Me; Hello, this is my first Marauder fanfiction!

James: It is about time!

Sirius: Really. What took you so long?

Me: Um, because…..

James and Sirius: Because why?

Remus: Leave her alone guys and let's get down to business.

James: Fine!

Remus: First off, Lissy does not own the rights to these characters. They belong to JK Rowling.

James: My hero!

Sirius: Yah, but she needs a story about us.

Me: I would also like to say that some of these events are based off of real events that happened to me and my friends. Well mostly Katie…

Remus: Almost everything that happens to me is based off of her.

Me: Yup! Well enjoy!


~A Marauding Graduation~

"But Professor McGonagall said it should be inspirational, you guys."

Four boys laid around their dormitory trying to write what should be a simple speech for their graduation. The one who was supposed to be giving it was named Remus Lupin. He was the smartest of the four. Any homework sent his way was done with excellence. He could not, though, write a speech. An essay about the Troll War would have been done without ease. But a creative writing assignment... that was impossible.

"I'm telling you. No one is going to want to listen to the same old boring thing about how great it was here and how it helped us prepare for the future. It should be funny," suggested one of Remus' best friends who was trying to help him. "Mention how awful Schnappi's hair smells."

This young man's name was Sirius Black. He was quite possibly the most handsome boy in the school and he knew it. He could have great grades like his friend, but he did not feel the need to assert himself in school work. It was a waste if you ask him. He was more into being a playboy than a book worm. Although his grades were not excellent, he was in fact very clever.

"Yeah! We can title it "The Loser" and go through all the ways we have tortured him in these past years," laughed James.

"If we had it your way James," said Sirius. "It would be all about how you managed to finally get Lily to be your girl friend."

James Potter is the third of these boys. He is in many ways the leader of the group and was a very skilled quidditch player. For the past six and a half years, he has been after a girl named Lily. Although he started expressing his feeling when they were in their third year, she had rejected him because of his natural arrogance. In his final year, his head deflated a bit and he was not as egotistical. She finally consented to his wishes and they have been a happy couple ever since.

"Ahh, Lily," James sighed rolling onto his back staring dreamily at the ceiling.

"Stop it, mate," commanded Sirius throwing a pillow at James. "You're acting like a girl."

"I'm acting like I'm in love."

Sirius started gagging at this.

Sirius and James had been best of friends since the first ride on the train to Hogwarts. After that day, they were inseparable. You could not see one without the other. They were almost like twins, brothers separated at birth. They always have each other's backs and have taken the roll of class clown.

"Could you two stop and help me?" asked Remus. "What do you think Peter?"

"I think we should not graduate," he meekly said.

The final boy was a weak boy named Peter Pettigrew. He was certainly not like the other boys. As the others were cunning, Peter lacked in the smarts department. He also lacked in the love department and sports department. The others protected him as he was in constantly in the way of everything and everyone. It was almost their duty to look out for him. The only ones who could tease him were James and Sirius (as Remus does not tease).

"You mean fail school?" asked Sirius. "As in, stay here."

Peter nodded.

"Why?" said a shocked Sirius.

"Because everything is going to change once we graduate."

The room grew silent. Everything was going to change. Their headmaster, a very peculiar man called Dumbledore, asked them to join a secret group called the Order of the Phoenix. The purpose of this group was to take down an evil wizard who called himself "Lord Voldemort." He was gathering followers fast claiming to want to purify the world and get rid of muggles. James and Sirius were actively against the 'pure bloods' even though they that was exactly what they were. Sirius always hated his family and their ways. The one person James loved the most in this world was muggle-born. Remus has been known to put out a few words against the purification. Peter was too nervous of a boy to say his feeling on the subject.

"Come on, Peter," James finally said. "You still haven't grown a back bone yet."

"Yeah," added Sirius. "It is going to be the next adventure of our lives. The grandest adventure of our lives."

"D-do you think we'll still be f-friends during it though?" stammered Peter.

At this, James and Sirius could not help and laugh. What a foolish question to ask.

"No, Wormtail," said James. "No matter what happens none of us could possibly ever stay friends after the war is over and we won." James was near tears with laughter, holding his stomach because it hurt so much. None of them saw Peter cringe at these words.

"Right, and how in the world could we stay friends when we are on the same side," laughed Sirius. "Why would we remain friends? What point would that serve?"

The boys roared with laughter, practically rolling on the ground. They both thought it was ridiculous (even Remus thought so). Once the boys calmed down, they looked at Peter with a more serious look.

"Really Peter?" asked Sirius moving to sit next to him with James on Peter's other side. "Why would you even ask that?"

"W-well, I don't know. It's just…"

"Peter," said James. "Nothing could ever possibly break us apart."

It was Remus' turn now. He went digging through his trunk until he found the object he was looking for. He brought it over to them.

"You see this?" asked Remus. He had the Marauder's Map in his hand. "This has all of our names on it; Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. We are the Marauders. Now and forever. Nothing can break the bonds of our friendship."

"Beautifully said," commented James the same time Sirius said "Exactly."

"Marauders," said Sirius putting out his hand. James and Remus followed him.

"Marauders," they said together.

"M-marauders," finally said Peter not as enthusiastic as the others.

"Now," sighed Remus. "About this speech."

Remus never did get his speech done. He had about one line of it in fact. It was both amusing and alarming for James and Sirius to see him running around to avoid Professor McGonagall. It was so unlike him to be this scared of an assignment. Professor McGonagall was having problems finding him as well since he was using his skills as a Marauder.

"Potter, Black," she yelled at James and Sirius. "Where is Mr. Lupin? I cannot seem to find him anywhere. I need to look at his speech. "

James gave Sirius a nod as a signal.

"We have it professor," Sirius told her.

"He gave it to us because he has some things he needs to look up before exams. He didn't want you to worry," said James.

"Well," she said relieved. "Give it here."

"Here you go, Professor."

James gave her the speech he and Sirius had written for him being the good friends they were. She gave a sigh before she opened it. Sirius and James held in laughter as she read the lines.

"You started off nice, but when you go into the part about… 'Schnappi' is when you lose it."

"We were just trying to help, Professor," said Sirius with a sad voice.

"Schnappi? Do I need to even ask who that is?"

"I'm sure you're smart enough to know that that is our dear friend Snape," James told her.

"You boys," she sighed. "I don't know how you are going to make it into society, but I have a strange feeling despite all of this you will still do well for yourselves."

"Oh! Stop it, Professor," fake giggled Sirius. "You're making me blush."

Professor McGonagall paused for a minute, then with an emotion the boys were not used to told them "Despite the hell you two have put me through these past few years, I am going to miss you."

The boys were utterly shocked. This was the most touching thing they have ever heard her say, even with all of the thanks and congratulations for quidditch. They did not quite know what to say. She glanced once more at the paper and commented "Mr. Potter, your handwriting has really improved over the years, but I would suggest not asking Mr. Black's help in the spelling department again. Be sure to tell Remus he is not off the hook as well." The boys started laughing as she walked away.

"You know," Sirius commented. "We have to be getting out of here soon because everybody is acting strange. We've seen some weird stuff today."

"Point number one;" said James "Remus hiding from a teacher. Normally that is us. Point number two; McGonagall said she is going to miss us. That was nice to hear though."

"Point number three;" added Sirius. "Is you saying Schnappi is our dearest friend." Sirius gave James a look that said "Our dearest friend. You have to be kidding me."

"That was for McGonagall," James told him.

"Uh-huh. Sure."

"Whatever, Sirius. I wonder where Wormtail is. I haven't really seen him all day."

James and Sirius looked around the Great Hall for him. They finally spotted him walking from the way that would talk to you the dungeons and Slytherin Dormitory. James watched Peter come up to them and walk towards the table. Something had caught Sirius's eye that made him keep looking at door. Shortly after Peter had come walking out, he's cousin, Bellatrix, did as well.

"Point number four," whispered Sirius.

"Huh?" asked James. "Did you say something?"

Peter hanging out with Bellatrix? That was impossible. There was no way that his evil cousin could ever have any possible reason to talk to Peter and same goes for Peter. There is an absolute no reason for Peter to talk to her. Sirius quickly got rid of his suspicion because, well, it was impossible.

"Never mind," said Sirius. "It's nothing."


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