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The doors opened slowly, allowing light from the Great Hall to pour into the hallway they stood in. Remus inhaled deeply, hoping to calm his nerves as James and Lily lead the group onto the ceremony. He was right after them but he found his feet could not move. As if writing the speech was hard enough, now he had to give it in front of the whole school! Alexander Walters, the Ravenclaw speaker, had to give Remus a push in order for him to move. Embarrassed, Remus quickly caught up to "The Dream Couple," as they were now called, not without hearing Sirius' laughter in the background.

As Remus caught up to them, he looked around the Great Hall trying to find his parents. He found them seated near the Potters with the Pettigrews not far behind. No sign of the Black family anywhere. Inwardly, Remus wondered how Sirius felt about his parents not attending. Of course he was fine with it, but maybe there was a part of him that did want to be connected with his family. He glanced back at Sirius. He was waving and smiling broadly at the Potters. His family was there. They may not be related by blood but the Potters were the greatest thing that ever happened to Sirius. Remus gazed back at his parents. His father smiling proudly that his werewolf son made it through with his mother giving him a nod of encouragement.

They all went to their respective place (which amazingly went Lily, James, Remus, Sirius… Peter ended up a few chairs away) and waited for Dumbledore to go to the podium. Once he arrived, they were allowed to sit down. Dumbledore stood before the class and looked at them proudly. It was his fifth year being Headmaster and everyone, save for the Slytherins, thought he was a phenomenal professor.

"Students, family, friends; Welcome!," he started. "I look upon these bright young faces feeling proud to say that they are my students. These students have endured the hardship of learning advanced magic and have prevailed and accomplished it with great success. As all of the students are brilliant in their own way, the Head of House has chosen one student from their House to prepare a speech. Professor McGonagall…"

Remus' jitters increased as Professor McGonagall took her spot. His legs started bouncing involuntary. James and Sirius seemed to have noticed as they both started to stifle laughter.

"You alright there, Moony?" whispered James.

"Shut up," was the reply he received which only caused the boys to laugh more.

Professor McGonagall reached the podium and looked directly at them causing their laughter to decrease. She proceeded to give her mini-speech;

"Good evening, everyone. I am Professor McGonagall and I have the fortune to be the Head of the Gryffindor House. The student I have chosen for today is a most exceptional student. During the years I've had the pleasure of teaching him, he has proven to be studious, hard-working, kind and a great friend. He is always willing to help others and never lets them give up. He also shows true Gryffindor Spirit with constant bravery. This is why I've Remus Lupin. I know in the future he will be as exceptional out of school as he was in school."

Professor McGonagall gave Remus a nod as a signal to proceed up to the podium. Remus slowly stood up.

"Good luck, mate," whispered Sirius.

"Knock them dead," added James.

Remus took a deep breath and proceeded up to the spot light. His thoughts went as follows;

"Deep breath, take a deep breath. You can do this. Did you hear all the good things McGonagall said about you? Yes, I did… it only made me feel more pressure. If she had said I was terrible, I could have screwed up and everyone would have been fine with it. You know what? I can do this. I'm a Gryffindor! Gryffindors are not afraid of anything. I'm going to blow them all away and will wanted worldwide to be giving speeches everywhere. Think Gryffindor. I can do this. Think…"

He reached the podium and noted the large amount of people looking back at him with curious, bored or enthusiastic faces. His mind racing with plenty of more nervous thoughts, but the 'you're a Gryffindor' thing really seemed to work so he went with that. He looked around the room once more and with a deep breath began his speech.

"It is incredible," he began "to find ourselves here in this room for our graduation. It feels like only yesterday that we first came here to this mysterious place. When we first arrived at Hogwarts, we usually spent most of the class time actually looking for the class. It was so dark and big filled with secrets. There were some places we were afraid to walk down the hallway and even with a map finding the easiest of classrooms seemed worse than homework! Now, we can know these walls better then even our own home because it is our home. We grew up here. We learned here. We played here. We listened to Lily reject James here. We laughed, made friends, matured, fell in love here. For some of us, our happiest memories take place right with-in this castle. But now, we are leaving it. We are moving on to the next stages of our lives; the most important stage of our lives. The part where we prove ourselves as witches and wizards to our friends, family and teachers. It will take time to get used to. It will be strange not constantly seeing our friends, getting yelled at by teachers, doing homework, and everything else that makes this school home, but it is time to move on. We are the future. It is our turn to be the responsible ones and make the right choices. There are certainly going to be a lot of things we miss… but there are also going to me lots of things we will not miss. We are not going to miss detention or homework. We are not going to miss Sirius constantly telling everyone how good looking he is or Alexander telling everyone how smart he is. We won't miss cowering before Professor McGonagall either. I'll end saying; here's to the future; it was good here, but it will be great beyond."

Remus smiled as he returned to his seat. It went well! He did not fumble over any words or even have stage fright. They laughed at all the right places, as well. James and Sirius pat him on the back as he took his seat.

"Excellent work, mate," said Sirius once he arrived and sat down.

"That was bloody brilliant!" added James.

"Thanks, guys," replied Remus. He was so happy to have that over with.

The next person to give their speech was Alexander Walters. He was the Ravenclaw representative who Remus had made fun of before. Luckily, Alexander had a good sense of humor and was not offended by it. He knew he was like that. Although his sense of humor was good, his speech was not. It was all about hard work and diligence with no sentimental value to it and had to have been about twelve pages long. Remus had to wake up Sirius on a number of occasions.

But then again, Alexander's was not half as horrible as Christine Franks, the Hufflepuff. It made absolute no sense with not real meaning to it. No one really knew what to think of it.

Finally, Snape went up to give his speech. Remus noticed James and Sirius perk up in interest. Sirius had a broad grin on while James showed a hint of a smirk (as he was sitting next to Lily). "What did you guys do?" whispered Remus.

"Nothing," said James the same moment Sirius said "Wait and see."

Snivellus walked up to the stand with a greenish face. He looked like he was about to throw up. He shakily put his speech in front of him and quickly glanced through it. During this, he must have noticed that something was not right because his expression changed from anxious to anger. He shot a glare at James and Sirius because they, of course, were the culprits behind it. James did well at keeping a straight face while Sirius had to stare at a candle to keep from laughing. Snape started his speech without glancing at it again.

The fact that Snape had memorized his speech did not make Sirius very happy. Once Snape missed the first change they made to the speech, Remus watched as Sirius slumped down in his chair with his arms folded across his chest. He looked very much like a four year old who did not get the candy he had wanted. Luckily for him, Snape did fumble over many words. Enough to bring Sirius back into happy mode. Once his speech was over and the applause (mostly from the Slytherins) died down, Professor Dumbledore stood up and went back to the podium.

"Thank you," he said "to Mr. Remus Lupin, Mr. Alexander Walters, Ms. Christine Franks and Mr. Severus Snape for your wonderful speeches."

"You totally won, though," whispered Sirius to Remus.

"Yeah," added James "if that was a quidditch match you would have beaten all of them by 15,593 points."

Remus told them to be quiet, but a smile remained on his face.

"Now," continued Professor Dumbledore "I would like to ask the Head Boy, Mr. James Potter and the Head Girl, Ms. Lily Evans, to start the 'Lighting of the Flame.'"

James and Lily walked and stood next to the podium. Professor Dumbledore nodded to them telling them they may commence.

As tradition went, the Head Boy and Head Girl started the actual graduating ceremony, The Lighting of the Flame which symbolized the growth of their education and grew throughout the years. They were supposed to stand in front of everyone and raise their wands. As they did this, the Head Girl recited the incantation of the flame in English at the same time as the Head Boy did in Latin.

"We light this flame," she began "in honor of our past, present and future. To show our education as it grew from when we first started to when our education truly ends."

"Nos lux lucis is flamma in veneratio nostri preteritus , tendo quod posterus. Exhibeo nostrum erudio ut is grew ex ut nos primoris coepi ut ut nostrum erudio verum ends," recited James at the same time.

While Lily and James said this, a white light flew out from each of their wands. The two flames met in the middle forming the outer casing of the Hogwarts Shield with the school motto beneath it.

Professor McGonagall replaced Professor Dumbledore and asked for all of the Gryffindors to rise and join the Head Boy and Head Girl. Remus led the group (the other following in alphabetical order behind him) to the step that was in front of where Lily and James were standing.

Once they were all lined up, Professor McGonagall started calling the students' names.

"Remus Lupin," was the first that she called.

With a roar of cheers, Remus raised his wand just as James and Lily had. Also, very similar to theirs, a light came from the tip of the wand and hovered over Remus in the air.

"Sirius Black."

Sirius's cheers were deafening which sounded more like girls squealing than normal cheers. He copied Remus and created his own light above his head. It went on like that with the next six. Once Professor McGonagall finished calling all of the Gryffindor names, the lights above them combined to form the Gryffindor crest and took it place within the shield. This continued with the Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs and finally ending with the Slughorn and the Slytherins.

Once the shield was complete with all of the crests placed in their intended space, the shield glowed then vanished. This was followed by all of the students throwing their wizard hats to be thrown in the air and extremely loud cheers… as it meant that after seven years, they finally graduated.


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