Chapter 2- I'll protect you

Amu's POV

"Are you ready to see her then?" Goro had asked me as we reached a sealed door. My heart was beating fast, but I didn't know why. "Yes." I replied to him. He had then opened the door and a bright light came out of it. When I had opened my eyes I had somehow sensed something wrong but I didn't know what. Goro had signaled me to enter and when I did, a force suddenly grabbed me and I felt something warm hold me tight. "My princess!" a beautiful voice had said, when I looked up I saw a woman who had the exact hair color as mine and eye color as well. "Amu, this is Midori your mother." I heard Goro say as he left the room.

It took me a while to say something, but it felt nice to feel the warm embrace she had given me. "Mom…I…" I started to speak but I couldn't continue since I didn't know where to start. "I'm sorry…I shouldn't have allowed you to be born in that cage…" I heard her say as she released her hold on me. When I had looked at her she looked at me with so much pain and sadness inside. "Mom…" I murmured but still she heard and looked at me with a bright smile. That smile was filled with warmth just like the way she embraced me, it made me cry as her hugged her. "I'm sorry…it was irresponsible of me…you felt so alone in there…I never even had the chance to see you…" I heard her say as she caressed my hair.

By the time I had stopped crying I was already ready to speak to her. "Mom, I wanted to know everything there is about this world. I wanted to be able to run, laugh and smile like the people I heard outside that place. I wanted to be able to feel the warmth of someone, caring for me. I wanted to know if I had a family. I…was curious of a lot of things while inside but then…there was a boy who had came and freed me from the cage." I said to her not letting her go, when tears started to flow back out of my eyes. "There…there it's alright. We're together now…we'll do all of those together." She had said as she smiled at me once again.