Chapter 3

Walking back to Brooklyn with Ace would have been better if someone had talked. Finally to break the tension Sham started talking to Ace.

"How's he doing Ace?"

He ain't none to happy, Sham. He's been throwing things and swearing up a storm. He threw a glass cup at Boxcar and the kid needs stitches."

"Oh god Spotsy is reallah mad. He wouldn't hoit a kid do youse tink Splints?" Splint acould speak freely around Ace because he was one of few who knew Splints is a girl.

"I wanna punish whoevah did dis to Spot. If Race is hurt dey will probably die. But I can tell dis is well organized, someone had to be planning dis since Spot and Race came out."

"Youse is prabaly right Splints. Dis is definetly not a spur of da moment ting." Sham muttered before running into the abandoned warehouse the Brooklyn newsies called home. Sham, Splints, and Ace ran up the stairs to Spot's room. Being the leader of the newsies he has a single room.

"Spotsy! It's ok, Spot. We'll find 'im. We will."

"Whoevah da goddamn bastards who tought it would beie ok to kidnap mah boi ah dey ah gonna regret it." Spot was mad. But, Spot was also human meaning he eventually just broke down and cried. Sham hugged her brother, shushing him. Ace had left so it was only the two girls and Spot. Finally, Splinta got mad with Spot crying and not doing anything to find Race. She went over to him and slapped him across the face.

"Crying is not going ta help us find Racetrack." Splints looked at Spot and Sham. "I tink I have an idea."