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The TARDIS was still and silent, hovering between space and time, floating, drifting, with no course set. Much like the Time Lord who owned her. "So much to see, and so very little time to do it in! What'll it be then the Loreley or the Seine VIII or…" the bubbling excitement trailed off ebbing away like a dying sun waiting to explode.

It was so easy to forget that they were gone. Off living there little lives.

Sarah Jane Smith. Rose Tyler. Jack. Martha Jones. Donna Noble.

Gone. All , his Companions they all stepped into the TARDIS planning to travel the Stars with him for the rest of there short lives providing he let them and all the running didn't kill them first – and yet here he was.

Alone. Again.

Alone. Always.

Here was the one man, well, being, who could literally be anywhere any time and do anything and yet he'd settle for a shared drink in a nice shop with a friendly, familiar, face.

"A little company, is that really to much to ask? Oh, and a jar of jam, mustn't forget the jam, love the jam."

The little ironies of the Universe were not lost on him. Here was the last of the Time Lords and all he wanted was a little friendly chitchat and jam, that's it, that's all.

To go a spell without having to run for his life, dodge gunfire, or divert an intergalactic war. Not that he didn't love it, the running, the dodging, the being necessary, the idea that he was a part of something bigger.

Something more in the greater scheme of the cosmos than a Gallifryan without a home, a wanderer, a brilliant wanderer who'd never stopped running.

Sometimes, when he's had far too much time to think he wonders if he ever will.

Deciding that enough was enough and it was time to put a stop to these maudlin musings that led to nowhere but dark places the TARDIS took control setting a straight course for Cardiff, Wales.

The Doctor didn't have to be alone, just get over his pride. He had friends, any one of them would welcome a stop by – he was the only one who couldn't see that. And then of course there was Jack, the impossible fact of the Universe, a fixed point in time. A definite, an always, maybe he was exactly the reminder the Doctor needed.

He is not alone.

The rattling, rumbling that equated for TARDIS turbulence sent the Doctor sprawling across the deck of his ship, she was regretful but not apologetic.

For such a brilliant being her Time Lord sometimes required a good knocking.

"What in the seven stars was that for!" he demanded warily getting to his feet rubbing the back of his neck as he edged to the door cautiously sticking his head out to see what was about with his hair sticking every which way and his pinstriped suite wrinkled from the rattling toss around the TARDIS had given him.

Her idea of a scolding it would seem, his own ship was scolding him!

It took one hour of aimless wandering, three come-ons – a woman wearing a lovely red dress that barely covered her panties, a young man sporting far to much eyeliner, and an older man that gave him a Look.

The sort Jack was known for only far more subtle, he looked like he wanted to eat him which reminded him of his brief encounter with the Donner party that had been an absolute fiasco!

Bu he was getting off topic again...three come-on's and one disgusting hotdog later and the Doctor chose a destination, it was always so much harder to do when nothing was dogging his heels or breathing down his neck.

But fun.


Good heavens he'd been domesticated!

The Doctor stuck his hands in his pockets and ambled his way to the reception desk of Torchwood where Jacks personal assistant, Ianto Jones was seated – it was a slow day for Torchwood too it would seem.

Jack owed him a drink; maybe it was time he collected. Jack would like that, he bet.

Putting on a friendly smile the Doctor walked up to the desk, "Hello, I'm looking for Captain Jack Harkness. Tall, well tallish, dark haired, handsome fellow, well for a human, impulsive flirt, you work for him?"

"Pardon me sir? No Captains here sir, just me, as you can tell. But if you like I can do a search-" the Doctor cut him off, "Oi! I don't have the time for this, well, I do its not the end of the world, well, not yet anyways."

The Doctor shrugged at the PA's peculiar look, why was he looking at him like that?

Did he have something stuck in his teeth?

It had happened once when he was dinging with the dignitaries of What's-its-name and the Princess of Torifolium II.

The Doctor refocused, starting over, "Lets try this again shall we, I'm the Doctor, you're Torchwood, and I'm looking for Jack, you wouldn't happen to know where he is by any chance?"

"You're the Doctor?"


"The Doctor?"

"Well, yes"

"Jacks Doctor?"

"Oh never mind" the Doctor mumbled in exasperation, was there an echo?

Yes, he was the Doctor, no not Jacks' Doctor, just the Doctor.

Pulling out a long cylindrical devise that was blue at the top and put out some kind of electromagnetic charge he looked about the room explaining, "This here is my sonic-screwdriver, good at opening things people want closed…and…yes…there it is…finding doors you'd prefer hidden. Coming?" the Doctor asked leading the way into the way into the Hub, Ianto close at his heels.

"So this is the honorary Team Torchwood, eh?" the Doctor said catching the attention of the three people inhabiting the base. There was a charming Asian girl typing away at the computer screen, a pale faced man with what seemed a perpetual grimace on his face tinkering with what looked to be some alien device, and then there was the dark haired woman with her gun pointed square in his face, lovely start this was turning out to be.

"Who the hell are you?" polite this one was.

Affecting his best I-come-in-peace-don't-shoot smile he raised his hands.

"Hello, I'm the Doctor."

The gun wavered, lowering a fraction, "Your name mate, what's your name?" the pale faced man with dark narrowed eyes demanded looking him over like an insect beneath a microscope, unpleasant fellow than one.

"Just the Doctor mate," he said dragging out the syllable and ending with a pop that echoed loudly in the near silence of the Hub as Team Torchwood sized him up like he was the newest possible threat to their perfect little world.

"And could you please put that gun down? Thank you" he said when the gun was holstered safely out of sight.

"Honestly do you people greet everyone with a gun in there face, so much for Welsh hospitality. I just popped in for a little chitchat but now that I'm here I'm thinking this wasn't one of my brightest ideas and believe me I've had a few of those."

"No, wait! I'm sorry really I am. But this is supposed to be a secret organization" she explained darting a pointed look to the Jones boy.

"Don't look at him, I found my own way down here all by my lonesome, you had a door you didn't want found, now how could I possibly resist that? Its like putting up a great big button and saying "don't push this" in bold red letters couldn't help myself."

"You're daft" he heard the pale man mutter.

"Not at all I'm quite clever really."

"Not everyday someone waltz's in here without our say-so," the woman who'd been pointing the gun at him said hurrying down the steps ignoring the pale mans comment completely.

"I'm Gwen Cooper, that's Toshiko Sato over there, and that ones Owen Harper the team Doctor around here. So, you're the Doctor, like the Doctor, Jack's Doctor."

"Why is it everyone keeps saying that, do I have "Property of Jack" stamped onto my forehead?" before he could protest the word association he'd been musing over she had carried on speaking barely taking a moment to breathe, he kept waiting for her to pass out or take a breath.

"It's an honor to meet you, I'd say I've heard all about you but that'd be a lie, Jack's so close-mouthed about you, but then I suppose that says something too. I'll see about contacting Jack, it is Jack you wanted to speak with right?" she chattered on, becoming a white noise in the background as he studied his surroundings.

Jack had done well for himself.

Sometimes the man surprised him by doing something brilliant when he least expected it. Not that he'd ever say, the man thought enough of himself for the both of them!

"He's what?" the Doctor asked coming in at the tail end of the sentence, "Weevil hunting."

"Oh, what, wait, what's a Weevil?"

"Well, um, its kind of a- Tosh, you explain" Gwen said turning the Asian girl, "He asked you," she said coolly barely looking up from her computer screen and keyboard.

The Doctor cleared his throat, "He's standing right here."

"Right, sorry. Well, a weevil is kind of like a, um, hunched up elderly person, up to the neck part of the body leastwise then its like a oblong shaped thing, wrinkly, small eyes, and teeth, sharp teeth…feel free to join in any time guys" Gwen ground out through a false smile trying her best to explain to the Doctor what a weevil was.

"Its an alien" Owen grunted.

"Right that narrowed it down to, what, a couple hundred billon beings, brilliant observation doctor," the Doctor said with heavy sarcasm that the Torchwood doctor shrugged off with indifference.

"Weevil hunting doesn't take this long he should be back by now, I don't want to be playing babysitter to Jack's old friends" the sneer on Owen face disappeared the second Gwen turned towards him, which the Doctor found amusing. Humans. They were so odd.

It seemed the woman with the gun was in charge when Jack was absent.

"Right, and I suppose you were done so soon the last time?" she asked with a pointed look that said volumes, the corner of her lip ticking up in a suppressed grin. The Doctor found he liked Gwen Cooper.

"Weevil hunting doesn't take this long for Jack" he amended with strange mix of envy and disgust that the Doctor found baffling, was this not a good thing then?

"After all its not like he's gotta worry about dying like the rest of us mere mortals" Owen sneered.

Gwen crossed her arms anxiously, "Don't be an ass Owen."

The Doctor stood there a moment taking in the awkward silence, "So where is he then, if not, what was it you said, weevil hunting?" he said the last word uttered with what sounded to Owen like blatant suspicion, he'd go so far as to say anger.

"Look, mate, weevil's are big, ugly, aliens with sharp teeth a human crosses there path and they rip 'em to shreds so don't go all alien-rights-activist on us, Jack's just trying to keep the human body count to a minimum."

Irritation pricked at the Doctor like a thorn in his shoe, like a burr in his side.

"Human body count, eh?"

Owen was like a boy baiting a lion with a pointy stick as his defense.

"Human body count? Really? That the best you can come up with because that's rather pathetic as far as reasoning goes, and insulting if I may say so myself" the Doctor said his voice gaining in volume and speed as he looked between them all – only Owen the doctor didn't carefully look away.

"Maybe there is some decency left here yet."

"What about non-humans, humanoids, or human looking-but-aren't, don't they have just as much a right to life as you lot?" there went his mouth again, speaking when it should be silent.

Egging on Torchwood employees, known for there fondness for guns and violence, was not one of his brightest ideas.

"Blimey, where is Jack?"

"We don't kill them, as a rule" Gwen offered with a degree of understanding and compassion that this Torchwood doctor, Owen, seemed to lack.

"I'm definitely going to be needing a word with your Captain" the Doctor concluded looking between them all as though the sight of them was vaguely distasteful.

"Jack's not answering" Ianto said speaking up for the first time, "What did I tell you, he's likely chasing tail at some pub and forgotten to report back, right now he's likely having it on, or being had in some pubs backroom, don't tell me that not what you're all thinking" Owen said, daring them to deny it.

Ianto shrugged weakly as though to say, "That's just Jack for you."

The Doctor frowned to think that the team would say such a thing about their Captain – before an absolute stranger no less – it didn't sit well with him. Jack was an impulsive flirt, and shamelessly sexual by nature at times, most times, but even so he deserved better from his own people.

Beneath all those distracting mega-watt smiles meant to either divert attention or gain it, he was a good man.

"I only travel with the best. Except for Adam, though he was more a hitcher than Companion, and only because Rose wanted to bring him along, the tosser."

"Check his coordinates Tosh, you can do that cant you" Owen snapped, "And I swear if he's at some pub-" the Doctor raised an eyebrow crossing his arms as he stood in the Hub watching the team doctor fuss and grumble.

"Well nothing I suppose, cant even kill him now can I, him being the man who cant die an' all" Owen finished with a stiff smile that indicated that he thought himself rather droll.

The Doctor's lips thinned into a tight grimace, making a sound of disgust in the back of his throat.

What had really set the Doctors' hearts to pounding like a jackhammer in his chest was the thought that maybe the Brit was right, maybe Jack was having it on in some backroom, and that more than anything disturbed him for reasons unknown.

Maybe it was just that when he'd stopped in he'd expected Jack to be there, like he always was whenever the Doctor, wanted, needed him to be.

No questions no fuss, he was just there – like the best kind of friend or the most professional soldier, always on call.

His mind going a mile, or a couple hundred really, a minute an image popped to mind a very unwelcome, and incredibly graphic one.


Cavorting with some nameless, faceless person in a dark shaded pub, the lack of lightening darkening Jack's eyes to a murky blue, his mouth and tongue tangled with someone else.

Hands gripping his hair in tight fistfuls as Jack gripped a table edge, face flushed, eyes dilated, as that nameless person drove him wild with pleasure…but when he came it wasn't the mysterious, faceless persons name on his lips it was his.

"My name on his lips, since when was that rattling about in my head?"

No immediate answer was forthcoming, and he if he had no answer brilliant genius that he was, then none would.

The Doctor blinked in quiet surprise, "Okay maybe not quite so unwelcome" he thought as he felt his body respond to the mental stimulus.

It was a normal enough response he supposed. Jack was a very attractive man, if you liked the blue eyed, hark haired sort with at least a hundred years worth of baggage.

Pot and kettle, the TARDIS reminded him and he could feel traces of soft mocking laughter in the back of his head.

The TARDIS had a point there he conceded.

Jack was handsome, and he was much bigger on the inside than he'd ever willingly show.

"But thinking of him like that is just so odd!" he muttered to himself, where had those thoughts even come from?

Laughter ticked his mind, and he had his answer. The Doctor sighed supposing that as far as fantasies went it could have been far worse it could have been Mickey the Idiot, the Time Lord shivered at the very thought.

Warning: there are non-consensual events in later chapters.