AMATERASU Chap. 7: For us, things will shift


The hand stayed in the air, with the shot within it stopped.

Nagato turned to the villain, the one who cause all this madness.

His eyes, glaring, with a hint of fear and a torrent of rage, stood still.

Kyon watched from the far end of the room.


"NAGATO!" He screamed to her. The young man wished he could be free and help her.

"Kyon, I will stop him."

"Well, I see that the ambassador is doing the job here."

"A job worth doing."

"Hmm, I guess that i'd feel the same if it was someone important to me too. I do know that you are supposed to be a real fighter, like nothing of this world. OK, I bet you're itching to throw something at me. Go ahead."

Nagato took the cue of the antagonist.

A foot threw her forward and she lunged at him. The villain caught this with a single blade. Nagato took out her own blade from nothingness and charged again.

The esper countered this with an unusual weapon.

He dropped a lone grenade and let it go.

Its effect was most curious: The light in the room bent, the sounds became long drones and the air grew frothy. It was a spacetime weapon.

"I recieved this from unusual people who knew how to build such things. The data manipulation of the average esper is minimal, but with this, I have the ability to affect things just the way I want to."

Nagato stood still. She was not going to let this man get the best of her.

"I would suggest that you stop this now. Even if you were to kill me, there are many more agents out there who can kill you with a single shot. All your men are dead or captured, you are alone."

The man, who was esper and antagonist, knew his response for this, " I was prepared for this gamble. I see that I did bet against the house and failed. I'll let it go gracefully," His black hair fluttered as he ran with a surprising speed toward her, "And it was rigged anyway."

His blade caught her arm. Sinew was ripped and the stuff of life flowed red down to the floor.

Nagato bled, and she was surprised.

"The reason I am able to do this is that I have made it impossible to do direct data manipulation in this place. A good rulebreaker for a rigged game wouldn't you agree?"

Nagato started to panic. She was not getting a good signal from her superiors. She was not able to recieve their aid in any way. She was losing.

Kyon was enraged. If only he could attack, he would bring that bastard down.

He walked forward, throwing his fist into her face. She continued to stumble. A kick to the legs and a punch in the stomach and she remained standing.

The esper, tall as he was, felt to walk up further to her. He knelt down and asked to her, "You don't feel well do you? Your stomach is queasy and your head is starting to ache. The cut is not healing and you're in a state of Daze and Confusion. You know how you feel?"

She looked up to his level eyes, "What?"

"Like one of us." He slapped his blade across her face. Receiving the flatness of a knife was not as harmful as the sharpness, but it was enough to knock her out.

As she laid upon the floor, the esper sought to give her a word, "It's a pity that life has to end for you. It may end for me soon, but at least I made an impact."

A soft sound echoed.


A woman came from the shadows.

"Hiya, you know, that's not good to do such things. We agents get very very angry when someone betrays us. Now I have to say this: Put that blade down and stop. Put your hands up and you will not get hurt."

Our villain was incredulous with her, "Huh? What? You want me to stop? You think you can stop me? You think I care? Hmm, OK, how about this?" He withdrew a gun and aimed squarely for her.

...And was surprised when she wasn't there.

"HELLO!" "WHAT?" And a crashing sound came down upon him as she used the steel beams above her to catch him off guard.

"Ahhh! What the-? You bitch!" He groaned under the weight of the woman.

"Who are you calling a bitch? I'm a very well liked lady thank you very much!"

She proceeded to attempt a cuffing. That was when she was caught with a fist to the face.


"Serves you right, you bitch." He had spun himself under her and crushed her head to the floor.

He spotted for his gun. It had ended up...In Nagato's good hand.

"Give up."

He walked forward silent toward her, towering.

"Give up."

He was now over her completely with rage and his combat knife. "I won't. Goodbye."

"OK. You win."

4 shots, one for each arm and leg, for the elbows and the knees, came in one instance. He came crashing down.


He fell over.

Nagato slowly got up. She walked over to the greenhaired girl who had lost control of him and checked to see if she was awake.

She was barely in.

The man continued to screech, "You bitch!" Nagato ignored him as she went to free Kyon from his bindings.

Kyon was relieved to feel the numbness disappate from the ropes behind him as she cut them.

"Thank you Nagato. I appreciate it so mu-"

"You don't have to say it, I know it's what you fe-."

"Hey, you idiot, I won't stand for this!"

They turned to find of all people...Haruhi?

She was kicking the bleeding enemy with a steeltoe boot. She screamed obscenities about harming friends, embarrassing and insulting her, and wasting her time.

"You freaking-, you are-, I am going to-, " She quiets, then... "AAAAHHHHH!" "OWWW!" She crushed his hand under her foot.

"Heh." Kyon could only laugh at it.

He then noticed Yuki tumble, "HUH?"

She looked quite weakened. The data manipulation device had an odd effect on her. She was still bleeding. Kyon stepped forward and a thrum filled his head. He was more injured than he realized.

Haruhi noticed when they started to come down. Mori and Nakagawa made their entrance. They saw the knocked out Tsuruya and the injured Yuki and Kyon and took them up.


I was forced to lay here in this bed even though I knew I felt well enough to leave. Of course, they wanted to make sure. I took quite a head injury from the brutality of that man. Of course, It's something I'm used to.

I wonder, is Nagato and Tsuruya OK?

"They'll be fine. Haruhi is there, a few rooms down."

That was the voice of my sister. She looked like she could tear up any minute.

"I thought I was gonna lose you. It just makes me feel, it-..."

She started to cry softly and hugged me close. "I don't want to lose you."

Don't worry, don't. I am here now, big brother is safe.

She continued to hold me tightly and whimper. I held her closely.


I looked and saw the man of the system, the man in the high tower, the one in the role of keeping the ship running.

"Hello, Kyonkun."


Imouto retracted herself from me and took a cue to leave. She knew that Koizumi had important business."

"So, here is what happened."


"The man known as Damon Kuramaki was a member of the ESPER defense force. He came in the beginning of the Holy Monarchy's foundation and showed excellent skill and great promise. Of course, in his endeavours he did show signs of instability. Six some odd months ago, he killed a fellow agent and left with two other men. The things we noticed going on in the ether of the world made it seem like he was planning something.

"He continued to gather resources, getting investment in a number of circles, and built a cult around himself. Quite productive of him. We still believe that there is more of his faction out there somewhere, according to the records we had recovered of his.

The interesting thing is that "data manipulation bomb." We can't figure out where someone like him can get a weapon of that sophistication, though we do have our theories. We do intend to interrogate him sometime in the future, but for now, we are just going to try and see what happens next. That's all for now."

I wonder, Koizumi, what does this have to do with what's been happening?

"Isn't it obvious? The data manipulation technology is partially what may have been weakening Suzumiya's power. It's also likely that to draw you here was part of a plan. They wanted to bring you here and get as close as possible to using a power drain on Suzumiya. This involved the mysterious incident with the semi."

What?...You mean...

"Yes Kyon, they had your parents killed to bring you here. It was all a setup."

I hung my head. It was of such vast seething that if I didn't rush out of my bed right there and try and find this man to kill him, I would do it soon enough.

"Kyon, calm yourself. I know exactly how yo-"


He was silent. He stared into my eyes.

"Yes I do."

Something in those three words made me suddenly stop. It was as if someone had reached into my heart and crushed the burning rage in a torrent of rain.

"I know EXACTLY how you feel."

A moment of absolute peace befell us. It was calming, like he did something with his words to reach within me and stop the pain for an instant.

A sound came from the hallway...a continuous stomping. Haruhi?


She came walking in, she beamed brightly, "Kyon, you're well! And it seems that you'll recover soon! Can you get up?"

"If I can remove the saline bag."

She uncoupled the medical implements and drug me out of the bed. Hey hey, I was beaten!

We double-timed it to the room down the hall. There, Tsuruya and Yuki both laid in their respective hospital beds. Yuki was silently sleeping and Tsuruya and Asahina were keeping quiet.

Which was a failure when Tsuruya saw me.

"Kyon! You feeling well?" She got out of her bed and came at me, jumping into my arms and causing me to fall on my ass. Ow.

"It's so good to see you. I heard of all that's happened and I'm so sorry. I'm also wondering how things were going on the school end?"


Tsuruya immediately got out of my lap and rushed behind to bring me to my feet. "Thank you again."

"No problem. I just had to come in and do the right thing. Of course, It's not just me you have to thank, you also gots to give credit where it is due. Right Mikuru?"

Mikuru answered with a sense of relief, "I recieved an important bit of information and I made sure that it got to the right people in time. It was duty, but it was also for friendship." She beamed with the brightness of a thousand stars.

"I appreciate it Asahina," I returned my smile to her.

I glanced to the other bed and saw, Yuki was vaguely awake.

She still had that expression of misunderstanding the situation, like she was in a fog and searching for the lighthouse on the shore, not knowing that the lighthouse was dark.

She did however, open her eyes wider for me when I made eye contact.

"Nagato. I have to say, thank you, for everything you've done."

"I see. Good."

It made me want to smile that she was OK, but wait, "What about the DMC? What effect is it having on you?"

"I have some signal coming from the Integrated Data Thought Entity. They are happy that I am alive. I will be well soon, as the Charge takes some time before it disappates."

"Alright. Great."

I turned to Haruhi, who was staring at me from behind. "Well Haruhi, it seems that things are good again."

"Not quite. We had a mere rehashing of all the same emotions again hit us all, and for that, a penalty is required!"

"What? Well what do you have lined up?"

"You are forbidden from making anyone worry again."

HAHAHA, "Fine with me."

Things were good again.


The rest of the evening turned joyous, and everyone felt at ease again. Eventually, like all good things, it slowed down. Everyone was tired and went to bed. Haruhi, despite her status, chose to sleep on a couch in the room here. She was so cute as she slept peacefully.

As I sat in my bed alone, while the rest of the night flew by, I pondered all the things that had happened. I have to say, it seems like my life is a complete action story. Hmm...

I saw the moon passing by slowly. The guards were in the street below and the security was beefed up. They were afraid that since the remnants of the renegade faction were still on the loose, they might try and make a revenge stand, not to mention that there is plenty of people who might see this as an opportunity to do some damage.

I tried my best to fall asleep. I would leave in the morning and go to the memorial set up for mom and dad. All these things that happened, they were going to come to an end, finally.

And a knocking came from the door.


The exit slowly opened widely, revealing the silhouette of someone unmistakeable...


It was Kyouko, the esper renegade of her own faction, dressed as a nurse. For her to have snuck in, she really was crafty.

"Yes Kyon, it's me."

"What are you doing here?"

"I have some important things to say to you, it's about the events that have taken place."

What? What do you mean? You...are you guys responsible?

"No no, we didn't have anything to do with this, we wanted to tell you. We did notice this was happening in the underworld for a while and were paying attention to it."

"Why didn't you warn us?"

"Cause we ourselves were not sure of their intentions. Anyway, we noticed the recent moving of resources and saw that they had gathered all sorts of mercenaries and such. We would have warned you the moment they had moved."

"Do you know why Sasaki decided to show up when she did?"

"Ah, yes, that was to put everyone on guard. We felt that it was in the best interest of your group if you were tense and alert. I would have doubted that your reactions would have been appropriate to the situation if we hadn't given you the idea that something was wrong. It was I who masterminded that little thing."

This made him wonder for a second, about that dream he had before. The flowers. What was that about? Hmm...nevermind. Anyway...

"I see. Hey, I have something to ask."

"Go on."

"What do you know of the Data Manipulation Charge and how did it end up in the hands of that renegade?"

"That was the most mysterious thing to have happened, and it has us baffled. We will continue to investigate just as your group does and see what we find. For now, you can take it easy Kyon. Farewell for now."

"Ah, well, OK then. Bye."

She quietly shut the door behind her and her footsteps dissipated into the night. I was left with only the street below and the sound of Haruhi breathing. Hmm...

I was bored and unable to sleep, so I snuck out of the bed and tiptoed up to Haruhi on her couch. Her skin was velvet but her color was like porcelain china. A dose of temptation hit me.

I moved closely in to steal a kiss from her and bid her a good night. I want to see what tomorrow has in store for me.


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