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Summary: The sequel of Akatsuki's flower. Kari and Itachi try to survive the rollercoaster ride of parenthood as Hinata and Sasuke realize new found feelings, and in the middle of all this, the Akatsuki want revenge and the time has come to claim it.

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Chapter 1: Beginnings

As you get older, you start to realize things, things you never thought of before. You learn new lessons and you remember the old ones. You learn to enjoy the small things cause who knows when you'll ever experience them again, at least under the same circumstances. Eventually everyone learns this but this story is the journey up to this moment, after all, the journey of life is the greatest story we have to offer ourselves.

We begin our story at around 3 in the morning. Taro was at it again and was bawling his poor head off.

"Mmmm…" Itachi groaned.

"Rock-paper-scissors." Kari murmured groggily in the darkness fumbling for the light. They picked, Kari had scissors and Itachi had paper. So he went to check on Taro. The crying was quickly stifled. Kari felt the mattress sink as they came back. It was pretty much the same routine every night but it varied in times. It had been 2 weeks since they came home from the hospital. Kisame found a lady friend and moved in with her. Deidara moved in with Naomi, the crying and screaming was so terrible they moved out within a matter of days.

It was a good thing, as the house was getting too crowded anyway. They heard Sasuke stir as quiet settled in. After 2 more disturbances it was finally morning. Sasuke left to do more missions with team 7 and after his mission is completed he was going to spend the night at Naruto's.

Kari figured it was easier to just wear a bra then to wear a shirt which would hinder her movement. It was lucky that they didn't have too much unexpected company or they'd be in for quite a shock, like those poor Jehovah witnesses, god rest their souls.

Kari usually spent much of her time in the tub, or on the couch. Itachi did what he could to help but there were some things he wasn't able to do. He had no idea how to turn on the vacuum, it was more complicated than it looked. Kari began to come around though. In another week Kari was almost back to her old self.

Soon it wasn't uncommon to see her have one or both of the babies strapped onto her, as she continued on her daily life. They all adapted fairly well to being slaves to these little dictators. The first month went by fairly slow, but once adjustments were made and as everyone started to mature, things began to get easier. The second month went by a little faster. Kisame and Deidara came over to visit one day.

Kari opened the door, "Come in!" She led them inside. They all sad town in the living room, "So how are you guys?"

Kisame paled, "Uh…not good."

"What's wrong?"

"Uh…I may or may not have gotten my girlfriend pregnant." Kisame answered.

There was silence. Everyone knew except for Kari.

"What? Were you trying or was it an accident?"


"Were you guys drunk?"



"Well what?" Kisame asked.

"Can I meet her? Just so I know she isn't imaginary, or worse, a blow up doll?" Kari asked.

"Uh sure cause I was gonna invite you to dinner."

"Yay free food!" Kari did a celebratory pose, but Itachi nudged her in the rubs, "Oh right! We'd be honoured to come and enjoy your company, along with the free food."

Itachi shook his head, Kari was still as cheap as always…not on Kakuzu's scale but still cheap. Kisame sweat-dropped, "Well, if everyone comes over at around 6ish…I think it should be enough time."

So everyone visited for a little longer, then Deidara and Kisame left to go get ready. Kari was reading the TV guide, but threw it away when she saw it was for Edmonton. She looked up the guide on the TV and looked to find out what specials came on tonight.

"Goddamn it!" She cursed.

"What is it?" Itachi asked.

Kari was fuming, "Not only do I miss Larry the Cable Guy…but I also miss Jeff Dunham's spark of insanity and…the roast of Dennis Leary!"

"So I take it 'free food' is not enough compensation." Itachi replied.

"Damn straight it isn't! Those are hours of my life wasted, hours I will never get back at a party I won't enjoy fully because of these monsters…that I love very much." Kari finished, rocking Meiyou.

Itachi shook his head, "I'm sure that they'll probably have the T.V going, it won't be that bad."

Kari looked hopeful, "So we don't have to wear the ceremony stuff?!"

"No." Itachi answered but smiled evilly, "But in two weeks you will have to."

"Stupid clans! They can go one meeting without us there!" Kari sighed, "Well I don't think they want me there in my pajamas…Hyuuga Hiashi might just finally snap…" Kari left for the nursery to set the now sleeping Meiyou down. She got into some training clothes. Then it was time to pack the diaper bag, which took a considerable short time considering it's size.

Sasuke opened the door just as Kari was in a panic attack as she was trying to remember where she put Meiyou. "Did you try the nursery?" Saskue asked.

Kari paled, "Right! I can't believe I forgot!"

"Me and the rest of the world can." Sasuke answered with a grin.

Kari came back with a still sleeping Meiyou, "Let's hope this is the last time this happens."

"It won't be." Sasuke replied.

"Great! Now you just jinxed it!" Kari muttered.

Itachi walked in, "Sasuke, Kari and I are going to Kisame's would you like to join us?"

Sasuke flashed a grin, "Will there be free food?"

Itachi sweat-dropped, "Yes…there probably will be…"

"Okay, I'm in." Sasuke answered.

So they hauled out the stroller from WalMart, which Kari still had a vendetta against, but it got them from point A to B which was all that mattered. In 10 minutes they made it to the house. Itachi knocked on the door. They were greete4d by a very slim girl with pale blue skin and long purple hair, she had fins on her ears and was dressed in a sea themed kimono.

'Why do I feel very under dressed all of a sudden…?' Kari asked herself.

"Oh, please come in and make yourselves at home!" Her voice was quiet but flowed like a small brook.

"You aren't imaginary! Or a blow up doll!" Kari blurted before she realized what she said. She covered her mouth, not trusting what would come out. "I'm sorry…" she said, but it was muffled.

"It's alright…I'm used to it." She answered. "I'm Yuri."

"I'm Uchiha Kari."

"Uchiha Itachi."


"It's a pleasure to meet you all."

"Good! Introductions are made!" Kisame walked in.

"Ah, here comes the free loader!" Kari joked.

"Oh Kari that was so funny I forgot to laugh." Kisame grinned.

"On the inside you are."

"Not really." He reached for the door, Kari jumped in so she wouldn't be left outside. Everyone went to the living room for snacks, or…that was what Kari assumed, but when there was none she clamped her mouth shut and said nothing, there had to be food eventually…and if she made an ass of herself she had Itachi's displeasure and Kisame's wrath to deal with.

'Well, at least the twins are still sleeping…' Kari thought. Taro began to cry, 'Or not.' Kari sighed. 'I'm just going to stop thinking…' Her eyes crossed for a few moments when no one was looking and she switched into autopilot and tended to Taro. All was going well until supper…

"How is it? Handling twins, does it become unbearable or beyond your tolerance? Does it sometimes become too much for you?" Yuri asked Kari.

"I don't want to tonight, I'm constipated…" was Kari's quick response.

"…I beg your pardon?" Yuri asked flabbergasted. The others exchanged glances.

"I ate too much of that cheese…I knew you told me not to but it tastes so good!"

"Wrong frequency." Sasuike smirked and hit Kari in the head.

"But mommy! I don't wanna go to school today! I want to stay home and bake cookies with you!" Kari exclaimed. Sasuke poked her again.

"Oww! What the H?!" She pouted.

"On autopilot?" Itachi asked.

"If by autopilot you mean completely turned off my brain, then yes I was."

Kisame shook his head, Yuri was too horrified for words.

"Kari, your scaring Yuri. She was asking you a question." Itachi informed her.

"Oh! My bad! Ask it again!" Kari said in rapt attention.

"Do you find things get overwhelming with Taro and Meiyou?"

Kari gave Yuri a quizzical look, "Of course it does! Every freaking day of my life is a life or death struggle to make sure I'm still in one piece-" Kari was cut off by Kisame.

"Which we see you are losing that battle…"

"Shut up you oversized goldfish!" Kari thwacked him across the table. "One word of warning though…YOUR BODY IS NEVER THE SAME! Everything on your body that you take pride in gets horribly destroyed!"

There was silence until Itachi cleared his throat, "I think Kari's T.V show is on, excuse us." Itachi took Kari into the other room "You're embarrassing everyone."

Kari puffed up, "No! I'm being me!"

Itachi scratched his head irritated, "Can you be less like you?"

"No!" Kari answered indignantly. "Its better she knows what I am like now than to lead her on and deceive her." Kari began to poke his chest, "And why are you acting so ashamed, do you not want me to be me?" Kari paused as some glimmer of comprehension showed on her face. "Oh I get it! You're trying to show off now that you're the head of the Uchiha clan! You let that inflate your already big ego!"

Kari began to pack up her bag with the baby supplies and began to pack everyone into the stroller. "Kari, now that you're part of the head family you do have to show some restraint, because it isn't just about you anymore."

Kari stiffened, "I'm going home." And she slammed the door behind her.

Itachi sighed and rubbed his temples, then walked back to the others. They pretended that there wasn't a big fight in their living room just moments ago. Sasuke did all he could to act indifferent and managed by some small miracle.

"Honeymoon's over…" Kisame muttered.


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