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First Sight

"Sis," huffs Matt, "why the hell did you bring all of this stuff?" I roll my eyes.

"Duh, we are in a new world, and I have NO idea what kind of clothes they wear here, so since I brought ALL of my clothes, we should be safe!" I grin happily at my logic that makes total sense to me.

Matt rolls his eyes, while grumbling about 'women'.

"Matt, you're just jealous." I retort.

"Of what?"

"...My super awesome abilities to make all guys around me melt into piles of water with a single glance!"

An awkward silence awkwardly forces its awkwardness into the awkward situation.

"Well, who could argue with that logic?" Matt mumbles.

We arrive at the gates of Konoha, where we find Yenaa poking Kotetsu in the chest, while Izumo watches. Izumo is grinning hugely, and snickering when he feels its appropriate.

"This is, interesting." Matt says. Of course, he had never watched Naruto before, so he never got to see the people and the setup of the village.

Itachi shifts slightly closer to me. He is obviously worried about shinobi seeing us together. Oh, right, he is an s-ranked criminal. BUT IT WASN'T HIS FAULT!


When they see us, Kotetsu and Izumo tense up. All traces of humor disappear from their faces. They share a quick look, before moving apart and saying,

"Lady Tsunade wishes to see you."

Apparently, Ema had warned them that we would be coming.

Yenaa spins around, and shouts,

"KIKO!" before tackling me in what can only be described as a you're-going-to-die-of-suffocation hug.

Matt sighs.

"And I thought this would be a nice, quiet vacation."

Itachi graces us with a small smile, and I attempt to smile back. Key word being, attempt.

I can't frickin breathe.

Yenaa FINALLY gets off of me and starts rambling.

"OMG! Ema told me that you were coming, but you took so long to get here, so I got mad thinking that those idiots," pause to point at Kotetsu and Izumo, "wouldn't let you in. Soooo, I came up here and was chewing them out, then you guys showed up then I tackled you in a hug and then I started rambling off which brings us up to date in the story!" She grins widely, panting slightly.

Matt stares at her, sweat-dropping.

It gets quiet, and out of seemingly nowhere (instead of crickets) an orchestra begins playing loud, action music.

Now, more then one sweat drop could be seen gracing the heads of the fellow travelers.

I break through the weird atmosphere by standing up and wiping my backside off.

"To the Hokage's office!" I shout, throwing my fist into the air.

Yenaa links her arm through mine, and we skip off in a random direction.

Izumo clears his throat.

Stopping, we look at him.

"The Hokage's office is that way." He points in a direction which was definitely not where we were heading. We chuckle nervously, then begin running full speed.

Matt follows after some complaining about hanging out with weirdos and having to carry the luggage, and Itachi jumps to the rooftops. Probably to avoid being seen by the villagers, thus causing extreme panic.

By the time we get to the Hokage's tower, people are pointing and whispering, and sending us dirty/annoyed looks. We can't help it if we're awesome!

They will so have to get used to it.

Ema is probably a hundred times worse than we are, and all of us are here together.

Oh yeah, Konoha better watch out.

Pausing for dramatic effect, I glance at Yenaa, grab Itachi's hand, then throw the door to Lady Tsunade's office open.

"Here's, Johnny!" shouts Yenaa.

Ema grins delightedly and waves with the hand that isn't busy holding Pakkun.

Tsunade's eyes get really wide, and then she smirks.

"So its true, the great Itachi Uchiha has been tamed by a mere girl."

"Tame? Oh believe me, he is so not tame," I smirk.

Yenaa laughs uncontrollably at the perverted implications she got out of that, and Matt sends us a look that says, if that means what I think it does someone will die.

I giggle.

"Relax. I was just kidding," I say, lightly punching Matt's arm.

"Better be." he mutters.

Tsunade wipes the smile off of her face with some difficulty, and clears her throat.

Instead of giving her the attention in the room like she wanted, it only served to distract the girls.

"Hey, that reminds me, I'm freakin thirsty!" Ema shouts.

"Speakin of thirsty, I have to pee!" Yenaa whines, doing a special jig, if ya know what I mean.

"Speaking of pee, I think I forgot to turn the oven off!" I panic.

That gains everyones attention.

I laugh.

"Just kidding. Tsunade wanted our attention. Take it away," I point at her and laugh nervously.

"So," Tsunade says after a moments hesitation. "Ema says you guys have nowhere to stay."

We all nod, except for Matt, who says, "'The hell? I thought you said you took care of it!"

I grin and laugh nervously, rubbing my neck with my free hand.

"I am taking care of it right now." It gets quiet.

"Please, continue." I say to Lady Tsunade.

She sighs and mumbles, 'I have enough idiocy to deal with while Naruto is around. Come on.'

I smile apologetically.

"You guys can stay at the Uchiha compound." I feel Itachi tense beside me.

"Um, is there anywhere else we can stay?" I say quickly.

Tsunade takes note of Itachi's clenched jaw and softens up a bit.

"I suppose I can get you guys some rooms in a hotel or an apartment. How long are you planning on staying?"

"Well, does everyone's parents know they are here?" I ask. Ema and Yenaa nod.

"Then however long we feel like it!"

Tsunade wilts.

I wonder why.

"Fine." All of a sudden, she grins mischievously. "I'll get about four apartments set up for you guys by Naruto's. After all, his whole floor is empty."

I flinch.

"And why is that?"

Tsunade, if possible, grins even wider.

"You'll see."

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