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I had just finished my shift when most the boys came back. I hung up my apron and walked out from behind the counter not able to hide my surprise.

"Hey, Hush, we're going to see Medda ya wanna come?" Mush asked, while I was getting dragged out of the restaurant in a pile of newsies. I tried to stop while I shrugged. Everyone stopped and looked at me surprised. "

C'mon, she's the best singer ever," Race said. I started getting pushed from behind again. I gave in and let myself be dragged to see Medda. I wondered who she was and why the newsies loved her so much. I soon found out. Mush and Jack took me backstage before the show started and introduced me to her. She was a pretty lady and very nice.

"My you are a beautiful young lady. Why don't you dance with me during one of my acts?" she asked. I shook my head and tried to back out of it but Jack and Mush wouldn't let me.

"C'mon, Ziva your beautiful, every guy here will be gushing over you before the song even starts," Mush said. I blushed.

"Yeah, Aunt Medda will take care of you. You'll see the guys will love you even more when they see how pretty you look in a dress," Jack said. I looked at him funny, then touched my finger to my mouth, pulled it away, and shrugged. Jack looked at Mush, "What?"

"I think she doesn't understand something you said," he guessed. I nodded.

"Oh, yeah Medda's my aunt, but you can't tell anyone. Mush and Spot are the only ones who know. Well, and now you," Jack said. I nodded and pretend to lock my lips and throw the key. Everyone laughed.

"Well, I guess we better get you dressed, then," Medda said. I gave Jack and Mush one more pleading look.

"Aww, c'mon, it won't be that bad," Jack said pulling Mush back out to the audience. I sighed turned to Medda.

"I think I've got just the thing for you to wear," she said dragging me towards a dressing room. She must have understood from my reluctance that I didn't want anything too revealing because she pulled out a floor length black dress with slits up to the thigh on both sides and a green belt that matched my eyes, some thick black tights and boots. I nodded, this was the prettiest dress I had ever seen. Medda left and I put it on. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I looked okay. The dress was beautiful, but my hair was all straggly and my face was filthy. I sighed, just then Medda came back in.

"Alright, I have another special guest tonight so we have half an hour to get you tidy," she said. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into another room just down the hall. There was a small sink and a huge vanity. She sat me in a chair by the sink. I leaned my head back and she washed my hair. She dried it thoroughly with a towel and then sat me in front of the vanity.

"Close your eyes, sweetheart and don't worry when I'm done with you you'll look just stunning," Medda told me. I closed my eyes and imagined what I would look like. I drew a blank so I concentrated on what she was doing. She put something on my lips, then my eyelashes, and finally on my cheeks.

"Alright I'm finished." I opened my eyes. My lips were redder, my eyelashes were darker and more defined, and my cheeks were a shade or two darker. I looked like myself, not that pretty just an average girl. I sighed.

"I only put a little makeup on you because I wanted you to still have your natural beauty. I laughed a 'yeah right' laugh.

Medda looked at me surprised, "You don't think you pretty do you? Well darling, I'll tell you right now those boys may think of you as a sister but if they didn't they would be drooling all over you and they probably will be anyway." I rolled my eyes.

"Well, you just wait and see how many compliments you get." With that she started fixing my hair. I had naturally curly hair and it was almost dry so she pretty much just dried it some more. She gave me more compliments on my hair and beauty, which I mostly ignored. If I was really pretty, boys would tell me not adults.

"Okay, I'm finished stand up and twirl for me." I stood up and twirled. It felt nice to wear a dress but if I had to wear one everyday I would probably die. She grabbed my hand told me how beautiful I was again and pulled me to side stage. The girl onstage had just finished her song. She curtsied and held up her hands for quit.

"Alright, alright, thank you, thank you. Next, we have the wonderful Miss Medda Larkson," she paused waiting for the hoots and applause to calm down, "And a special guest dancer Miss Ziva Alice Valamino." I heard gasps from the newsie section then they erupted into cheers and applause. Medda walked on to the stage first. I was so nervous I was practically frozen to my place. Medda motioned for me to come out and I slowly stepped out from behind the curtain. I don't think I have ever heard the newsies silent but for the second it took them to get their thoughts in order after they gasped, again, it was absolutely silent. After that, hoots and hollers came from every single newsie in the house, even the ones from Brooklyn that didn't know me. I smiled as Medda started to sing. She had told me to do whatever my heart told me to do. I stood there for a second and then I twirled over to the newsies. I sat on the railing by them and swayed to the music for a second. Then I flipped my legs over the railing and jumped down next to them. I walked around brushing one of their cheeks every now and then. Most of them had girls with them so I tried to just target the ones without girls. I couldn't help myself though when I came to Spot. His girl was sitting in the chair next to him, not on his lap like most the others. He had his chair pulled away from the table, probably so that he could see the stage better. I plopped down into his lap. I sat there for a second and spotted my next victim. I gave Spot a kiss on the cheek and hopped up. I went over to Mush, who wasn't with a girl and grabbed his hand, pulling him out of his chair. We started dancing. He was surprisingly good. He twirled me out, in and dipped me down. We came nose to nose. Then he stood me back up and twirled me back out. I let go of his hand and went back up on stage. I saw a face from the past making it's way towards me. I looked around frantically searching for an escape. I saw Kid Blink in the balcony and jumped onto the railing and hoisted myself up onto the balcony railing.

I realized what I had just down when Blink grabbed my waist and whispered, "What the heck do ya think your doing, Hush?" I looked back into the crowd and saw that 'past face' was getting closer. My face must have shown my worry.

"Is he why you did this?" Blink asked quietly. I nodded my head ever so slightly. To others it probably looked like I was afraid of heights and this nice young man was helping me. I looked at Medda onstage, she looked me right in the eyes. I knew she knew something was wrong I quickly glanced at 'past face' who was even closer. She raised her eyebrows, I mouthed, "Help."

That was all she needed, I knew Jack had told her I never talked or even opened my mouth. So just by mouthing that she knew I was in big trouble. She made her way offstage casually towards 'past face.' I looked back down at the newsies. They must have been watching me, well, duh, I was the star of the show to them, because they had casually moved the tables creating a barrier between me and 'past face.' The girls were all on the inside and the boys sat on the outside. Jack, Spot, and Race were sitting closest to 'past face.' I looked around but couldn't find Mush anywhere. My heart sank. Medda had reached 'past face' and was now trying to distract him. I was about to jump down and run backstage when I felt a new pair of hands grab me and Blink let go. I turned around quickly and saw that Mush had taken Kid Blink's place. I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck.

"It's okay. We won't let him hurt you. We'll keep you safe." He tilted my head up so that I looked him in the eyes, "I promise. Now stop choking me and we'll get you out of here." I loosened my grip and he sat on the railing too. We jumped down onto the stage. I looked back and saw Medda's security guards dragging 'past face' outside. I sighed and almost collapsed on the stage. In one quick motion Mush slide his arm under my knees and picked me up. Backstage the guest girl quickly led Mush to the dressing room Medda had got my dress from. She quickly ran back out saying she'd be right back. Mush sat me on a chair but my head was spinning so fast I slipped right out of it.

"Hey, Ziva, doll, what's wrong? Are you okay?" he asked picking me up. This time he laid me on the couch and kneeled next to it. Just then the girl came back with a glass of water and most of the newsies following her. Mush held me sit up and tried to get me to drink some of the water. I got a little bit but I couldn't concentrate. My head was spinning even faster than before it seemed. I tried to focus on one thing but my vision was fuzzy and I was seeing double, almost triple.

I heard Mush, "C'mon Ziva, stay with me. Its okay you'll see. Everything's going to be fine. Stay with me, c'mon. What's wrong? How can I help you?" I tried to reach out and grab his hand but I couldn't find it. I felt someone grab my hand though. I moved my hand up their arm to their head. I felt his curly hair. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Don't leave," I tried to mouth but my mouth wouldn't move. I tightened my grip around his neck.

"Shh, I'm not going anywhere," he said. He lifted me up and sat on the couch placing my head on the arm rest. I moved my grip to his waist. My vision was starting to clear, but my head was still spinning. I saw almost all the newsies from Manhattan and Brooklyn jammed into the dressing room. Spot was trying to convince some of the Brooklyn newsies to head home. Slowly, all the Brooklynites started to leave. I saw Jack, Race, and Kid Blink standing a few feet away. They all looked incredibly worried. I closed my eyes to tried to make my head stop spinning. I calmed down a little. Suddenly, Medda was kneeling next to me.

"Ziva, darling, he's gone and he's never coming back here." I looked at Medda, unsure if she was telling the truth.

"Who was that guy?" Jack asked.

Medda looked at me, "Boys may I have a moment alone with Ziva, please?"

"Uhh, sure Medda, c'mon boys," Jack said. I waved to get Medda's attention. Then, I pretended to tip my hat.

"Jack, wait," she said. She pointed at me. I pretend to tip my hat again.

"You want me to stay?" I nodded. I signed Race, Spot, and Kid Blink, too.

"You want them too?" I nodded again.

"Race, Spot, Kid Blink, come back here." Mush started to get up to leave. I tightened my grip even more. He sat back down.

"Okay, I get it. I'm not going anywhere. But can I at least breathe?" I loosened my grip, barely.

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