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It was a boring 2 months later when Sasuke came home, after many unwanted hugs and happy greetings and Naruto's rendition of the trip later everyone was finally settled down in the living room. Taro and Meiyou were moving around in their playpen making noises while the rest of them were sitting on the couches. The twins were also looking around curious about all the people in their house. Kari got out refreshments for everyone.

"It's amazing how much they've grown!" Sakura exclaimed.

"Yes…which is why I'm having a baby shower, I know that it's late but it felt wrong to have it while all of you were gone."

"Which really translates to, 'You didn't want newborn stuff so you waited till they were at an age where you could get more practical things and not have to buy them yourself." Sasuke translated.

Kari feigned hurt, "How could you even think I would do something like that?!"

"Because you could."

"Well it would be an added bonus." Kari admitted as she grabbed a few envelopes, "Here are the invitations, it is not mandatory to bring a gift." She paused to glare at Sasuke as she handed out the invites.

"Will there be ramen?" Naruto asked.

"Probably…" Kari answered.

"It would be best if we were to submit our mission. Thank you for the invitation." Kakashi poofed away and his students followed after quick goodbyes.

Fifteen minutes later Hinata was at the door, Kari let her in juggling the door and Meiyou in her hands. Hinata changed a bit in two months, her hair, which was kept supremely short was now brushing her shoulders, and as Kari had her over much more often and taught her things, Hinata was becoming more confident in herself.

Today the two were setting up for the upcoming baby shower, which would take place in 3 days time. They were tidying up the house and cleaning out the yard, front and back.

"Ugh…I'm using muscles that I forgot I even had…" Kari moaned rolling her shoulders and bending her back.

"Think of it as training for a mission…" Hinata sighed, throwing weeds into a barrel.

Kari leaned on her rake having just raked all of the leaves into one place. She then began to help Hinata weed the rest of the enclosure. Taro and Meiyou were outside with them in the playpen. A few grueling hours later, all the weeds were picked and flowers were planted. Kari and Hinata stared at the huge pile of leaves and plants before them.

"How are we going to get rid of it all?" Hinata asked, "Should we begin putting them in garbage bags?"

"No. We're going to burn it." Kari said with an evil gleam in her eye.

"But…we-we don't have a fire permit!"

"I'm married to the head of police, do I look like I need a fire permit?!"


"No one will ever know…" Kari summoned chakra. Tiger Monkey Boar Hare Tiger

'She's not going to do-'


'It….she did…'

The twins watched in mystified wonder as the fire burned, Kari dusted herself off, "Mission accomplished!"

All Hinata could do was shake her head as she was at a loss for words right now.

SUITON: BAKUSHI SHOHA! (Water release: Exploding Shockwave)

Kari put out the fire with a smug look on her face.

"What are you going to do about the big burn spot?" Hinata asked.

"That's where we put the table! People won't be able to tell the charred earth from its shadow!"

"So you hope…" Hinata sighed.

"You're such a bummer…" Kari sighed as she picked up the playpen. The twins squealed in excitement as they began to move inside, "The bath's yours, I'd hurry and nab it before Sasuke gets here." Hinata nodded and followed Kari inside.

It was a couple minutes after Hinata went to the bath when Sasuke came back. He sat down in a chair with a pensive sigh, "Who put the crater in the yard?"

"It's not a crater!" Kari huffed.

"Whatever it is, Aniki is going to be pissed that there is a gigantic hole in the yard reeking of burnt earth and plants. He'll probably assume it was me…" Sasuke grumbled.

"Yeah probably….don't worry about it, if he starts getting cranky pants I'll give you enough time to get a decent head start."

"…That's really reassuring…"

"I try…" Kari said as she began to play with the twins, "What's with the bad mood?"

"Naruto and Sakura being lovey dovey and all of the couples that formed when we were gone."

"Like who?" Kari asked.

"Naruto and Sakura, Neji and Tenten, Shikamaru and Ino, even Choji found a girlfriend."

"Why don't you date one of your fangirls?"

"Because they just want to get into my pants. I want a girl who knows she loves me, and isn't going to use me for sex or one-up the other fangirls."

"Do you like anyone?" Kari prodded.

Sasuke pondered that question, "Interest more than like…I feel I should wait and see if the interest develops or goes away."

"Do I get to know who she is?"



They were interrupted in the form on Hinata wearing a pale blue night gown with bunnied all over it. Sasuke was glad that she had interrupted their conversation. She walked in and sat on a chair next to Sasuke. Taro began to reach out to her and began to try to get over to her. Kari scooped him up and brought him over to Hinata.

"Looks like you have a fan." Kari held out Taro for Hinata to take. She did and began to play with him. Mika the golden lab came in and laid down in front of Kari's chair, "Dog you got excellent timing!" she put her feet on the dog.

Sasuke just shook his head, then watched Hinata play with Taro. There was a knock at the door so Kari went to go answer it. Kisame and Yuri were on the other side. "Did you know a meteor hit your front yard?" Kisame asked.

"It wasn't a meteor!" Sasuke called.

"That's the perfect story! I can tell him Sephiroth summoned a meteor to try and destroy the planet!" Kari backed up to let them in, "He'll believe it for sure!"

"No he won't!" Sasuke yelled again, this time Hinata's giggling added to the mix.

Kari shut the door behind them and led them to the living room, "Do you guys want anything?"

"No, we're fine thank you." Yuri answered.

"Actually, just a glass of water if you'd be so kind..." Kisame requested.

"Sure." Kari quickly did so.

"No sarcastic comebacks?"


"No tampering with said drink?"


"You sure?"

"Yeah I swear." Kari said, "I don't do that sort of thing."

Kisame and Yuri were on the small couch, Kari sat on the big one with Meiyou, "Will Itachi be home soon?" Kisame asked.

"Probably." Kari shrugged.

"What is that big hole in the yard?" Yuri asked.

"A meteor Sephiroth sent us to destroy the planet." Kari promptly answered.

"Actually…it was Kari-chan burning leaves and weeds…" Hinata answerd.

"That sounds about right…" Kisame grinned, "You're in trouble…"

"When am I NOT in trouble with that guy?" Kari teased.

"That's a good point, either way it will be funny to watch."

"Sasuke was nominated scapegoat."

"Against my will." Sasuke was quick to add.

"But yeah…I should cook supper, Yuri, want to hold Meiyou?"

"I would be honored to."

Kari put Meiyou in Yuri's arms, "Don't you dare eat her Kisame…"

"Yeah just cause I just happen to eat babies." He retorted.

"You do…don't lie!" Kari grinned then headed for the kitchen. Yuri was a little miffed by the exchange.

"It's all playful banter in good fun…no one else takes it the same way as we do except Deidara the odd time, its fun to get into a verbal battle of wits." Kisame explained.

"Everyone else is too serious or too shy." Sasuke added.

Yuri nodded, "I see…"

Kari quickly made Onigiri and Dango along with some leftover Gyoza and Soba. Things were almost done when Itachi came home; the way Kari could tell was that the door slammed in a way that someone was VERY angry.

Kari immediately walked out to the foyer to see Hinata and Yuri try to calm down both scared shitless babied. Kari took the twins off their hands and began to calm them down.

"Who did it?" Itachi's voice was laced with deadly intention. His black eyes were now vivid sharingan and their eerie gaze swept around the room.

Kari realized that this was going to get very ugly really fast and was fighting really hard not to say any of the excuses floating around in her brain, though blaming it on Deidara was turning into a viable story. She began to change Taro as she opened her mouth to speak.

"If it was Deidara, he's as good as dead." Itachi informed.

"It wasn't him." Kari answered, "It was me…I kind of went a little overboard when I was disposing some leaves and weeds."

His tone softened a little, "How did you get rid of them?" However, he was still definitely angry. The others were a little shocked that Kari was telling the truth, she always would eventually but it was always her first instinct to lie. Kari set Taro on a cushion and began to start on Meiyou.


"You what?!" Itachi got mad, "You realize that you need a fire permit to do that!"

"I thought it pointless to get one for a one time deal. And yes I know that. I was going to call Deidara as soon as I got the chance to see if he could fix it."

Itachi let out an irritated sigh and sat down. Kari also sighted as she finished off Meiyou. Kari just now realized that she was covered in dirt, "Other than that hole, I do see an improvement to the place."

"Thanks. Hinata and I worked on it." Kari grabbed the phone and called Deidara. After explaining the situation and exchanging his services for food, they got that settled. Kari decided to have her bath after checking on her food. About 10 minutes after Kari left to bath, Deidara and Naomi were over. Itachi had Meiyou and Naomi had Taro. Deidara quickly fixed the hole with his earth jutsu. When Kari came down everyone was having fun and everything was fixed. They then had supper, which, luckily there was enough for everyone. After that they were back in the living room.

"I have an announcement to make un!" Deidara made sure everyone was paying attention before continuing, "Naomi and I are going to have a baby un!"

They were greeted by silence as everyone was in disbelief because they had assumed that Deidara was gay, or just didn't have it in him to get it up.

"Whoo! Congratulations!" Kisame gave Deidara a high five, "Way to prove you're not gay!"

"What about your Geisha duties?" Kari aksed.

Naomi smiled, "I gave them up, I decided it was something I didn't want to do anymore, but I can teach others the arts to take my place."

Kari nodded, "Just so long as you have a back up plan."

"Don't worry about us un!" Deidara grinned.

"At least it was somewhat planned." Naomi thought aloud.

It wasn't too much longer until everyone left which was good considering everyone was going to have a busy day at the shower tomorrow.

The next morning everyone work up early to set up. And luckily it was held without a hitch…well there was that one instance where Naruto almost set fire to a pavilion but luckily it wasn't too serious. All in all it was a success, much to everyone's relief.


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