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Nodding her head=Yes Shaking her head=No

I think Ziva Alice Valamino looks like Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) from NCIS, only imagine her with green eyes and about 14. I have pics of her and Ziva's chocker in my profile.

I ran as fast as I could from my past, from my former life. My name is Ziva Alice Valamino. People say I am a pretty girl with medium black hair. I have olive color skin and piercing green eyes. I wore a long sleeved blue shirt, tan pants, and green suspenders that matched my eyes. I wore a black choker and bracelet. No one would ever know anything about my past. I was free from judgment. I turned a corner and barely missed running into a newsboy. I never stopped running. I knew that no one was behind me, but I didn't want to answer questions. Suddenly, another newsboy came out of nowhere I slammed into him and bounced into the brick wall next to us. I tried to get up and run again but my head was spinning and I fell down again. My head stopped spinning and I tried to run away again. This time four arms were holding me back. I struggled but couldn't get away.

"Hey, hey, calm down we ain't gonna hurt ya we want ta help ya," a male voice said. I stopped struggling and the hands let go. I looked up to see two newsboys, both with only a few papers left. One was wearing a blue checkered shirt, red suspenders and brown pants. He had a cane in his belt loop, a key around his neck, a sling shot in his back pocket, and wore a grey newsie cap. I recognized him as the one I almost ran into. The other wore a solid blue shirt with a brown vest and brown shorts. He had darker skin and she guessed that he had some Spanish background. He also wore a grey newsie cap. He must have been the one I ran into.

"Are ya alright miss?" the kid with the slingshot asked. I nodded.

"Well, is someone chasin ya?" I shook my head 'no.' "Listen, if youse going somewhere near by we'll walk ya there. By the way, my name's Spot. An dis here is Mush." I looked them both up and down. I realized Spot had ice blue eyes and Mush had dark brown ones. From what I could see Spot had dirty blond hair and Mush's was brown and curly. I shook my head again, though, sadly.

"You ain't got no place to go?" Mush asked. I nodded 'yes.'

"Do you have a job?" Spot asked. I shook my head.

"Well, you can stay with us and become a newsie. I'm sure Kloppman and Jack won't mind," Mush said. I nodded vigorously.

"What's your name any way?" Spot asked. I pulled a small journal out of my pocket. I flipped it open to the first page. It read:

This journal belongs to: Ziva Alice Valamino
(zee-va a-lees val-a-mee-no)
Age: 14

They both said it a few times with me pointing to certain parts of the pronunciation line until they got it right. We had started walking while we were talking and now we stood directly in front of the lodging house. Spot and Mush had sold their last few papes on the way, so they were done for the day.

"So, Ziva ya ready to see your new home?" Mush asked. I nodded slowly. I followed them inside and found myself in what looked like a small lobby.

"Kloppman!" Spot yelled, "He runs the joint. He's like a grandfather to all us boys." An old man entered the room, "Well, well, well, who might this be boys?"

"Kloppman, this is Ziva Alice Valamino, she wants ta be a newsie. Can she stay here?" Mush asked.

"Of course she can it just so happens I finally finished that new bunk. If you boys would help me we can bring it upstairs and get your little friend settled in right now," Kloppman said leading the boys into the kitchen.

"Just sign your name in the book, sweetheart and your all set," he yelled over his shoulder. I found the book and carefully signed my name. While the boys were at work I ran outside and found the alley where I had hidden my things the night before. I walked into the bunkroom, which was a total mess, just as they finished.

"There ya go. Your new home, there is a small night stand that you have to yourself until we get another new guy or a traveling newsie. Pick top or bottom drawer and put your stuff in there. Not all your stuff will fit in there so you can put it under your mattress or hang it off the bunk like some of the boys do. I'd ask Jack first but it ya needed to, since you're a girl, you could probably use both drawers," Spot told me. Just then we heard people burst through the door downstairs laughing.

"Well, you get unpacked and we'll go tell the other guys about ya," Mush said, he and Spot heading downstairs. I heard the other guys greet them loudly and set to work unpacking. I put my pencil and a small music box in the top drawer. In the bottom I put my extra clothes, a pair of sox, two tan shirts, one long sleeved, one short, black shorts, brown pants, black suspenders, a blue vest, and a green vest. I pulled my journal out of my pocket and grabbed my pencil. I sat on the bed and started to write.

Dear Diary,

I think I am going to finally have a new home. No one here knows what happened. And they never will. I have met some nice boys, Spot and Mush. I am going to be a newsie. I already met Kloppman, the owner of the lodging house. Spot said he's like a grandfather to everyone. I think that will be nice. I guess I have to talk to some guy name Jack to see if I can stay. Spot and Mush both seem to like me though, so I am not too worried.

I heard the boys start to come upstairs but kept writing.

"That's her," Spot said.

"She wants to be a newsie? Does she know she's gonna be living with all guys?" some guy I hadn't met asked.

"Why don't you ask her yourself?" Mush said. A tall kid with a cowboy hat and a bandana around his neck walked over to me, I quickly shut my diary and put it in my pocket.

"So, you wanna be a newsie?" I nodded.

"Ya realize your gonna be living with all boys?" I shook my head, then nodded.

"What?" I nodded again. "So you do realize your gonna be living with all boys?" I nodded.

"Okay if its fine with you I don't see a problem with it. My names Jack, Jack Kelly, I'm the leader of the Manhattan Newsies. What's your name?" I looked at Mush and Spot. Mush understood and said, "Her name's Ziva Alice Valamino."

"Thanks, Mush. But why did you answer when I asked, ahh, Ziva?" Jack asked.

"Well, cause she hasn't talked since we met her. She showed us in her diary. I thought it would be easier just to say it than have you read it and her try and get you to pronounce it right," Mush said. Jack turned back to me.

"Can you talk?" he asked. I shrugged.

"Well that's kind of a yes or no question. Can you talk but you chose not to or what? Let's start over. Can you talk?" I shrugged again.

"You don't know if you can talk?" I nodded.

"Well, I guess I've never heard of that. So umm, the other guys will be here soon." Just then boys of every type started piling into the room. After about ten minutes it seemed that everyone was there. Jack stood up and quieted everyone down.

"Hey guys, we got a new girl that I want to introduce." He motioned to me to stand up, I did. "Everyone, this is Ziva Alice Valamino. She's gonna be a newsie. Okay Ziva this is Boots, Snipeshooter, Pie Eater, Tumbler, Les, Skittery, Bumlets, Crutchy, David, Dutchy, Itey, Jake, Kid Blink, Racetrack, Snoddy, Specs, Swifty, and Snitch. We don't expect you to remember everyone we'll help ya out." I smiled and nodded. Everyone went back to what they were doing.

A short little Italian kid with a checkered vest came over to me, "Hey me names Racetrack, but you can call me Race. Listen a bunch of the guys is playing poker and we were wondering if you wanted to play?" I shook my head.

"Would ya like ta watch?" I nodded and followed him over to a card table in the corner of the room. I was greeted by four other boys.

"Hi, Ziva, I'm Kid Blink."

"I'm Bumlets, nice to meet ya."

"Da names Skittery"

"Hey, Ziva come sit over here," Mush said. I went and sat in between him and Racetrack. They tried to explain as they played but they really did a miserable job. Good thing I already knew how to play. I watched as Racetrack won over and over again. I figured I'd have to knock him off his high horse, but I wasn't going to lose all my money. I'd have to figure that out later. The whole time I kept playing with my hands. I was trying to come up with hand signs for the boys so they would know I was at least trying to remember them as individuals not just some newsie. I guess Race got curious because after awhile he put his cards down and asked, "What the heck are ya trying ta do?"

I had come up with one for him so I showed him. I held up my right hand, shaped like a 'c', and quickly moved it in a circle, like a horse going around the track. Then I pointed at Race and did it again.

"Wait is that, well, like your way of saying my name?" Race asked. I nodded quickly and clapped. He got it! Wait, what if he doesn't like it? I looked at him and then Mush.

"What do ya wanna ask, Hush?" I looked at him like he was crazy. Hush? Who was that? He must have understood my confusion.

"Oh, I thought that would be a good nickname for you. What do you think?" I smiled and nodded. Then I looked at Race questioningly.

"What?" he asked. I did the hand sign again and then shrugged. "You don't know if that's me?" I nodded slowly. "Why?" I looked at Mush and brought my hand to my mouth then moved it away wiggling my fingers, like talking.

"Something I said?" Mush asked. I nodded.

"What do ya wanna ask, Hush?" I shook my head.

"I thought it would be a good nickname for you?" I shook my head again.

"What do you think?" I nodded excitedly and looked at Race. I signed his name again, and pointed at Mush.

"Oh ya wanna know what I think? I like it. I think it's perfect." I smiled. Then, I got an idea. I pointed at Mush then tapped the side of my head.

"Me head? Me, wait, you brain? You think?" I nodded.

"Oh what do I think, that's great, Hush. You gotta come up with more a these. It would make talking with you a lot easier." I laughed. It was getting pretty late so I went to bed.

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