Go West Young Man

Slink. Pause. Slink. Pause.

"Sham if ya don't stop runnin ya blade ova dat rock Iah sweah I will slit yous throat wit it." Splinta exclaimed in a fowl tone. She flicked her ear length curly blond brown locks out of her eyes. She looked at her raven haired friend. Sham had cropped her hair to a short Peter Pan style feather cut.

"Sarry Splinta watin 'round foah Jacky-boy makes me noivous sometimes." Sham fumbled with her words and knife. She tucked her knife in her arm sheath and started messing around with her green suspenders. Sham didn't like matching her clothes that was Splinta'sthing. Sham wore black pants, blue shirts, brown vests and green suspenders. Splinta wore black suspenders, gray shirts, black pants and no vests. They both had there newsies hats but Sham's was light gray where Splinta's was black.

They were waiting for Manhattan newsie leader Jack Kelly at Tibby's Restaurant. Splinta and Sham were two newsies that had the unfortunate fate of running into Spot Conlon while he was looking for Jack. Spot told them to tell Jack he was looking for him. They turned over the message (well Sham did Splinta doesn't talk because no one knows they're girls and Sham had a lower voice then Splinta) and were waiting to hear what Spot wanted of Jack. Jack had told them to wait at Tibby's and they had been waiting for three hours!

Splinta was getting pretty mad at Jack. She was just about to tell Sham they should leave when Jack burst in.

"Real sarry guys but Spot was madda dan a hoinet. It took and hoaha an a half just to get 'im ta speak in English. He was speakin in Gaelic I tink."

"Spot's a hot-blooded Irish rouge ya know dat Jack. It's like Race mutterin in Italian." Sham was thinking about what could get Spot so mad he spoke in Gaelic.

"Actally Race is da reasoin Spot is mad. Race went misin' Sham. Spot said he hasn't returned from sellin." Jack was nervous. Ever since Spot and Race came out about there sexuality Race had been stayin in Broolyn.