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After the graduation, it was complete pandemonium. Everyone was everywhere hugging and reuniting with their parents. It was within this chaos that Sirius and James were able to slip away to pull their prank, but it would not take effect until the next day. Once they did what they needed to do, they casually went back into the Great Hall to meet with James's parents. Luckily, Remus and his parents were talking to them. It was a perfect distraction.

"Oh, James! I'm so proud of you," stammered his mother pulling him into an almost violent hug.

"Thanks, mom," greeted James. "Um… You can let go of me now."

James broke free from his mother's iron grip trying to not let anyone see how much her grip hurt. He was a quidditch player and hung around with werewolves for Godric's sake! If anyone knew the only person who could really cause James any physical damage was his mother, he would never live it down. Of course, his moment of pain would be the time his father decides to pat him on the back saying "Good work, son." It was a nice gesture, but combined with the brute force that is his mother, he was not feeling his best.

"What about me, mom?" asked Sirius with a pouty face. Sirius had adopted them as much as they adopted him. These past years, even when he was still living at Grimmuald Place, they considered him another son. James' twin brother if you will.

"Mom, huh?" said a voice. "I don't know … she looks too nice. Not at all like your real mother."

Sirius quickly turned to look at the speaker. She was tall and had long dark black hair that some curls in it. Her fair skins was surrounded by the darkness everything else. The only thing that was keeping Sirius from cursing at her was her huge pregnant belly. It could have been Bellatrix, but it was not. It was Andromeda.

"D-dromy!" stammered Sirius. "What are you doing here?!"

"I came to see my favorite cousin graduate from school. Why? Do you want me to leave?"

"No," Sirius yelled. It was clear that Andromeda being there meant a lot to Sirius. His face showed off a radiance that was not normally there. Yes, the Potter's was his new lovely family, but he was happy to see that someone from his blood family did care about it. Sirius bounced with excitement. "I meant; why are you here when you're going to be having" he pointed at her stomach "that soon? I would give you a hug… but I don't know if…"

"Don't know if what?" asked Andromeda with a stern face.

"If… I could, you know… get my arms around you. You're stomach would be in the way," said Sirius awkwardly.

"Are you calling me fat?" she questioned. Her expression was somewhat scary.

"No… well yes in a way, but it is a good fat! It's the I'm-going-to-have-a-baby fat! … It's perfectly… fine. "

Andromeda stared him down with a very evil look. Sirius was starting to sweat under the pressure she was putting on him. Finally, she burst out into fits of laughter and grabbed Sirius into a hug.

"I love messing with you," she told him.

The hug was awkward with the bump in the middle. Sirius broke it, jumping away with a yelp.

"What was that?" he asked wide-eyed.

"It was the baby," Andromeda laughed. "It kicked."

"What are you going to have?" asked James.

"The pasta I think. What were the options again?" Andromeda asked. "I'm so hungry."

"Um, I meant the gender of the baby," commented James.

"Oh!" she exclaimed a little embarrassed. "The one thing about having a baby is you're always hungry."

"I completely understand," said Mrs. Potter. "I nearly killed my husband asking for so much different food. He was so exhausted trying to keep up with my hunger habits."

"I think Teddy could relate," said Andromeda "He is extremely relieved when he goes to work. Let's him get away for a while. Anyways, I'm going to have a girl."

"That's wonderful!" commented Mrs. Potter.

"I hope she looks like Teddy," mentioned Andromeda lovingly stroking her belly.

"Either way, I'm sure she'll be very pretty," said Remus.

Andromeda smiled, but Sirius retorted with "Are you coming on to my cousin's baby?"

Remus gave him a 'you-are-so-stupid' look then walked away going to talk to the Pettigrew's.

Mrs. Potter, James and Sirius crowded around Andromeda, each one wanted to feel the baby kick. James was about to get his turn when he heard a voice that he loved so much.

"James," said Lily shyly patting him on the arm. It was so unlike her and so adorable. "You already meet my parents… Can I meet yours? My parents would like to meet them as well."

James smiled as Mr. and Mrs. Evens walked over to where they were standing. He laughed to himself remembering the first time he meet them on Platform Nine and Three Quarters two years ago. He had been very obnoxious and told them that one day he was going to marry their daughter. He could not remember a time where she was more furious at him then that moment. What made Lily even angrier was her mother insisting upon seeing him every time she could after that saying she wanted to see her future son-in-law. As if James need another reason to be anymore smug!

"Of course you ca-"James began, only to be cut off.

"Why you must be Ms. Lily Evens!" greeted Mrs. Potter. "I've heard so much about you in these last seven years! James talks about you non-stop."

Mrs. Potter sent her son a grin. Most boys at the treacherous age of seventeen would be mortified if their mothers sold them out like that. James was not like them. He smiled and bore it with pride. When has he ever hid his long term affection for Lily?

"That doesn't surprise me, at all," Lily laughed.

"Who is this pretty lady?" asked Mr. Potter coming into the conversation.

"Dad," James introduced. "This is Lily Evens, my girlfriend." No one, in the history of Hogwarts, was ever as ecstatic as James when he called someone "my girlfriend." His chest swelled up with pride as he put his arm around Lily.

"The Lily Evens?" said Mr. Potter aghast, even though he knew very well who that was. James had described her over and over again. It would take a fool to not know that she was Lily. "You're almost a celebrity in our home."

"I hope he didn't exaggerate me. James can really go overboard when it comes to me," she said.

"James can go a little overboard with everything," added Sirius.

Mr. and Mrs. Evens introduced themselves to what James knew would end up being their in-laws. The sets of parents talked about numerous things involving the wizarding world as they made their way to the hall where supper was being held. They talked of the future for their kids and different magical things. The Potters were instantly attached to Lily and her parents; chatting like they were old friends.

The dinner went by with more words from the Headmaster and Heads of House. The meals themselves were very deliciously made. The Evens could not believe they were eating food actually made by real elves. Mr. and Ms. Evens also were greatly impressed with Remus. They thought he was a very cleaver boy, indeed.

Lily was very conscious of James and Sirius constantly looking over at the Slytherins. They had a very mischievous smile on their face.

The students still had to stay at Hogwarts for one last night so as the families left; they slowly went back to their dormitory. Memories filled through them as they walked through each hallway. It was a bittersweet moment. When the Gryffindors entered their dormitory for the last time, they were surprised by the first through sixth years throwing a party for them. The room was decorated with red and gold. They made a sign for each of the graduates that they had all wrote messages on for them to remember them by. They could have partied all night but at one in the morning Professor McGonagall came into the room and broke it apart.

"Don't worry," Sirius told James. "The party can continue."

Sirius showed him a paper bag hiding the content inside. James knew all too well what that was. They climbed up the steps reaching to the dorm in which they had plenty of fond memories in. James looked around the room; his head spinning. The memories! He had plenty of them. He could feel the emotions welling up inside of him. He was thankful for Sirius breaking this train of thoughts when he called for a toast.

"Didn't we toast enough today?" asked Remus falling into his pillow. "I'm so exhausted."

"Oh yes," commented Sirius. "It must be so tiring getting complimented by peer, teachers and parents all day. I can see how constantly being praised for this and that must have worn you out."

"Jealous, Sirius?" challenged Remus.

"No," he sighed. "I'm complimented so much that yours today didn't even matter. Anyways … firewhisky anyone?"

"Sirius!" exclaimed Remus. "You can't have that here!"

"What does it matter?" questioned Sirius. "What are they going to do; expel me?"

This silenced Remus and it seemed that he could not come up with a good reason to stop him either. James quickly grabbed a glass while Peter seemed to be almost frightened of it. He had never had any like the others. When Sirius offered Remus his glass, Remus sighed and reluctantly took it. Sirius took it upon himself to start the toasting.

"I would like to toast to us," exclaimed Sirius.

"No surprise there," murmured Remus to James. James sniggered.

"For us being without a doubt, the coolest people to have ever come here," continued Sirius. "I mean… look at us! We are what everyone wanted to be. No one else in our year can transform into an animal (or be a werewolf for that matter). No one else caused as much mischief as us. No one else had as many friends as us. Not only were we influential in the social aspect, but in the academic sense as well. Yes, some of us may have not done their homework as much as others, but we are pretty freakin' intelligent. So, I say; to us!"

"I'll drink to that!" exclaimed James.

"Well said," added Remus.

"Very inspiring," piped in Peter.

They all took a drink from their glass. Peter seemed to have a hard time keeping it down; it was a bit too strong for him. He coughed most of it up.

"Now," continued Sirius "I would like to toast to Moony! A man a good as friend as he is smart. Not only would we have not passed without you, but we also would have missed out on meeting one of the most sensible, hard-working werewolves ever to come into existence. As Professor McGonagall said, he shows all true Gryffindor spirit. He's brave, kind and adventurous. He has overcome more difficulties than any other person in this entire school combined. Not to mention that he had the best speech today! To Moony!"

"To Moony!" chanted James and Peter (who had another unsuccessful drink of firewhiskey).

"That was really… thanks, guys," said Remus sentimentally. He took as small, but thoughtful drink from his glass. Professor McGonagall saying it was one thing, but it meant so much more coming from a friend.

"My turn to do one!" exclaimed James. "I would like to toast to the most loyal, fun and greatest friend ever, Mr. Padfoot. Imagine, for a second, what our adventure here would have been without him. I'll sum it up in one word; boring. Sirius, you're greater than any friend I could have ever imagined and you always have my back. You're more of a family member to me. The brother I never had. So, I would like to say thank you for being who you are and never change. To Padfoot!"

"To Padfoot!"

"That was beautiful," fake sobbed Sirius. He grabbed a hold of James robs and pretended to cry into them. They all drank to Sirius and hoping he will never change.

"James turn," said Sirius. "I would like to toast my best friend, Prongie. James, you showed us all the meaning of bravery and dedication. Not only are you dedicated to your sport and friends, but also your women. You never gave up on a girl who always hated you and shot you down. Now look at you! I'm sure you two are getting ready for marriage soon! I also learned a lot of things from you. There is two lessons I learned that effected me the most. One is that not all pureblood families are harsh, cruel and prejudice. There are purebloods out there that kind and are not into the blood-mania that mine was. The second thing I learned is that you can take a prank too far, so I thank you for saving not only my skin, but Remus' and Snape's as well. Think about the consequences. We are all very grateful that you are with us. James, may the rest of your life be filled with light and laughter. To Prongs!"

"To Prongs," exclaimed Remus loudly. Clearly the firewhisky was taking its effect. He took a healthy swig from his glass.

"To Prongs," murmured Peter. He took a small drink from his glass looking extremely ill. James seemed to have noticed this.

"Firewhisky not working well with you, Peter?" asked James.

"N-no," stammered Peter. He seemed to be getting greener by the second. It looked like he was going to explode at any second. James changed the firewhisky to water for him. He took a long drink of that. "Thanks. That was making me sick. Sorry."

"So long as you don't puke," said Sirius.

"To Wormtail!" started James. "A boy that started out shy and quiet. I remember when we first meet him, no offence, but I thought he was spineless. Once we kick started his courage, he was unstoppable. He took on several Slytherins and not even the Whopping Willow could stop him. You made our group complete! To Wormtail!"

The other fallowed his example and drank to Peter. Peter's expression was unreadable as he looked extraordinarily green. It was a pitiful mix of sickness and happiness. It was lucky that he was sitting on his bed as he fainted the moment after.

"Ah-oh," said Sirius. "Wormtail down."

"I suppose we should go to bed as well," commented Remus sadly. "Although I'd rather stay up."

"Me too," added James. "We still need one more toast."

"James," sighed Sirius. "I know you want to toast to Lily, but this is our last night here and she was never a member of our dorm no matter how much you wanted her to be."

"Well, a toast to Lily would be nice, but it was not what I was going to toast to," said James. "I was going to toast to friendship."

"Oh," grumbled Sirius. "Yeah, I'll toast to that."

"I would toast to Lily, too. She's been a good friend throughout the years… well, at least to me," added Remus.

"Ok, fine," boomed Sirius. "We will toast to Lily and friendship!"

And they did. They had every intention to go to sleep them, but something kept them up. They did not want to leave the school so they spent most of the night reminiscing about the past. When they woke up, Sirius found his back in incredible pain with James's head lying on his shoulder. They were sitting up against the bed with pictures they were looking at the night before scattered around them. Remus was sleeping on the bed that they were leaning on. He looked at the clock which showed they had twenty five minutes to get to the train. Sirius shook James awake.

"It wasn't me!" slurred James waking to a start.

"I know it wasn't, mate, but that's not important right now!" exclaimed Sirius. "We got to get going or will miss the prank and it will have been for nothing."

"Huh?" said James brightly.

"The train!"

"Oh!" said James getting more awake. He looked at the clock. "Dang! We have to get moving! We have to wake them up."

James quickly scrambled over to Remus while Sirius walked over to Peter's bed. They counted to three with their fingers and at the same moment screamed fire in their ears. Peter awoke instantly looking around the room completely alert. Remus, however, was not amused. He simply told them to put it out.

"Moony, we have to get going or we'll miss the train," James told him. That woke him up.

The four boys managed to get dressed and ready in time. They hurried down to the station and managed to get on a cart to take them to the train. There were several carts that were not used yet. Remus pondered the reason for this while James and Sirius had smiles on their faces. Remus noticed this.

"What did you do?" asked Remus.

"Let's just say, we probably know where the others are right now," laughed Sirius.

"And we would not want to be them," added James. They both grimaced and laughed.

Remus obviously did not approve.

"Why would that be?" quizzed Remus.

"Ok, ok," gave in Sirius. "So, do you remember our, as in James and mine, first prank?"

"Changing Snape's hair color?"

"No," said James. "We poisoned his plate. He was sick for a week and the first day he could not get out of the bathroom."

Remus put his head in his hands in disbelief of his friends. He looked at their grins. It was so irresponsible of them to do that, but then again… it's not like they could be blamed for it. They can't expel them from a school they don't go to and how would they find out it was them.

"I have a question," Remus told them. "The timing of when they would get sick… did you plan it?"

"Yes, we did," answered Sirius.

"So, it could seem like it happed from a hangover?"

"It sure could have," said James.

"Hm," thought Remus aloud. He looked at the pair. "That was pretty clever."

"Why thank yo-"started Sirius.

"Guys, this is the last glimpse we are going to get of the castle," interrupted Peter.

They all turned to look at the castle. They sure were going to miss Hogwarts; their home. They watched it until they couldn't see it. The last part of it they saw was Gryffindor Tower. It was sad and happy moment. It was an exciting, yet never racking feeling. It was, to say the least, emotional. In the blink of an eye, they could not see it anymore. It was gone. Their education at Hogwarts was over. They four of them were solemn until they reached the platform.

They found Lily saving them seats in a compartment for them. She looked angry that they were so late and missed breakfast. It turns out that Dumbledore wanted to talk to them about their missions. He was giving them a week off before they started working in the Order of the Phoenix. She gave them each a letter from him with a briefing of what was happening.

"So," said Sirius. "It's really happening. It's finally our turn to fight back without the worry of a detention."

"We are putting our lives out in danger and all you can think of is 'at least I won't get a detention,'" said Remus shaking his head.

"It's a good incentive," commented James.

It was eleven o'clock and the train was supposed to leave but it seemed the seventh year Slytherins still did not show up. The Marauders were extremely thrilled that it took an extra half an hour just to get everything sorted out. All the other students were angry at the Slytherins not knowing where their angry should have belonged too. Once they finally did arrive, everyone yelled and insulted them. The insults were music in James and Sirius' ears. Nothing sounded more pleasant.

The train started moving causing all of the students to start cheering. The ride home was fun. They talked about the past years and of the future. They left so much behind, but there was so much more for them in the future. They were going to be member of the Order of the Phoenix and were very proud of it, too. Peter seemed to be the only one who was a bit shaky about it. He was not prepared for battle like the rest of them.

When they arrived to the station, they all said their good-bye. It was not as sad as it would be if they weren't going to constantly be seeing each other. Nothing could tear apart The Marauders. The hardest one for James was saying good-bye to was Lily. Yes, it would only be a week for her as well, but he wasn't sure he would be able to make it. Sirius pulled him away and put a comforting arm around him. They started walking away… preparing for the next road. The road of life.



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