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8th Day of February,
Ueno Park, Night Time.

They pushed through the throng of crowds lined up in the park, hunting for the less-excluse and outdoor equivalent of their beds. The musky air was filled with the heavy scents of smokes. sweat and food. The brightly lit and colorful lanterns were scattered through the park like fireflies.

"Let's take a seat on the stone bench over there, shall we?" The brunette sighed. She was out of breath from the night's activities and was ready to slump on the bench in the most un-lady like position and stay until the next evening.

They had walked through the streets the whole night, exploring all the food stands, apartments and larger houses for celebration. They had eaten and drank till their heart's content, not even taking a minute to wond what exactly it was they were consuming.

They had unknowingly bumped into the princess, who's identity had actually been very well hidden. They had met on one of the staircases leading down to the lake, and that was all they saw of any royalty that night. They didn't know if Kaname had wandered the streets as well or had stayed inside the confines of the royal citadel, although the latter was the most likely answer as always.

After the strange encounter with the princess, the two masked women spooked around the lake near the cherubim statuettes until they had spotted their destination.

"This bodice is cursed," She muttered as she plopped down ungracefully and picked at the green-and-brown, leaf covered bodice. "When we get back I want our tiring woman to take it off of me as fast as possible," And with that said, she promptly snatched off the quaint mask and sighed yet again.

Yori giggled at the sight. "I think you've had too much aqua vitae tonight, Yuuki!"

Yuuki groaned back in response and rubbing her head. "It's undoubtedly going to take a fortnight for me to get over this," She grumbled.

Yori briskly occupied the seat next to the tipsy girl and huffed out, "I sincerely doubt you'll be staying in your room for two straight weeks...you'll get over this soon, stupidity can't last too long, you know," She laughed out. Yuuki frowned at her words, but then perked right up.

"Yori, what time is it? Shouldn't we...be getting back to the palace?" Yuuki mumbled as she yawned. Yori nodded as she helped her sister stand.

"You're right, we should get back as soon as possible!"

The Forbidden City
Imperial Beijing, China

"Your highness, the hour of the morning is upon us. Please be dressed and ready for your lesson. Jiyin-laoshi will be awaiting you in the Scarlet Garden. Remember of the meeting in the afternoon."

The doors closed as the royal page sauntered out of the room.

Jin grunted as he stood up from the futon, pulling all kinds of satin and cotton filled sheets off of him. The only person he wished to talk with was currently in Japan, pulling off some top-notch mission for him he'd been waiting for.

He washed and dressed as he heard the ministers walk down the long halls of the palace like they did every morning, noontime and evening.

"Earthly Branches, The Hour of the Rabbit is upon us. We relax."

He listened to the royal chorus chant as they sounded the bells through the corridors. As he finished his monring routine, he began making his way out of the several rooms of his wing in the palace. He made way for the Aviary, a place he was expecting either great or devasting news from.

He nodded his head in acknowledgement as the Aviary overseers bowed at him. He made his way to his bird's cage. In it, he found what he was awaiting. A letter of ivory parchment rolled inside a dark red ribbon. He pulled on the ribbon and unfolded the scroll.

His eyes exuded delightment at that very moment. He was focused on the first two words only.

"Mission Successful."

12th Day of February,
Tokyo Palace

Heavy footsteps thudded across the dark, wooden floors. The sound of anticipation and anxiety slithered through the air as the tall, demanding man reached his destination.

Two guards pushed open the heavy doors leading to the large meeting room. Everyone had been awaiting him for a while now, and stood up in haste.

Kaname's voice thundered through the room, "Ambassador Gao, welcome." He greeted as he stepped forwards to shake hands with the man who had just entered the room.

"Your majesty, how delightful it is to see you," Gao responded as he dipped into a low bow.

"How do you like my realm so far, your grace?" Kaname questioned while he smiled politely.

"It is beautiful, your majesty. Thank you for your generous hospitality. As always, I am but your humble servant." Gao bowed again. Kaname motioned for him to take the only empty seat in the room, which was at the advisor's table on the raised dias, where Kaname had his seat facing of everyone else.

The other counselors and lords in the room sat in tables around the dias, seats all taken and full. Everyone settled back into their chairs as Kaname sat down. He looked around and softly signaled for the meeting to start.

The member looked around at one another in apprehension, but then quickly pushed it aside.

"Your majesty, it is about some very...disconcerting news," began one of his advisors.

"Go on."

"We are not sure about the details or even if the information itself is trustworthy enough to relay to you," the advisor hesitated before continuing.

"It's about your intended, the Lady Yuuki. Something has happened."

A dark room.

I opened my eyes only to be greeted by more darkness. I was really confused, how did I end up here? Where exactly is here anyway?

I padded the floor below to get a sense going, my hands were met by rough wood. My eyes cleared up in the dark and I stood up, looking around the room. I saw a door to my left and a window in front of me, some boxes to my right. I headed straight for the door and turned the knob.

It was night outside...outside? I looked around and stepped hesitantly out of the small shed, I guessed it was. There was no one around, but I still didn't recognize the scenery. The bamboo trees ahead startled me even more.

Was I on the continent?

I walked out and picked up the hem of my green dress and ambled over in a direction I didn't quite know but had no other better option. I reached a place where there were a few more houses and went to the front door of one of them.

I needed to find out where I was...the last time I knew, I was on my way back to the palace with Yori. Who was now nowhere around me.

I padded my hand slightly on the door, not wantng to be too loud. An elderly woman was the one who opened the door, a curious look adorning her face.

"Can I help you with anything, young lady?" She asked. Something about her voice sounded funny...and then I realized it was because she was speaking in Chinese.

"Uh, can you tell me where we are right now?" I questioned her. She gave me a funny look like I was out of my mind but answered anyway.

"Wujang, Xizang...are you lost?" The woman said cautiously. I felt my face blank at the response but I quickly regained my composure. What was I doing all the way in...

"Ah, yes, I seemed to have lost my way while I was walking with my friend, but I think I can make my way back now since I know where I am...thank you," I quickly replied and bowed gratefully and and walked away from the house. I heard the woman close the door behind me as I walked away.

When I hit what I believe was the border of the small village, adrenaline and anxiety kicked up and I started running. Panic drowned my senses so fast that I felt like throwing up right at that moment. I paused when I reached a bridge between two villages and grabbed the railing until my knuckles turned white.

The brisk air finally flowed into my senses, obviously it was going to be cold, but I only just realized it.

I huffed out and thought of the quickest plan that I could. I would try to find the nearest embassy or government office as soon as possible and try to get a message out to the Emperor or anyone in the Imperial City. I needed to get out of here fast.

I stayed standing on the bridge for a while, could have been days, months or years...maybe even a few seconds. It felt like an eternity to me, in this foreign country.

Who had brought me here? Why? And where are they now? Could they be looking for me, or did they just leave me there as part of some weird plan.

But honestly, who or why didn't matter right now. What mattered right now is that I wasn't in Japan and I had to get back.

I...I was in Tibet, according to the elder woman. And this, was definitely not in my plans.

Tokyo, Japan

"Why is she in China! More specifically, who took her there?" Kaname stood up angry and looked at everyone and shook his head.

"Well, we don't know if it's true or not...she could still be in Japan for all we know and we could be tricked, or she could actually have been dumped in Tibet like the information says..."

"Dumped? Why would someone just dump her in the middle of the continent?"

"Well the letter we received was sent from Lhasa, Tibet..."

The meeting had not gone very pleasant.

"By the way, how does someone manage to get all the way across China in only a few days?"

"Well they could have just traveled non-stop, it's possible to travel that way through all the roads if you just stay away from the Silk Route..." Gao put in. Kaname stopped what he was doing and looked over at him.

"Can you contact any administrative offices and inform them about the situation, ambassador?"

Gao nodded and leaned back in his chair.

"For now," Kaname continued, "I will make a trip to the Imperial City myself and investigate this matter."

He left the room before anyone could voice their protest to him.

He had a very important person to find, and he couldn't waste one second not looking for her.

Shimane, Japan

When I woke up earlier this morning, I was expecting to be in my room in Tokyo. Instead, I woke up in a strange house.

I got up and walked out of the foreign room and headed to find someone, anyone, that I could talk to. I noticed I was still in my costume and wondered again where exactly I was.

When I reached what I think was the dining room, I saw a young couple chatting away while eating. I scratched my neck and hesitated, before clearing my throat.

"Excuse me, who are you?" I chimed out. The couple looked up at me a bit surprised and then told me to sit down.

There, they told me where I was-southern Japan- and how they had found me lying on the street. I asked them if there had been anyone else around, curious about Yuuki, if she had been taken too or if it was just me. But the couple told me there wasn't anyone else around.

I spoke to them about who I was, that I was living in Tokyo, and my sister was, I presumed, also missing. They then looked at me with curiosity and a bit of weariness.

"Some mysterious kidnappings have been going on recently, it started a few nights ago. They've been nothing serious though...it's kind oflike someone is trying to hide something else, something maybe worse," the man sighed before continuing.

"There's been lots of rumors spreading lately, rumors like that someone has been planning to do something against us, Japan and the king himself...which may or may not be true. But if you are somewhat close to the king, being at court says so, then they could be getting out a message to our state. It could possibly be a warning. Or it could be not too much, rumors have a tendency to be far from the truth and we can't trust them."

I listened carefully, albeit confused. What was really on my mind was Yuuki. Her whereabouts were, are, more important than mine at the moment. I knew I was safe where I was, this couple was nice enough to take me in and I had no suspicions, but Yuuki could be anywhere in Japan right now, not safe.

I would make my way back to the capital as soon as I could, staying here was not an option, no matter how friendly the house-owners were.

If only I had known how wrong I was...

16th of February,
Meishan, Sichuan Province of Western China

I fumbled to tie the new blue sash of my new clothes as I ran through the forest in a hurry. The shirt I was wearing was too big for me so I'd had to get something to keep it in place. I had long gotten rid of that cursed costume, back while I was still in Tibet. It hadn't been an option; being chased by a tiger had its consequences on my clothes. A villager had been nice enough to give me a free outfit and I wasn't one to decline, no matter how big they were.

I knew it was dangerous to run through this animal-infested forest like this, I had already had a couple encounters, but it was the quickest way to get to the municipality offices, if not I would have to cross through a few more villages and long roads. Seriously, I was still in too much of a panic to take my travelling easy, and the adrenaline kept me going.

I sat down to rest at the base of a large tree, catching my breath. I had been travelling for a really long time now, about three or four days had passed, I think.

I had been following many paths and directions from the local people to find my way out of western China and into the east, although according to the last village, I was still pretty deep in west China. So they gave me directions to a place where I could get help.

When I first darted off, I had actually been heading south. The villages got smaller to the point where seeing a house was rare, but a tiger wasn't. After meeting a nice man who had given me a paper with locations on it, he directed me northward, so I could get out what I called the danger-zone.

The lands of the Sichuan Province treated me a lot better. even though I saw more dirt than anything, the paths got smoother and more...visible and easier to make out.

I spent a lot of my time on high-alert and thinking about Kaname. Did he know where I was? Did anyone? Once again, anger spiked through me as I thought about who could have just left me here.

Truthfully, it was horrible, and I had never experienced anything like this before. I was a lady from nobility...I was never taught about the situations in the country-side...or wherever I was exactly. Thankfully I had not met any hostile people, only hostile animals. This exhausted me to no end. It was to the point where I was now so paranoid about being attacked by a wild animal that my senses had undoubtedly heightened.

As well as my panic levels.

These rural villages didn't have much to offer, their populations ranged at about nine to six-teen people. Finding any doctors would be hard, so I had to take care and make sure my health was good. Rice gruel and chicken had been my customary meals now; villages only had that to offer. But it was better than starving, and I thankd the Kami each and every day for letting me live another day.

I stood up from the large tree roots and dusted my clothes off. I stretched and headed in what I supposed was the right direction, lightly jogging.

As I reached the town I looked around for the office and entered. A secretary like person shot me a signal telling me to wait, so I sat down next to a young man. He studied me real quick before looking away.

"Hello," he said, turning his face back around toward me. I smiled and greeted him back.

"What are you doing here, if I can ask?" he questioned me.

"I'm trying to get back to my home," I responded with a tight smile.

"Oh, so am I! Where are you headed to, then?" He asked, a lot more curious.

"Uh," I hesitated. "I live in Japan." But before our conversation could go on, the secretary called to me and told me to go into some other office down the hall. I gave a little wave to the man I had been talking to and continued ony my way.

When I went inside, another man greeted me and told me to sit down. He asked me my information and after the lengthy chat, he told me he would get a message sent to Japan and the Imperial city about where I was and I thanked him.

I walked outside of the slightly intimidating building-compared to the other villages I had travelled through- only to be met by the young man I had been talking to earlier. I quickly studied his features, he didn't look as scruffy as I thought I did, or must have by now. I had pulled my hair back and my face must have been in some permanently panicked expression of some sort. But this man looked like a pretty normal guy, with chestnut brown hair and good muscles. He looked as if he had taken his time getting here, unlike me.

"You said you were going back to Japan, right?" He asked me. I nodded.

"The man inside told me he would get a message to my home so I could go later..." He laughed at this and I was taken back. Why was it funny?

"That message will take weeks to even get sent out, it will take a very long time if you have to wait...Look, I'm actually also going to Japan. But instead of waiting for these slowpokes to deliver some message, I thought it would be faster if I got a move on by myself."

"What does this have to do with me?" He raised his hands in a defensive motion.

"Well, I thought we could go together, it could be much safer for both of us this way right? We're going to the same place...country, so why not?"

The idea lighted up like a flame in my head. It sounded good, I didn't want to just wait around here doing nothing, and it would be faster. This guy looked sincere, and I didn't have much to lose right now, so I accepted.

The next thing I knew, we had already began our way in what I trusted was the 'right' direction.