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I'm trapped in a cave, surrounded by snarling Orcs. The stench is overwhelming...

I can sense their hunger, and one steps forward with his teeth barred. An overwhelming sense of helplessness overcomes me and I scream.

I awaken in Konoha, curled up in Itachi's arms as he holds me close and soothes me.

Bad dream, it was a bad dream.

I'm trembling, and I swear I can still smell the disgusting stench of the Orcs. I pull myself as close to Itachi as I can, and hours later, I fall back asleep.

Suddenly I am jolted awake as another scream erupts from me. The nightmare had been on loop every night for the past week. Itachi looks at me with concern, and suggests I go home. The thought of my mom comforts me, and I agree to go home the next day, only if he comes with me.

We didn't get that far.

As I am packing the next day, an alarm sounds within the village. I stop, panicked, and Naruto bursts in the room, sweeps me off of my feet, and carries me out of the building. When his feet hit the dirt outside, the building collapses behind us. Naruto dodges falling debris and carries me to the path that leads to Konoha's hidden caves: the place where the villagers are evacuated when the village is under attack. Kakashi appears beside me, Ema and Yenaa in tow. Just as Kakashi is about to return to the village to fight, a fiery light appears and engulfs us.

I dream of falling through the sky, the ground rushing up at me. I hate these dreams. Wait, why do I smell trees and grass and water? This never happened in my dreams. I decide to open my dream eyes and take a look and suddenly realize, I'm falling from the sky.

"AHHHHH!" I flap my arms like a bird, hoping to suddenly fly. Yenaa is falling beside me, laughing and doing flips and stupid poses. Ema is latched on to Kakashi, who appears to be calculating the time to use some jutsu.

I'm still screaming. A river rushes up at us, and just when we're about to hit the water, Kakashi disappears in a swirl of leaves with Ema, and I see them appear on the riverbank, safe and dry.


I drop into the water.

Yenaa comes up laughing and gushing about her awesome dive that I missed, because I was busy praying for my life.

Ema is snuggling into Kakashi's side, and Kakashi is doing his eye smile thingy. And me?

I'm standing on the riverbank, dripping, and scowling at Kakashi.

"Aww come on Kiko! It ain't that bad," Yenaa grins, slapping my back as hard as she can, which sends me into the water again.

-cricket, cricket-


Ema throws tap water on me.

"It's holy water for cryin' out loud!"

Of course it is.

Out of freakin nowhere, about twenty people appear around us.

Whoa, wait a minute. Those aren't people! Those are..


And I pass out in the water.

When I wake up, again, I'm in a gi-freakin'-normous bed, that's uber soft and smells awesome. I'm wearing a lavender gown, that's super soft, and I feel incredibly clean and cared for. Just as I'm about to fall asleep, I scream.

"Oh my gnome, somebody gave me a bath and changed my clothes! WHO SAW ME NAKED?" A gorgeous elfette (I know its not the proper word, but I'm using it anyways cause I want to) glides into the room and says, "It was I, my lady. You've nothing to fear."

Apparently, Elves aren't much for personal space.

The elfette is forgiven when she motions to someone outside the door, and an elfman brings a tray of fruit inside the room.

My tummy growls at the sight of the food, and I reach like a child towards the tray.

"Gimme gimme gimme!"

The Elves chuckle and set the tray up in front of me, telling me what fruit is what and whats sweet, sour, etc. The elfette sits beside me, close, and brushes my hair behind my ear. The elfman sits in a chair at the desk in the room, watching us with amusement, and what appears to be affection, in his eyes.

I feel like a child.

Annnd then I realize I am a child to them. I ponder this for a moment, then decide to heck with it. I take advantage of the situation.

For the next three days the two Elves spoil me. The woman, Seremela, tells me that she and her husband Aerandir (the food delivery guy) always loved children and wished for them. They loved taking care of me as if I was their own child.

I would have called Aerandir ada (means dad in Elvish), but then I'd feel obligated to call Seremela naneth (means mother), and that would have felt as if I was cheating on my own mom. So I stuck with their names.

I continued to have the nightmares about the Orcs. Every night, Seremela and Aerandir would sit with me until I fell asleep, and would be there when I awoke screaming, or sometimes crying. I loved having Aerandir, because I never had my own father in my life. Seremela was also wonderful, she contributed to the feeling of having a second family, a whole family. One where the father and mother loved each other and could speak without fighting.

Anywho, three days after I woke up in Rivendell for the first time, Lord Elrond called me into his office. Yenaa, Ema, and Kakashi were there as well. I smiled brightly at them and hugged all of them, then quickly gave my attention back to Lord Elrond.

"Your friends have explained your unique situation to me."

I nodded respectfully and waited for him to continue.

"It is within my understanding that you know the fate of Middle Earth."

I bit my lip and nodded slowly.

"In a way."

Lord Elrond stared at me, and I nervously continued.

"Well, I knew the fate before we arrived. Our arrival has already had an impact on Middle Earth. And we don't know who else may have arrived here as well, so we don't know what other circumstances have been altered. For example, if one of the rogue ninjas arrived and teamed up with Saruman and Sauron, that would give them a higher chance of winning since you are not equipped to deal with ninjas. Luckily, we have Kakashi, one of the best, on our side."

I trailed off into deep thought.

Lord Elrond seemed to be thinking as well, and cleared his throat to get our attention, which had wavered.

Amused he watched Yenaa, who was looking around at everything and picking at her tunic (she had refused to wear a dress), and Ema, who was drumming to a beat in her head.

"Pardon me, I had forgotten how short of attention spans humans have."

Yenaa waved her hand in the air and responded, "Nah its cool."

Lord Elrond raised an eyebrow.

I sighed. "What would you like us to do while we are here? How can we help in the fight for Middle Earth?"

Lord Elrond watched me for a moment, and then smiled softly.

"I would like for you to attend the secret council meeting tomorrow morn. I will send servants to wake you and help you prepare beforehand. You may leave now."

For a moment I stood there blinking, before Ema grabbed my hand and started to pull me out of the room. I quickly attempted something resembling a curtsy and left.

Well. This may end up a disaster.

Development! Yay! So this ends Strangers in the Narutoverse and begins a whole new sequel.. :) Beware Middle Earth, the terrible trio has arrived...mwuahahahahahaha...

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