seems there wondering if were going to come down there, well let's not disappoint them."

With a half nod from Demitri, both fighters flew over to the group.

Over a mile away from the village which was the center of Pyron's attack and defeat, two humanoid beast Darkstalkers were running toward the village to find out why the robots suddenly stopped attacking everyone in the other villages. As they were running, the cat humanoid Felica spoke, "I wonder what is going on? Why did the robots stop attacking after the strange glow died out? She turned to her companion who was blue and grey colored werewolf named Jon Talbain.

Jon soon spoke, "I assume the robots stopped attacking cause of the threat the light created completely vanished with out a trace. Although I must admit I am curious as to whom or what had destroyed the being that admitted the light. I guess we'll find out when we get there."

With a nod of understanding, the both of them raced off faster to get to the location of where they hoped the fighters that saved the world were still there.

As the group saw the two Darkstalkers coming over and waited for them to land, Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling noticed the new arrivals were a vampire that they saw fighting Pyron and lost horribly and a Succubus. Both fighters soon landed on the ground and Morrigan vanished her wings to show them they didn't want to fight at the moment. With a quick guester of approval from Donovan Demitri started speaking, "Although you are a Dhampir, I will still respect you for defeating that blasted alien Pyron."

Morrigan looked over at the girl who had gotten down a couple of steps from retrieving her headless doll while the others began talking and walked over to her. Anita looked up to see the succubus walking toward her and allowed her to sit down on one of the steps beside her. Morrigan looked at Anita and spoke, "You have a remarkable gift in healing if you ever decided to train to control that power at will although right now I can imagine that you feel quite exhausted from pulling off that miracle you did on the monk even though not only did you heal him completely, you also gave him a power boost in his energy to access other powers that lad dormant in him. You know if the humans in this world were to find out about your "gift", they might start thinking you were a savior or something of that nature sent to save them from the darkness. If you ever hear a roomer that says something about that, don't believe them."

After Morrigan said that, she got up to return to Demitri's side but stopped for a second thinking she felt something growing below her but dismissed it as nothing and continued walking. The others looked to feel out the signatures of two darkstalkers that they were feeling coming closer. As the signatures got closer, Hsien-Ko and her sister began to relax slightly as they recognized one of the Darkstalkers while the other's identity remained clouded in mystery. The two signatures got closer as two shadows appeared in one of the openings of the stadium. The two figures finally walked out of the opening and into the light revealing a cat woman with blue hair and a werewolf. As the two darkstalkers got closer, the ground started shaking as fey energy began pouring out in streams lighting up the sky. The ground began breaking apart as a big burst of the unstable energy engulfed the stadium in a pillar of light.

As the light faded, the stadium and its occupants vanished with out a trace.

In another dimension the same pillar of light appeared disrupting the peaceful atmosphere knocking down trees and creating very strong winds blowing waves within lakes and rivers onto land. But soon as the disruptions started, they ended with a large stadium of unknown origin in the middle of a clearing. Several hours later, the beings within the structure began to wake up.

Giving off a soft moan as she woke up, Anita blinked as she got up and grabbed her doll. She saw the others waking up as well and walked over to Donovan to check to see if he was alright. After checking she began walking toward one of the exits of the stadium but was stopped when a clawed furred hand grabbed her shoulder. Anita looked at who stopped her and saw the werewolf staring down at her shaking his head as if telling her it wasn't safe to go alone. Several moments passed as Jon and Anita waited for the others to gain their bearings to realized that they weren't in there world anymore.

Donovan was the first to recover and realize that they were sent to another world by that unstable energy. He turned around to find the others in a similar state of confusion as he was. Morrigan spoke up.

"Well, that was different."

Mei-Ling decided to speak, "Is everyone all right?"

Everyone acknowledged her question including Demitri who just grumbled the answer. When everyone got up and walked toward the exit that Jon and Anita were standing next to did they noticed how very different this new world was compared to their old one was. The first different thing that they noticed was how lushed and green the trees were. After walking some more along the tall grass, everyone stopped as they heard a loud roar coming from the forest of really tall trees. After a moment everything became quiet until the trees were forcibly moved by a large reptilian creature who looked very hungry.

Demitri spoke to the group, "Correct me if I'm wrong, but...AREN'T THESE THINGS SUPPOSED TO BE EXTINCT!?" as he dodged the tail swinging at him. Hsien-Ko during the escape got cornered by the dinosaur and very tall cliff.

She spoke, "Did you know that your supposed to be extinct?" With a loud roar, the dinosaur at Hsien-Ko who freaked as the dino came closer to making her it's meal until she heard Morrigan yell "Soul-Fist!" Unfortunately, her attack was empowered beyond what it was supposed to do as it ripped the dinosaur's head clean off and kept going until it blow up a mountain top. Everyone stood still as they all turned toward Morrigan who still had her arm stretched out with her fist still pointed out toward the corpse of the dinosaur as she let it down slowly then her vision went black as she fainted.

As Demitri went by her side, to make sure she was alright. Mei-Ling went to help check on her vital signs and sighed in relief as she was just out of energy. Demitri turned to her and asked, "Well?"

"Don't worry, she just out of energy."

"Out of energy? How the heck is she out of energy? That was just one Soul-Fist!"

Anita cut in as she understood what happened. "This world forced us to adapt to other energies in our bodies in order for us to survive here. I believe the energy that Morrigan accessed was called KI. Seeing as her body wasn't used to the energy being accessed, and when she normally uses her Soul-Fist, she forces out as much energy as possible to do the most damage. So when she did the attack, her KI was called upon rather than her regular energy she would normally use. And to also take into account that we just got sent form one world to another, our energy needs time to adjust along with our bodies."

Hsien-ko, cut in at this moment and said, "So she used all her "KI" all at once on accident?"

"Yes." Anita replied.

As everyone was wondering what was going on with thier energy, back in their old world a dark plan was coming into motion as he planned or so he thought "Soon the dark souls of the strongest darkstalkers shall unite to become one with me." But in another room a girl with pink hair was beginning to fade as she sleeped unaware of what was happening to her.

High above the Earth, a large bowl shape platform with tiles covering the floor and had palm trees lined up decoratively in front and next to a dome building. As the front door to the building opened up, a green skinned old man with a cane covered white and blue robes came out followed by a black skinned genie covered with a white turban with a red jewel in the middle and white pants with a red sash around him.

The old man asked the genie, "Are you sure about this Mr. Popo?"

The genie named Mr. Popo replied, "Yes Kami, I'm sure. The odd energy seemed to have appeared in the Ox King's territory near Goku's house but a structure of what looks like a stadium of some kind was left in it's place. But do you want me to send for Goku to check it out and the surrounding area for people that may have came with the structure?

Kami thought for a moment and nodded at Mr. Popo who quickly made haste to get to Goku. As Kami was turning around, something began to fade into existence in front of him. This something was really a someone, a girl around 15 -16, had short pink hair, around 5 ft at estimate, clothed in an red bathing suit type material attached to a pair of blue stockings with bat patterns on them and a pair of blue stockings on her arms. Still Kami knew there was more to this girl than what was shown at this moment. So using his power of telekinesis to levitate her to a guest room and put her to bed and walked out.

Down below on the Earth, Mr. Popo had just teleported to Son Goku's dome shaped house. After a moment, he walked up to the front door and knocked. Just as he finished knocking someone came to the door to answer it. The door opened to reveal a young woman wearing light blue Chinese attire. She had long black hair and black eyes. The woman took one look at him a fainted on the spot. Mr. Popo thought to himself, :Oh dear:

Goku walked down the stairs with his four year old son Gohan to the living room but saw his wife Chi-Chi on the floor unconscious. As he made it to the door to check on her, he then noticed Mr. Popo standing there. Forgetting about his wife on the floor, Goku asked, "Mr. Popo, what's up? Is there anything wrong with Kami? Is Piccolo up to something that I should know about or did you just come to visit?" Mr. Popo quickly told him what was going on and the possibility of people from another world being on the planet.

"So now Goku, make sure you find these people and gather them up so that Kami or I can teleport them to the lookout to find out how they got here and find out how we can help them get adjusted to their new surroundings" Mr. Popo reminded him.

With a nod Goku turned to his son, "Gohan, I want you to stay here and keep an eye or on your mother for me. Do you understand?" Little Gohan agreed to his dad's question and went to give his father a hug before going to sit on the couch to watch some tv.

Goku turned to the door and noticed that Mr. Popo already left on his flying carpet. Calling forth the flying Nimbus, Goku took off to find the structure and search for any abnormal KI in the surrounding area. After an hour and several minutes past, Goku located the structure and landed within it. Jumping off Nimbus, he began sensing out the energy trails of anyone that was there recently. He managed to lock onto several KI signatures that led to east of the stadium and quickly jumped on Nimbus and took off into the sky. Several intense moments past as Goku was debating whether or not the KI's he felt meant harm to the planet until Goku finally spotted several people on the ground.

Flying to the ground, the Nimbus parked it's self near the grass allowing Goku to jump off safely. Upon hearing a noise over to their right, the darkstalkers got ready for whatever was coming towards them with the exception of Anita who couldn't fight and Morrigan who was still unconscious from the dinosaur incident. After closer inspection from Mei-Ling, the figure that they spotted was a tall spiky black haired man warring a orange gi. The man walked up them and asked, "Hey! Are you guys the ones that came with the stadium awhile back!?" Although it was an innocent question, they still needed to be careful thought Donovan. He then began to walk up to the stranger to answer.

"Yes we are the ones that came with the stadium, but if you don't mind me asking who are you?"

"My name's Goku...Oh yeah I almost forgot!" Goku then began raising his Ki enough for Mr. Popo and Kami to sense it by getting into crouching stance.

Back at the Lookout, Kami the Earth's guardian quickly sensed Goku's powerful KI and turned around.

"Mr. Popo, you know what to do correct?"

"Yes Kami, I will bring the strangers here so you can question them."

"Good, then while your away I will check on our guest to see if she's still asleep"

As Mr. Popo summoned his flying carpet and teleported to where Goku and the darkstalkers were, Kami began walking into the hallway of the dome building when he heard noises coming from the guest room. He opened the door while hoping not to disturb her at whatever she was doing. As the door opened all the way, he saw the girl sitting on the left side of the bed with her right hand on the chain to the lamp. Unfortunately for her, she took off the lamp shade and was staring at the light bulb when she pulled the chain down. On and off went the bulb for a hole minute before she grew board and turned it off only to notice something green floating infront of her.

"AAAAHHHHHH! Floating green dots! Leave Lilith alone!" She said this as she began swatting at the air in a desperate attempt to get them out of her vision only to fall off the bed and hit the floor.

While standing in the doorway, Kami just sighed and over to her to help her up to only see her starring up at him with confusion written on her face.

"Huh? Who are you and where am I? This isn't Makijen! Am I in another world? Asked Lilith."

"Yes, you are in another world. I am Kami the guardian and overseer of the planet Earth. You are in a guest bedroom atop of my Lookout that I use to keep an eye on the planet down below." Kami replied

Lilith who looked a little less confused suddenly went teary eyed while at Kami and asked, "Does that mean I'm dead?"

Looking down at Lilith, "No your not dead, the Lookout is still in the mortal plain. There is no need to cry."

Whipping her eyes on her arm, she looked back up and said, "Sorry."

"It's alright"

Down on Earth, Mr. Popo had just arrived at the scene. Sensing Mr. Popo near them, Goku quickly powered down allowing Kami's servant to walk up to the group to ask a quick question. Turning to the supernatural beings, Mr. Popo asked his question.

"If you would please step on or grab onto someone who is stepping on the flying carpet, we can be on our way to Kami's Lookout so that Kami can ask you a couple of questions and then we can help you get situated on the planet. Any questions before we get going?"

Jon walked up to the front of the group and asked, "We don't know if we can trust you..." He was suddenly interrupted by Anita who spoke up saying that they could trust them. But when everyone in her group looked at her, she just gave off an annoyed expression that clearly said 'I can't believe your actually forgetting that I'm a psychic.' She then opened her mouth and spoke.

"Every psychic has different powers compared to other psychics. My powers are telekinesis, a small form of mind reading, a small form of speaking through the mind with someone else, mentally creating a psychic barrier & now...apparently the ability to heal."

Donovan spoke up, "But what does that have to do with trusting them?"

Anita mentally smacked her self and replied, "I can read their memories but only of their past not current thoughts which includes thoughts from the last 5 hours. So yes we can trust them."

With a nod from the others, they all agreed to see Kami. So Mr. Popo got on one edge of the carpet followed by Mei-Ling and Hsien-Ko folled by Mei-Ling holding onto Anita's hand and Hsien-Ko grabbing onto Donovan's left shoulder followed by Demitri's grabbing onto Donovan's right shoulder while Morrigan's body laid limp on his right shoulder. After a few seconds went by, the carpet teleported to the Lookout followed by Goku who grabbed onto Demitri's cape just a second before the carpet disappeared.

On the Lookout, the carpet materialized causing some minor discomfort for the darkstalkers who weren't directly on the carpet to fall back on the ground.

"What the hell!" Cried Demitri as he fell backwards onto the floor while holding Morrigan who fell on top of him in a promising position. Quickly pushing her off of him as it wouldn't be good if she were to wake up in the position that they were in, everyone else quickly ignored him and his predicament in favor of looking around. Anita and Donovan who began walking toward the building noticed a figure in the shadows walking toward them. The rest of the group who also saw the being quickly walked to him as they assumed that he was the one they were supposed to talk to.

The figure as he acknowledged their presence walked out of the shadows and said, "Welcome to what we call the Lookout. Your questions will be answered shortly. Would any of you like some refreshments? Our food up here is quite fresh as it was Mr. Popo who prepared it just after he asked Goku here to find you."

Since they haven't eaten anything in nearly a whole day, the darkstalkers agreed although Hsien-Ko and her sister were technically dead they still needed to eat to keep up there strengths.

Taking the nods of approval from his quests as a sign of trust, Kami began leading them to a dinning room full of delicious kinds of foods that ranged from different pastries like carrot cake to chocolate fudge brownies to different meats like chicken to regular tyrannosaurs tail. Some time from being put down in a chair and Demitri starting to drool over the meat, Morrigan regained conscious and asked what was going on. After a brief introduction, she too began settling down to eat but was interrupted as the door to the room was opened and popped in a girl's head who looked confused until she saw Morrigan.

"I finally found you!" the girl said after launching herself at Morrigan who wasn't expecting it and fell out of the chair by the sudden weight. As Morrigan got up, she pointed her finger at Lilith and asked, "Who are you and what do you mean that you were looking for me!?"

Lilith just looked at her and asked, "Don't you know? We are one whole together. Our father made us separate with magic at our birth."

Kami quickly understood what was going on and why Lilith and Morrigan's KI signatures were the same except in the category of power. To him, Morrigan's KI seemed the darker of the two while Lilith was the complete opposite to her older "sister" in both KI and in personality. Just then Kami got an idea but he quickly explained what he understood from what Lilith just said and when Morrigan understood what Kami just said, he told the Darkstalkers and Goku to follow him outside for a moment.

As the group made it outside, Kami walked up to Goku and quietly asked him something away from the group. As Goku nodded, he called forth the Flying Nimbus on Kami's request. The cloud soon landed in front of everyone, as Kami quietly asked Lilith to come up to the cloud. As she did that, Goku used himself as an example and sat on the Nimbus much to everyone's amazement as they didn't feel any energy exchange from Goku or the cloud for him to sit on it.

Kami then nodded for Lilith to try it. Lilith did what Goku did earlier and jumped on it then landed on the cloud but never fell through to the ground. The only other possible person in the strange group that Goku and Kami could find that could ride it was Anita who after a moment to realize that they were starring at her, tried it and walked back. Morrigan who decided that since that she and Lilith were a part of one another it would be easy for her to be able to sit on the cloud without a problem. But when Goku tried to warn her, Anita smirked as Morrigan went right through the cloud butt first on the ground. Morrigan then looked at Kami and asked, "Why can't I sit on the cloud but those two can!?"

Chuckling a bit, Kami said, "You're not pure of heart." Turning back to the group, "Now that stuff is out of the way, could you please explain on how you think you managed to get to this world?"

Mei-Ling who was running through scenarios in her head as they got there spoke up.

"I believe that when Pyron an evil solar entity had entered our version of Earth's orbit around 200 years ago, his energy caused some of the fey lines to become highly unstable across the planet. For 200 hundred years my sister and I wanted revenge on Pyron for damning our mother's soul to eternal darkness. But during the final battle that took place at an area that had some of the few fey lines that were unstable do to Pyron's energy, began reacting directly to him causing the lines to warp even further. But without warning, Pyron absorbed several physical suns that he created to achieve his full power. That sudden boost may have cause the fey lines to reach their peek but still held in place. Thankfully, Donovan not even 15 hours ago managed to destroy the alien after being healed by Anita here. But unfortunately for us, the sudden disappearance of Pyron's energy cause the unstable energy to burst causing a random reaction in which the energy became the wave length that psychic energy becomes when teleporting something."

Kami looked at them and agreed with the theory and quickly explained on how this world worked then what the wildlife was like and then answered some other questions like why was Demitri was able to walkout in daylight sense he was a vampire and would also need blood. But when the question that Anita asked came up on where they were going to live, they were stuck.

When Goku suddenly got an idea, he asked Mr. Popo if he could take him to the Ox King's castle. Mr. Popo agreed and took him to his destination. After about an hour of waiting, both of them returned with some papers with what the Darkstalkers thought were deeds to several houses along with a tin container.

Hsien-Ko spoke up, "What is that, pointing to the tin rectangular container?"

Goku smiled and said, "These are Dino Capsules." Quickly opening the container, Goku let the Darkstalkers see the capsules.

spoke before Goku could go any further with his explanation and said, "And these are your deeds to your new homes." Mei-Ling took a look at the papers and realized that this Ox-King gave them permission to live on his land as well as the new houses.

Mr. Popo got his carpet ready for one last round trip as he quickly informed everyone that he was ready to take them back to the area. As everyone lined up as they were before when they originally teleported to the Lookout with the exception of Morrigan. She grabbed onto another end of Demitri's cape while Goku grabbed onto the other just before they teleported.

Soon Kami was the only one left on the Lookout while everyone down below began with their new lives.