Read Please~ So...I was watching this show, "The Tudors." And something about the theme just screamed ideas at me about a story, so I gave in. The time is set most likely during the early 1600's. Kaname is a king with no queen. Yuuki is a high-ranking lady who has just come to his court looking for marriage as all ladies are. They are not related at all in this story. Some of the story will be written as Yuuki's pov, when she is writing in her diary, and mostly normal pov. All human.

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16th day of January,
In The Year Of Our Lord, 1579

At Earl Kagasaki, his house, in the country of Kyoto- shortly before sunrise.

We are currently making ready to leave Kagasaki Hall. Proof of this is all the hustling and bustling being heard outside and inside of the chambers. I'm writing this as I sit upon a big chest full of clothes, wearing my blue damask gown, of which the Lady Nagi, Viscountess of Akita, complains that I may drop ink upon it and ruin the gown. But I think I will be just fine, so fie on you, Lady Nagi.

By now, I am thinking I should properly introduce myself, even though this is just a diary. Seems like what a proper lady should do.

Lady Yuuki Cross, pleasure to meet you. I am the first daughter of the Archduke and Archduchess of Shizuoka, Kaien Cross and Sayuki Takamiya.I have long auburn hair that nearly reaches my waist and brown eyes with a hint of red/orange. I am at the tender age of 17, and will be officially attending the Japanese court hopefully by tonight.

I had previously been living in China for the past 4 years and have excelled at my studies (or so my governess says...) and now my father has had me return to Japan so that I may attend court with my sister, Sayori Cross. Yori has been here three years longer than I have, so I wonder how much she has changed. If she changed at all, that is.

Toshie, Lady Ruka's tiring woman, is trying hard to pack all of Ruka's face paints and elixirs, but Lady Ruka keeps grabbing them again. She has a spot right on her nose, and is searching for an ointment her mother gave her two month's past.

Kasumi Onemura is drinking some ale and watching curiously. "Lady Souen," She begins, "Do you not think that it is all those creams and paints you put on your face that gives you so many spots?" she asked. Ruka tossed her head and very loudly, 'Hmphed' and went back to searching for the ointment, much to Toshie's annoyance. Although I agree wth Kasumi.

When we leave the Kagasaki's house, we will be heading towards Tokyo, where the King is residing. I'm very excited about all this- I've heard rumors that the king is a very handsome man. Much to be expected, but my toes still curl in anxiety of really seeing what he looks like for myself.

Lady Ruka is now squinting to put on her cream with the light of one small candle. And even from here, it smells very nasty.

It seems that one of the men from the Removing Wardrobe of Beds has finally come to take the beds down. So now, Lady Rima has gotten up from her spot on the bed and has went to sit next to Lady Kasumi, as to not disturb the men from finishing their work.

Oh, no, not again! It seems that Lady Ruka has yet picked up another pot and puff to carefully powder her nose.

"Will you kindly be giving me that, my lady?" Toshie snapped. Picking up the pot and holding her hand out for the puff. "You shall be late for attending breakfast with the other ladies. . ."
"But my nose is all shiny from the cream!" Ruka said with a small pout. "I'll just-" Toshie tutted and snatched the puff away, because just then, a man in the Earl's livery came in, announcing that breakfast had been ready ten minutes ago.

So now I will have to put away my diary and penner, and I will continue to write as soon as I can.

Afternoon upon the same day

We have stopped for dinner at a gentleman's manor house near Tokyo. The man who owns the house has called for a poet who is now chanting out the words in Chinese and Korean and is immensely boring. I can only survive this torture by pretending to be taking notes on the poems, by instead writing in this diary. Luckily, the food here is delicious. Thank Kami for that.

We left Kagasaki Hall early in the morning, while the sun was just coming up, and rode while the air was cool. Much of a difference as to when riding in the summer heat...

Lady Ruka and Lady Nagi had been bickering the whole way (well as much as you could, when riding a horse with grooms who tend to stear you away from one another..) and the other ladies had just looked on as if though nothing was happening. Although Lady Kasumi had giggled quite a bit at their remarks.

Oh, but- hm, it seems we are departing again.

I will write once more as soon as we reach Tokyo Castle.

Later again, at King Kaname's residence, the castle of Tokyo - Eventide

We arrived a few hours later at the castle, just when the sun was beginning to set.

The castle is amazing! It's very big and has nice decorations and wonderful brocades make up the curtains. The ceilings are high and so are the windows, and the hallways all look nearly the same.

There are many nobles here. The hallways were crowded with gossiping ladies, and handsome men. I have yet to see the king, but I heard that he was having a meeting with the Privy Council. I will although, see him at tonight's banquet. Hopefully I can find a way to get to him, because judging by how many people there are here, it will most likely be difficult to grab his attention. I can, and will, hope that he sees me and I see him.

I am now sitting on my bed in my richly decorated apartment. Fit for an Archduke's daughter, of course. Yori is sitting across from me and reading her book. The walls have wonderful tapestries hung upon them, woven with silver and golden thread that must have cost a fortune. Fit for a King's castle, of course...

I'll now go back and write about the ride to here.

I was actually feeling a little sick from eating so much at dinner. I knew I should have saved some dessert...

Anyhow, we rode on as usual for the seven miles it took to get to the castle. We came in sight of the castle, with its lake behind, and glittering in the sun. The road went through a coppice of trees, and suddenly I noticed that the trees were tied with ribbons and hung with little packets.

"Look, Kasumi!" I said, and reached over for the packets. My groom caught my bodice just in time, so I didn't fall off. The packet contained a sugared plum. I love sugar.

Kasumi quickly put her knitting away and grabbed as many sweetmeats as she could. So did the rest of us, I must say. Except for Lady Ruka, who stuck her nose high in the air. "Really!" She scoffed. "Anyone would think you've never had any sweets before!" Most of us ignored her, intent on getting as many of the sweets as we could.

We carried on, and as the coppice of trees soon started growing thinner, we all settled back safely into our pillion seats and waited out the rest of the ride.

The banquet will be in a couple of minutes, so I must now get ready. Yori is already dressed, so now that just leaves me.

I'll write all about how it went in the morrow, but for now, I must leave you.

Yuuki Cross

There are some words that you might not recognize so I'll just write them down. =)

Damask - A beautiful, self-patterned silk cloth. It originally came from Damascus, hence the name.

Tiring Woman - A woman who helped a lady to dress.

Brocade - A rich, gold-embroidered fabric.

Bodice - The top part of a woman's dress.

Sweetmeats - Sweets.

If you need me to explain something else, I will.

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