Demon/Spirit/Summoning Thought

Chapter 1: The Jade Maelstrom Returns

"Why…what did I ever do to you?" a boy cried out, tears and blood mingling over his whisker marked cheeks. "You…you killed my father and my brother, demon…now you shall pay the price with your life." A random villager shouted.

He stepped forward, with a makeshift club and began to bludgeon the boy to death. The boy screamed in agony and anguish as the heavy blows rained on his little body. Several of the ninja rushed to the scene, seeming to help the boy, only sadly to take the pleasure of causing the boy some pain to relieve their aggregation using their swords, broken bottles and knives.

"Help me…please somebody…anybody!" the 6-year-old boy cried out in his mind. Suddenly a strong wind blew into the dark alley. The villagers and ninjas looked to see a man holding a spear in his left hand, dressed in a green shirt and brown baggy pants with a worn green bandana. "What are you doing? He's just a little boy," the man said.

"This is none of your concern, gaijin." A chunin said to him. "This demon will be destroyed and we will avenge our fallen comrades." The man looked curiously at the bloodstained boy and said, "I don't see a demon, I see a little boy that is malnourished and treated unfairly for something that was out of his hands, plus if he were, this place would not exist."

A villager chose that time to make a mistake by attempting to silence the mistreated boy, but a sudden crack sounded and the mysterious man was found standing over the boy, his spear held out in front of him. "You are the real demons hitting on defenseless children." He said calmly.

The same chunin scowled at him and made an effort to stab the man, but the stranger ducked and used the blunt end of the spear to hit him in the stomach. The ninja doubled up as the man twirled the spear and dealt him an uppercut with the spear, effectively knocking the ninja out.

"Enough!" a voice boomed out. The villagers recognized the voice and looked in fear as the Hokage and a squadron of ANBU near the entrance. "ANBU, arrest these villagers and tell Ibiki to use any method he wishes," the Hokage roared, shaking with anger.

The villagers were dragged, whimpered and dreading the upcoming punishment in store for them. "Sorry you had to see that, Albert." Sarutobi said, "The villagers use every chance to try and kill him, I send ANBU, but they seemed to overlook him."

Albert looked at the unconscious boy, "What is his name, old friend." Sarutobi replied, "Naruto Uzumaki." Albert repeated his name, "Naruto Uzumaki, I sense great potential in him and my spirit sensed that he would make a good partner,"he thought, staring at him.

He turned to Sarutobi, "Hiruzen, do you mind if I take Naruto with me back to my home? I strongly believe the hostility around this boy will increase around him as he grows up. I will train him for 6 years and bring him back to Konoha." Sarutobi pondered for a moment and replied, "Why not? It might work for him; we will wait until he wakes up."

Mindscape- "Where…where am I?" Naruto asked groggily. He looked around to find himself in a sewer, "Great…they threw me in a sewer." A voice said, "Actually it is your depressing mind, kit." Naruto jumped up and turned to see a cage with the kanji for "seal" in the middle and inside the cage, stood a giant fox with red, slitted eyes.

"What the fuck?" Naruto shouted. The fox said, "I will not tolerate such language from such a young child. You are in the presence of the Kyuubi no Kitsune." Naruto said sadly, "So this is why they hate me so much, then it is true…that I am a demon."

Kyuubi scoffed, "Like hell you are! You may have a demon sealed in you, but you aren't a demon. Otherwise, this village, like that man said, would be decimated by now." Naruto looked at Kyuubi in surprise, "Why are you being so kind? I thought demons are evil and hate humans."

The fox replied, "Some demons are, but some also pity humans or rather be left alone. Me…spending six years in here and watching you suffer alone kinda takes a toll on you." Naruto said, "I see…then thank you, Kyuubi-chan."

The fox winced slightly, "How you know I'm female?" Naruto grinned as he said, "Easy…woman usually reacted to language more often than men." Kyuubi complimented, "Good observation skills, I never knew you were so smart."

Naruto said, "I prefer to avoid conflict by using the mask of the dead last and fawning over Sakura. I actually like that girl who keeps staring at me." Kyuubi said, "Wow…you even fool me with that mask and that is saying something. Anyway, it is time for you to awaken."

Naruto said sheepishly, "Yeah…right, Kyu-chan, but how do I exactly get out of her?" Kyuubi said, "Picture yourself in your happy place."Naruto nodded and said, "Right, but before I go…" He closed his eyes and soon enough his mindscape shifted to have a grassy field with a mansion close by with the sun shining in the east.

"It's…beautiful!" Kyuubi whispered. "Enjoy…Ja ne." the Jinchuuriki said as he faded back to the real world. "Arigotou, Naruto-kun." the vixen said softly.

Real World-Naruto woke up in the hospital and turned to see the mysterious man sitting in a nearby chair watching intensely. "You're finally awake, Naruto-san. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Albert." The king said. Naruto sat up slowly, cracking his shoulder, "Thanks for saving me earlier, Albert-dono." Albert chuckled a bit, "Please, Albert-san will do just fine. Albert-dono makes me sound old. Anyways, to business, I asked your Hokage if you would like to come and train with me as my apprentice." Naruto's eyes lit up and he opened his mouth.

Hokage's office-"WWHHOOOO-HHHHHHHOOOOOO!" The sound resounded, making the Hokage's pen slipped out of his hand and slipped ink over his Icha Icha Paradise. "Nooooo!" the Sandaime said, crying anime-style.

Naruto's room-"I gotta pack my stuff!" Naruto cried out, jumping out of bed. "Already taken care of," Albert said with a smile. Naruto beamed up at his newfound teacher, "Let's go, Albert-sensei!" he shouted as he ran out of the hospital. Albert thought, "He is an energetic little boy, I gonna have my hands full."

Near Hyuga Manor-Albert chased after Naruto to hear a scream. "What was that" Naruto said, stopping. "I don't know, but we are gonna find out now." Albert said seriously. They rushed over silently to see a masked adversary carrying a 5-year-old girl that Naruto instantly recognized.

"Hinata-chan!" Naruto whispered hoarsely, "She is in my class. We have to save her, Albert-sensei." Albert placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder and smiled, and then he stepped forward to meet the kidnapper.

"Excuse me, sir, but I am positive that the girl you are carrying isn't your daughter. She is too pretty to be yours, so I have to ask you to unhand her." The king said to the man. The kidnapper made a move, but Albert waited and sent a palm strike to the kidnapper's chest and caught Hinata as the man went flying back and slammed into a wall, unconscious.

Naruto came over from his hiding place and rant toward Albert and the sleeping Hinata. "It's okay, he used the sleeping potion on her, so she should wake up in 10 minutes." Albert said, making Naruto sigh in relief. "Who are you?" a voice called out to the two of them.

Suddenly Albert and Naruto were surrounded by Hyuga with the leader approached them. "My name is Albert, we happened to find the kidnapper trying to take this girl, so we decide to intervene." Albert said. The stoic Hyuga said, "Thank you, Albert-san. Hizashi, take the kidnapper to the Hokage. My name is Hiashi Hyuga."

Hizashi, the twin of Hiashi, nodded and took the man to the Hokage. "I will take Hinata back now." Naruto nodded and stepped away for Hiashi to pick her up. "What is your name, boy?" the Hyuga lord asked. "N-Naruto Uzumaki, Hiashi-sama." The boy replied softly.

Hiashi smirked, "Well, thank you for helping rescue my daughter. I hope to see you grow as a strong ninja, Naruto-san." Naruto stuttered, "H-Hai!" Hiashi took Hinata away, carrying her bridal-style while Albert and Naruto headed to the gates. Neither of the three noticed that Hinata was awake. She looked at the figure and thought, "N-Naruto-kun." Then she faded completely to the abyss of unconsciousness.

Gate-Naruto and Albert walked past the gate and began on their journey to Albert's kingdom of Basil."Okay…I need to change a bit to get to Basil faster." The man said. Naruto said quizzically, "Huh…why?"

A wind blew and swirled around Albert, causing Naruto to shield his eyes. When the wind died, Naruto looked in awe to see Albert in green armor and wings sprouting from his shoulder blades. "W-Wow." Naruto managed to say.

Albert grinned, "If you think that is cool, wait till you see the others." Naruto clambered onto Albert's back and Albert took off into the air. As he flew across the sky, the Jade Dragoon host looked out of the corner of his eye to see Naruto with the biggest smile on his face.

The man thought to himself, "He reminds me of you, my friend…I'm sure you would have been proud to meet this boy…Lavitz." Then he felt a strong hand upon his shoulder, and turned to see his friend's spirit beside him smiling at him.

6 years later- "State your business!" the chunin said to the two hooded figures. "It is Albert, returning with a friend of mine. The gate was open and the two entered inside, heading toward the Hokage's office.

"Damn paperwork, I seriously need to find the secret to defeat this damn thing. Minato, when I see you, I am gonna kick your ass." the Third lamented. Suddenly a knock came at his door and Sarutobi shouted, "Come in."

The door revealed the two hooded figures and both of them removed their hoods to reveal Albert's and Naruto's faces. "Hey, jiji-san, how is it going?" the boy said. Sarutobi asked, "Naruto? Is that really you?" Naruto spreaded his arms and said, "In the flesh."

The Jinchuuriki was wearing black baggy pants, black combat boots, wore a green sleeveless muscle shirt and had a black coat with the kanji for "Jade Dragon" embroidered in a dark red color. He had a katana strapped to his back and held a retractable staff.

"Have you mastered the skills I gave to you in the scrolls?" the Hokage asked curiously. "Hell yeah I did! It was cake, old man." Naruto shouted. "Naruto…what did we discussed yesterday?" Albert said. "No yelling." Naruto said, "Sorry, sensei."

Sarutobi laughed heartily at the boy, "Well, since me and Albert have much to discuss, why do you head over to the Academy, they should be starting class now." Naruto nodded as Sarutobi handed him the pass and walked out.

As soon as the blond left, Sarutobi asked, "Does he know about the fox?" Albert nodded, "He is aware of it, in fact, she is rather friendly." Sarutobi quirked an eyebrow, "She?" Albert nodded again, "She was tricked into destroying Konoha and the person's name is…"

Meanwhile Naruto walked inside the Academy building to find Room 217 and opened the door. The teacher with the ponytail and a long scar running across the bridge of his nose. "May I help you?" the teacher said to Naruto.

Naruto smirked, "I'm hurt, Iruka-sensei. You don't remember me, the number one unpredictable soon-to-be ninja." Iruka peered into the hood and exclaimed, "Naruto! Is that you?" Naruto flipped back his hood, causing some girls to blush, "How many Narutos do you know?"

Iruka turned to the class, "Class, you all remember Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto nodded and moved to find a seat until he saw a familiar face. "Hinata-chan?" he thought, "It's been a long time since I last saw her."

Naruto moved towards her only to be blocked by a feral-looking boy. "That's my seat!" he said darkly. Naruto seemed unfazed, "Kiba, right? I would like to ask you to please move out of my way." He slipped him his retractable staff without him noticing. "Make me, dead last!" Kiba retorted.

"As you wish." Naruto stated. He clicked a button and the staff lengthens to hit Kiba in the family jewels. The guys winced as Kiba knelt down allowing the Jinchuuriki to pass and take his seat beside Hinata. "Should have move when you had the chance, Kiba," Naruto said as he propped up his feet upon the desk.

Kiba lifted himself up and limped to sit by a blond girl named Ino. "Okay, today's lesson is on the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Sakura, tell us the story…for Kami's sake, stop gawking at Sasuke, damn it." Iruka said angrily.

Sakura blushed as she spoke, "The Kyuubi no Kitsune arrived on the night of October 10 and attacked Konohagakure, many ninja died fighting by its nine tails, which is rumored to topple mountains with a mere swish. Konohagakure was saved by the Yondaime fought and killed the fox at the expense of his own life."

Naruto thought sadly, "If only it were true." Kyuubi replied, "Well, the toppling mountains crap is true though."Naruto said, "You're so full of yourself, Kasumi-chan." Kyuubi said, "Urusei!"Naruto snorted and cut off the link as the lesson went on, the boy noticed that Hinata was stealing glances at him and blushing a light pink.

"She still likes me, sweet." Naruto thought happily. Kasumi said slyly, "Of course, you saved her life…and her virginity no less." Naruto blushed a bit at the implication, and struggled to paid attention to Iruka as he closed the lesson.

"That is it for today, I look forward to see you all pass the genin exam tomorrow." The scarred man said. Naruto turned to Hinata, who blushed at his staring. "Hey, Hinata, do you remember me?" Naruto asked. "Y-Yes, y-you're the one w-who saved me that night." She stuttered. "She has confidence issues, but I will soon fix that."Naruto was about to say something until he felt a cold shiver run down his spine. He turned to find a horde of fan girls drooling after him. "Oh, shi…" He started to say until they rushed him.

The girls pounced on him, but he quickly kawarimied with the closest possible object, which happened to be Kiba. Before they realized they had the wrong boy, there were pieces of ripped clothing and Kiba's howls and curses were drowned out by the girls' high-pitched squeals.

The girls then ran off leaving a scarred puppy and an entertained trickster. "Note to self: avoid fan girls at all costs, especially when flocked in groups." Naruto thought. Then he turned to Hinata, "Hey, Hinata, would you honor me to escorting you home."

Hinata thought, "Naruto-kun…is asking me…to walk with him." She was so lost in her thoughts that when she was about to answer, Naruto was very close to her face. "Are you okay, Hinata-chan? Your face is turning red, you have a fever?" he asked her.

Hinata chose this time to faint, but Naruto caught her and placed her on his back, walking out of the room to head to the Hyuga Estate. "Naruto-kun," Hinata murmured, snuggling up to his back, making Naruto blush due to certain mountains rubbing his back and he could not bear to wonder what she was thinking about.

Hyuga Estate- "Goddamn, this place is bigger than the last time I saw it. Hinata-chan got it made here, she sure knows how to live the good life." As he walked inside the gate, two branch members rushed at him.

Naruto tensed up, but Kasumi intervened. "No, Naru-kun, let them do what they have to do. They're after Hinata, not you." The boy relaxed a bit as the guards took Hinata away from his back a little rough, causing her to awaken.

She struggled against them, shouting, "Get off of me!" Then a voice boomed out, "What's going on here?" Everyone turned to the direction of the voice to see Hiashi walking toward them. "Hiashi-sama! Tou-san!" Everyone said bowing before the lord.

Hiashi smiled at Naruto, "Hello and welcome back, Naruto-san, I trust that your training went well." Naruto replied, "A little brutal since I have five different senseis, but I will live. Anyway, I wanted to escort Hinata to make sure she gets home safely.

Hiashi nodded, "Thanks, Naruto-san, and I apologize for the inconvience." Naruto waved it dismissively, "It's nothing. I understand, they were just doing their job and I respect that, so there is no need to apologize."

Hiashi smiled, "He has gotten stronger and smarter in these six years." He thought to himself. Naruto turned back, waving, "I bid you all adieu. Ja ne, Hinata-chan, Hiashi-sama." Naruto flipped through hand signs and shunshined away.

Then Hiashi called out to Hinata, "Come, daughter, it is time for your training." Usually Hinata would automatically move, but this time she was in a daze. Hiashi thought as he looked at the sky, "Ah, young love, reminds me of what we used to have. Right, Hinote-hime?" Then he went to his daughter and gently pushed his daughter into the manor."