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Okay I know some feel Naruto and Moan not being able to stop what happened even though Moan knew it was coming is odd. However just because you know something is coming doesn't always mean you can stop it. Also Macavity and Jenova aren't exactly pushovers another thing Macavity and Jenova might not have attacked if Moan wasn't there as chaos would have assured they just didn't want Moan to stop what was going to happen.

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Chapter 7 Retrieval and The Pokegirl Who Would Be Queen

Naruto sighed as he looked at the prone forms of Tiffania and Moan, the two would be alright though Moan would take a lot longer to recover than Tiffania unless Mio healed her. The real problem was at dawn he would infiltrate the hideout where his and Tiffania's pokegirls were being held. Naruto was going to wait but decided the longer he went that route, the more time the pokenappers would have to hurt them.

Leaving, the tent Naruto sat in front of the fire he'd started a couple of hours ago. The surroundings in the forest bothered him a great deal, the biggest being he hadn't seen a single pokegirl since he entered the forest. As Naruto contemplated his thoughts a noise from behind him, caused Naruto to draw his kunai only to see Tiffania stumble out of the tent completely disorientated. Quickly Naruto moved in her front of her just in time to catch her as she fell, eventually Tiffania regained her wits about her. Looking around Tiffania found herself in the arms of friend resulting in a blush from the blonde half elf.

"How are you feeling Tifa does your head still hurt?" Naruto asked gazing into Tiffania's own blue eyes.

"Yes but I can manage, Naruto thank you." Tiffania responded as Naruto decided to continue holding her while bring her up to speed.

"Tifa at dawn I'm going to retrieve our pokegirl's." Naruto explained while Tiffania narrowed her eyes in thought as she remembered what happened.

"I'm coming with you."

"No I hate to say this but you'd slow me down with your concussion. Besides didn't you notice the pokegirl lying next to you? She's a legendary one of the most powerful pokegirls to ever be created and I need you to keep watch over her until I get back."

Tiffania was saddened by what Naruto said though she knew it was the truth there was little she could do with her unperfected void power. Her mood changed as Naruto rubbed the side of her face softly while staring into her eyes, the way she imaged a friend of hers would one day. After that the two didn't say anything more they simply watched the sun rise with Naruto holding Tiffania. Once they'd finished watching the sun, Naruto released Tiffania before gathering all his gear. Taking Tiffania by the hand Naruto missed her blush as he led her into the tent where Moan lay still unconscious.

"What happened to her? Is she going to be alright?" Tiffania asked as she moved to Moan's side.

"She will be in time though you can see she won't be able to defend herself until she's healed. It'll be up to you to protect her Tifa." Naruto said with Tiffania giving him a look of surprise followed by a look of sheer determination.

"I will Naruto you can count on me."

Tiffania ready to take the challenge her best friend gave her, watched stunned as Naruto kneeled in front of her then without any warning placed his lips on her forehead causing a full blush to spread across Tiffania's face.

"I know you will Tifa I believe in you."

With that Naruto left the tent, the moment he was out he created twenty clones. Once the clones had their orders they vanished into the trees while Naruto took off toward his destination. Leaping from tree to tree he noticed skeletons littered the ground forcing him to make the decision to go higher into the trees. Ten minutes pasted as Naruto traveled he noticed the number of skeletons kept growing leading him to believe the people who'd taken his pokegirls had a lot of practice.

Fifteen minutes later Naruto came upon a large building which he noticed had guards armed with odd weapons, never the less Naruto leapt from a branch onto the side of the building before making his way to the side of the building. Once he found the door Naruto jumped in front of it, only to hear a loud bang then feel something hit his shoulder. Looking down Naruto noticed whatever hit him went into his shoulder, ignoring this Naruto rounded to see a man pointing something at him.

Deciding to go on the offense Naruto attacked grabbing the man by the arm and slamming him into the door face first knocking him out. As the Kyuubi healed him, Naruto noticed the door had a machine with a handprint on it, so he dragged the man's limp body and put his hand on the machine which beeped green causing the door to open. Naruto tossed the man into the forest then henged into him, once in Naruto calmly made his way down a corridor only to be stopped by a man dressed like he was.

"You… were in the last meeting?" The man asked which Naruto shook his head yes to.

"Then what the hell were they doing don't they know if we don't move these pokegirls soon their stock value is going to go…"

"Through the roof," Naruto answered.

"In the toilet, hey let me know if you hear anything I want to know the instant they sell the pokegirls to the highest bidder. They are selling right?"

Naruto simply shrugged his shoulders hoping the man would by his act, since he seemed to be good friends with his henge. The man looked at his watch before rolling his eyes and looking back to Naruto.

"Good to see you call me if we're still on for basketball."

With the man was out the door, leaving Naruto to once again look for the pokegirls. After twenty minutes of searching multiple rooms, Naruto got an idea which hopefully could help him. The next person Naruto saw was a man holding something large as he laughed his way down the hall.

"Hey I got assigned to help with the pokegirls but I don't know where they are." Naruto said as the man pat him on the shoulder.

"You must be new but you're in luck it's me your helping so follow me." The solider said as he continued down the hall.

"So what does that thing do?"

"I thought they were supposed to full you in beforehand." The solider said.

"I guess that's why I don't have the weapon and you do."

"Very well it forces the pokegirls to evolve even if it's against their will. Another neat feature is it has all of the evolution stones in it."

Naruto's eyes widen as he stopped himself from killing the man, since they had arrived at the cells holding the pokegirls. The solider slapped Naruto on the shoulder drawing his attention, then aimed at Tiffania's Plot Bunny. Naruto moved to stop him but he fired the beam just as Naruto knocked him out. The beam headed toward Lala who had a deer caught in the headlight look, keeping her from teleporting out of harm's way. Just as the beam was about hit Lala however, Lily jumped in front of her taking the hit causing her to glow a bright white.

When the light died down standing in front of Lala was no longer an elf but a pokegirl standing at 6'ft tall with platinum braided hair that reached the middle of her back, her ears were still the same length maybe a little longer finally, instead her usual A-cups she now sported D-cups which she was fondling happily. Wanting to know what his friend's pokegirl just evolved into Naruto aimed his pokedex at hoping to get some answers.

GARDELFWHOR, the Sexlestial Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fighting/Magic/Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fruit, fish, vegetables. Omnivore but prefers to avoid red-meat products.
Role: Heavenly Warriors
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Water, Rock, Steel, Normal, Dark
Weak Vs: Ground, Dragon, Poison
Attacks: Mystic Bolt, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Lightning Kick, StonePalm, Double Kick, Drill Kick, Spank, Sexy Hug, Rapid Stroke
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed and Agility (x5), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Senses (x5), summon and dismiss armor as needed.
Evolves: Elf (Shield Stone + Thunderstone)
Evolves From: None

With that mystery solved Naruto dropped his henge and created some clones then directed them to form a line to the exit. Once his clones made the line he unlocked the cage door using the key which was on the man with the ray before instructing the pokegirls to follow the clones. As he watched the pokegirls run out of the cage in a panicked line he was tackled by a green blur, looking down he saw Nia balling and cocking her fist back. Realizing he hadn't dropped his henge when he finally did Nia's fist was inches from his face.

Nia grabbed Naruto in a hug which the ninja returned only to have Aya along with Rena who he noticed also had not been forced to evolve join in as well. Looking past his pokegirls into the cage, Naruto swore he saw two figures moving but couldn't make them out as Lily along with the now shock broken Lala began asking him questions about Tiffania's health.

"Lily and Lala, Tifa's fine she has a slight concussion but when I left her she was completely coherent. Second have any of you seen Mikoto or Mio?" Naruto asked concerned only to have his pokegirls back away from him nervously and turn their attention to the cage.

Hearing a loud sigh Naruto saw a pokegirl with who looked like a normal girl except for the fact she had small horns coming from her forehead, cow ears and a cow tail. Getting back to his feet Naruto stared at the pokegirl, knowing the moment he saw her who she was. The two stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity before a smile spread across the face of Naruto, letting her know he was alright with her knew appearance, with this knowledge the pokegirl closed the distance between herself and Naruto then proceeded to lay kiss after kiss on his face.

"Mikoto I'm glad to see you as well." Naruto said between kisses.

Eventually, Naruto was able to get his newly evolved pokegirl off him and started to ask her about her new abilities until he heard something coming from the cage which sounded like someone saying they were sorry. Turning to his harem, who sadly nodded their heads while Mikoto allowed a tear to fall from her eye, indicating to Naruto it had something to do with Mio.

When Naruto turned back he found his instincts were unfortunately right on the money as he saw what looked to him to be a dangerous pokegirl with E-cup breasts, she stood at 6'2 with pink streaks in her black hair which stopped at her lower back, and her eyes were completely black except for the pupil which was white. As Naruto stared at the obviously dark pokegirl he knew he needed to found out exactly what Mikoto and Mio had evolved into, so he turned the pokedex toward Mikoto who gave a smile and a wave.

MOONCALF, the Psychic Cowgirl Pokégirl
Type: Near-Human (Bovine)
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: vegetarian
Role: Strategist and supply coordinator
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Teleport, Hypnotic Gaze, Hypnotize, Hypno Dance, Quick, Aura Barrier, Disable, Moon Beam, Confusion, Psychic Illusion, Mountain Hold
Enhancements: Psychic Abilities, Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Intelligence (x4), Semi-elastic skin, fast recovery, can produce at most 15 gallons of milk per day.
Evolves: None Known
Evolves From: Milktit (Moon Stone)

The smile on Naruto's face when he read the pokedex would have put his younger self's smiles to shame. Mikoto's new form meant he could do so many more things in battles with two psychic pokegirls. Excited about what Mikoto, Naruto turned the pokedex to the not so enthusiastic dark pokegirl.

NIGHT NURSE, the Tough Love Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal (Infernal)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human-style
Role: Battlefield medics, Town defense, Bodyguards
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Ghost, Infernal
Weak Vs: Fighting, Celestial
Attacks: Wing Attack, Fury Swipes, Hazy Vision, Dark Goggles, Dark Shield, Dark Bomb, Cocoon of Darkness, Blessed Soul, Dark Redemption, Dark Mist, Phoenix Down, Insulate, Curaga, Esuna
At Higher Levels: Full Revive, Absorb, Exorcism, Regen, Protect, Shell, NulAll, Dark Holy
Enhancements: Can use Dark-type and Magic-type attacks without being either type, Dark affinity, Magic affinity, increased healing ability, wings for flight, natural armor, Enhanced Durability when armored (x6), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Strength (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Nurse Joy (battle stress)

Mio was the first thing that came to the mind of Naruto as he looked at the now infernal pokegirl who had her head down clearly ashamed of what she'd become only to get the most pleasant shock of her life when Naruto wrapped her in a hug. Catching her by surprise, Naruto moved back then kissed Mio longingly cause the Night Nurse to feel the way she always did when she was around Naruto which was loved.

As Mio stared at Naruto she noticed someone out of the corner of her eye, quickly Mio rounded Naruto as someone fire at his head. However what surprised everyone was the black armor with pink streaks surrounded Mio deflecting the bullet intended for her tamer. Surprised Naruto along with the pokegirls watched as a wing made of the armor shot out before cutting the man down.

Mio turned around to face her sisters and master with the armor which covered the lower half over her face, arms, chest, stomach, hips, butt, and legs. Mio stared at the stun group with her black eyes showing regret at what just happened and tried to explain what happened only to be interrupted by more guards.

"Alright time to go!" Naruto yelled as he balled all the girls using Tiffania's pokeball to ball Lily and Lala.

However when Naruto tried to make Mio return she dodged the beam before spreading her armored wings. Mio then took flight after Naruto scooping him up as she pasted him. Worried Naruto became even more nervous when he noticed Mio flying them toward a steel door that was now closed. Mio seeing she would have no choice but to go through the door cradled Naruto's head into her chest before lowering her own head over him. At this point Mio used one of her wings to guild while the other cut through the steel door rather easily, causing the front of the entrance to cave in crushing hundreds of team Rocket soldiers.

Once they were safe high above the trees Mio let Naruto out from between her armored covered breasts. As the two soared over the trees they noticed the hordes of pokegirls below them running back toward the town they'd been pokenapped from. Remembering what the clearing looked like from when he was staring at the moon the night before Naruto directed his carrier to it.

As Tiffania softly stroked Moan's hair she heard a yell from outside. Rushing out of the tent Tiffania saw Naruto land with an armored clad person who was as tall as he was. Having been worried sick for both Naruto and the pokegirls, Tiffania rushed to Naruto before glomping him while Naruto rubbed her back.

"Mio, Moan is in that tent injured could you please heal her?" Naruto asked from around Tiffania drawing an amused smile from the Night Nurse as she headed toward the tent.

Mio kneeled down next to Moan and began healing the legendary pokegirl. Moan mewed softly as feeling returned to her and the pain which racked her body slowly left her. As Moan was being treated Naruto released the pokegirls, resulting in Tiffania being glomped by Lala and Lily while the latter groped her tamer mercilessly.

'Well the pokedex did say Gardelfwhors are lusty, guess I'll have to talk to Tiffania about taming sooner than I thought.' Naruto thought as he watched the three.

Tiffania on the other hand had no idea what was happening, one minute her arms were spread happy her pokegirls had been returned to her, and the next minute Lala was being kissed deeply by Lily who repeated the action with her. Shocked Tiffania simply stared straight ahead as Lily moved her kisses to Tiffania's neck while tweaking the half elf's nipples through her dress.

Thirty minutes later, Mio came out of the tent making a beeline to the spot next to Naruto, who glanced at her while Moan floated out of the tent. Moan made her way to Tiffania then stared in her eyes then nuzzled Tiffania's cheek with her own, Moan then repeated the process with Naruto. Moan was so preoccupied with Naruto and Tiffania she almost missed the thoughts of people who she could tell wanted revenge against Naruto for freeing the pokegirls heading toward them.

Realizing the danger Naruto, Tiffania, and their pokegirls were in Moan huddled the group together then used her power of teleportation to transport to the place she was before she came to warn Naruto of about what was going to happen. Like a flash Naruto and Tiffania found themselves looking at new surroundings with awe, however before anyone could say anything Rena jumped into the lake they were now standing by.

"Excuse me Moan but where are we? I mean this isn't the same forest we were in a moment ago" Tiffania asked.

'Your right Tiffania you were in what humans refer to as Ruby League, I've brought us to the Indigo League. Also Tiffania please don't be alarmed at how you are able to hear me even though my lips aren't moving' Moan explained causing Tiffania to give her a confused look.

"Tiffania, Moan is the most powerful psychic pokegirl in existence which allows her to read minds that's how she knew what you were thinking just now." Naruto explained giving Tiffania some peace of mind.

With that Naruto decided it would be smart to head to the next down even though the time was different and the continent they were on before was ahead of the one they were currently on. Naruto knew it was time to say goodbye to Moan, so he thanked the legendary pokegirl for putting herself in harm's way to help his friends, however, as Naruto and Tiffania turned to leave, Moan floated around them and into their path.

"Is something wrong?" Tiffania asked as her newly evolved Gardelfwhor moved to protect her.

'Naruto you understand the respect I have for you, this only grew when you chose to help me instead of running like most would have. Tiffania you cared and watched over me while I was in my weakened state. The reason I've made this decision is I know for a fact all tamers and humans at least from this world would have captured me at my weakest, yet here the two of you are not once did I hear any thoughts from either of you which involved trying to capture me.' Moan said as Naruto and Tiffania glanced at one another.

"And when you say you've made this decision you mean what?" Naruto asked.

'I wish to travel with the two of you.'

"But the pokedex said that you've never been captured!" Naruto yelled out drawing the attention of the pokegirls.

'I'm afraid I can't allow myself to be captured Naruto. However I can't deny the two of you fill me with hope for the human race the likes of which I haven't felt in years.'

Naruto started to explain the problems they would have if people saw Moan with them however, Tiffania beat him to the punch.

"Of course we don't mind right Naruto."

Again Naruto began to answer only to be cut off again only this time it was Moan, 'Don't worry Naruto I don't need to eat and I can use my psychic powers to manipulate people in seeing a normal pokegirl or make it as though I'm not even there to other eyes.'

Realizing he wasn't going to win this battle, Naruto agreed before instructing everyone it was time to go. The group made their way toward the next town thanks to Moan's ability to sense alpha waves with Tiffania and the others in front, while Naruto was behind with Mikoto and Mio who he noticed were acting slightly different toward each other.

"What's wrong, with the two of you did something happen while you were held captive?" Naruto questioned as he looked at the two who tried to avoid eye contact.

"No it's nothing like that we just realized it's going to be different with Mikoto being a Mooncalf instead of a Milktit." Mio explained with Mikoto nodding in agreement.

"Not really I mean even though she won't be as full of milk she'll still need to be milked. Apparently Mikoto's milk in this form won't make you lactate instead it will induce a hypnotic state within anyone who drinks it except for me since I'm her tamer. I will need your help with this once we get to town as I'm planning on testing out by giving a glass of Mikoto's milk to everyone but you."

The two instantly latched onto Naruto as they realized once he was finished with his explanation that just because they had evolved it didn't mean anything was going to change. The walk into town took about twenty minutes mainly because Mikoto kept stopped to graze, Lily kept groping Tiffania, and Rena who was still swimming in the lake next to them was splashing Nia causing her alpha to yell warnings of bad things to come. As they entered the town Naruto was actually quite irritated as all the girls except for Mio, Lala, Aya, and Moan where driving him insane.

Walking through the town the group noticed something was off and though it was faint Naruto felt a force pulling at him. Looking over he noticed Tiffania was also trying to shrug something off as well, it was Moan's reaction which had worried him the most as she refused to float too far into the town. As they looked around the group saw a lot of crimes happening while OfficerJennys and Lawfoxxes were being paid off to allow the crimes to occur.

"Something is wrong with this town." Tiffania explained as she took out her pokeballs and recalled Lily and Lala.

"Your right the question is what?" Naruto questioned recalling his pokegirls as well.

'There's something that wants to control you in this town.' Moan warned as Tiffania used her void powers to place an invisible barrier around herself while Naruto surround himself with the Kyuubi's chakra.

Moan and Tiffania stared at Naruto as they felt the power rolling off him in waves. Neither one had ever felt anything so powerful yet so evil at the same time making them question how Naruto could control it since he himself was such a good person.

'Naruto you can let Mio out as infernal pokegirls can easily resist an aura such as this.' Moan explained as she started floating away from them.

"Wait where are you going," Tiffania asked but Moan was already out of her field of vision.

As the two entered the nearest hotel Naruto asked how much the prices of rooms would cost for a couple of days, his answer was a smirk from the desk clerk.

"It'll be $800 a day sir this is without tax." The clerk said with a sleazy smile.

Naruto smiled as he hooked the cord into his pokedex though he only paid $200 resulting in the smile leaving the face of the clerk.

"Hey buddy you're $500 short."

The clerk said as he looked up into Naruto's eyes only to find they'd turned blood red and his teeth changed into sharp fangs. Gulping the clerk thanked Naruto for paying the actual price before promising to turn himself into his boss for trying to cheat Naruto out of money as he gave Naruto a room key. When the two got up to the room Naruto noticed that it had one large king size bed along with two couches which presented a small problem for the two who glanced at one another then back at the bed.

"You can have it Tifa. I'm a ninja I'm use to not sleeping on beds." Naruto said as the elf discarded her hat showing her ears proudly.

"Its fine Naruto the couch looks comfortable besides I never slept on a bed as comfortable as these couches." Tiffania said as Naruto shook his head no.

Eventually, the two knew neither would be sleeping period at this rate so Naruto suggested sharing, which brought a large blush to Tiffania's face as she thought about sharing a bed with her best friend. With a Hinata like stutter Tiffania agreed causing Naruto to chuckle at her, resulting in the blond elf chasing the ninja around the room in order to make him pay for embarrassing her.

After thirty minutes of horse playing the two decided to look for Moan just in case she needed help so Naruto released Mio and the three took off to find the legendary pokegirl. Once Tiffania made sure they had their pokeballs they left the hotel and headed toward the largest building in the town, as they approached the building Naruto and Tiffania realized the source of whatever the pull was coming from the building which looked as though it was about to collapse on itself.

The three quickly made their way to the side of the building, realizing they couldn't enter the front door Naruto grabbed Mio and Tiffania by the waist then dashed up the side of the building. Once at the top the group entered the building via a vent which Naruto entered first followed by Tiffania with Mio bring up the rear. As they crawled through the vent Naruto noticed the aura of whatever he'd been feeling was neutral, after about five minutes of crawling the group came to the end of the shaft. When they looked through the vent they saw what looked to be the whole two pokegirls and humans' alike bowing in front of what liked to be a pokegirl.

The group noticed she had light green hair which stopped at the back of her shoulder blades she appeared to be 5'4 though it was hard to tell as she was sitting down in what looked to the group as a throne made of leather. They also noticed the pokegirl had a lot of jewelry which consisted of large earrings, gold bracelets, a silver choker, and of a gold and silver necklaces which disappeared between her CC cup breasts.

The pokegirl lifted on of necklace from between her cleavage before twirling the heart-shaped end. Looking up she noticed her subjects looking at her with adorning love and respect with a smirk she clapped her hands five times and man ran before her then kneeled.

"You are the one I chose to keep watch over everything and make sure my rule was absolute. So how have things been proceeding?" The pokegirl asked in a voice which sounded like heaven to her subjects.

"My lady I'm afraid two outsiders have arrived who aren't willing to serve, a man and a woman both blonde with blue eyes. Please give the order and your loyal subjects will crush these problems." The man spoke with sadness in his voice.

The pokegirl placed her necklace back in its original spot then stood up but not before glancing at the vent where Naruto and girls were.

"I will not give an order to hurt them I'm positive once they see the logic of following me they will do so without fail."

"But my lady don't you remember what happened to your predecessors?"

"Yes and they attempted to force followers into servitude. I allow the decision of whether or not you wish to follow me up to all of you."

Looking up at the pokegirl, the man realized his mistake and immediately placed his forehead on the ground in front of the pokegirl.

"Forgive my queen of course you know of what happened to them."

"You are forgiven your weak and scared. Fear not as I will do my best to lead you so long as you are underneath my RULE!" The pokegirl yelled the last part as two whips appeared in her hands one covered in blue flames the other a normal looking whip.

The pokegirl then flicked her wrist causing the flame covered whip to strike the vent where Naruto, Mio, and Tiffania were. The result of this action caused the metal to burn at such a rapid pace Naruto or the girls could do nothing but simply fall to the floor. Cursing himself for letting his guard down Naruto leapt to his feet ready to do protect Mio and Tiffania only to have an orange whip wrapped around his necks while Tiffania suffered the same fate only with a more normal whip.

Seeing her tamer was in trouble Mio jumped to her feet her armor covering her ready to attack the pokegirl only to find the pokegirls 'subjects' in front of their queen. Mio glanced over to Naruto and Tiffania knowing if she made a move her tamer and his companion would be killed so she reluctantly stood down.

"Well well look at this I wonder what makes you immune to my aura. I know why you are, you're an infernal pokegirl however perhaps the two of you have some type of blood gifts." The pokegirl said while groping one of Tiffania's breasts before moving to Naruto's cock.

As the pokegirl talked, Naruto tried to get out of the grasp of the whip however every time he tried he was hit with a stronger charge of electricity. Noticing her friend was in pain Tiffania yelled out for the pokegirl to stop hurting her friend.

"I know you heard me talking to my subject just now about how I like to allow them to choose to follow me but I just can't stand to see not following me because I know what's best for you." The pokegirl explained as she placed her hands on both Tiffania's cheeks.

The pokegirl moved her face closer to Tiffania's using her unusually strong grip to hold the busty elf in place as her lips were about to touch Tiffania's she felt a dampness spread over her body. Looking to her side she saw her subjects looking at Naruto stunned, however the pokegirl could see nothing but red as she threw Tiffania to the ground she maintained her hold on the whip should had around Tiffania's neck.

Twisting the whip which had Naruto in a certain direction caused the end of the whip to extend and hit Naruto on the bridge of the nose creating a deep gash she then jerked the whip forward force Naruto toward her.

"Well then I was going to take my time with you after I was finished with your friend and your pokegirl. However since you want to go first so bad then I will grant your request." The pokegirl said with a frown.

'Damn I don't know what she's about to do but I'm sure it won't be good for me!' Naruto yelled out in his mind.

As the pokegirl moved to kiss Naruto she was thrown back against the opposite wall as were her subjects who attempted to subdue Naruto. Looking around Mio quickly ran to Naruto's aid only to find him unhurt then repeated the action with Tiffania who was fine accept for a sore throat. Mio quickly moved in front of Naruto ready to protect him while Tiffania noticing the whips grabbed both of them.

In her angered state she ordered her 'subjects' to attack only to have them fall to the floor asleep. Shocked by the development the pokegirl looked around the room in search of what possible could have ruined her plan. Unable to take loosing the pokegirl charged the group forcing, Tiffania to strike her with the orange whip stunning the pokegirl for a moment.

Regaining herself she charged again this time Tiffania struck her with each whip once forcing her to the floor, the pokegirl looking up at Tiffania as though she'd just been struck by a god, stood up again all the while ignoring the three gashes on her body.

"Please don't make me hurt you anymore. Just stop because if you charge us again you'll leave me with no other choice other than to protect my friends." Tiffania warned looking back at Naruto to give her strength.

Unfazed by Tiffania's threat the pokegirl rose more time and began to make way toward the three with greater speed then the first two trips, this earned her multiple lashes from Tiffania whose void power surrounded her to the point it was visible to Mio and Naruto. Finally after multiple strikes the pokegirl was on the ground unable to move from the wounds inflicted by the Tiffania controlled whips.

The group looked down at the pokegirl to find her shivering and mumbling incoherently, seeing what she'd done Tiffania headed toward the pokegirl to see check on her only to be stopped by Mio. Confused as to why Mio stop Tiffania, Naruto took out his pokedex to find out what it was they'd been dealing with.

Killer Queen, the "CALL ME QUEEN!" Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Thankfully)
Diet: Human, heavy on meat
Role: S&M Queen, Military Leader
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Weak Willed, Psychic, Water, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Magic
Attacks: All Whip Attacks, Ensnaring Kiss, Enslaving Kiss, Erotic Kiss, *Regal Aura, Vine Bondage, Probing Pods, Poison Mist, *Spine Grind, Call Me Queen
Enhancements: Enhanced Toughness (x5) Regeneration, Enhanced Kiss/Gaze attacks, Summon Personal Whip
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dominatrix (normal)

"She's dangerous Naruto would you like me to deal with her?" Mio asked the end of her armor transforming into a spear posed to end the life of the Killer Queen.

"Wait she's not necessary evil so maybe we just put her somewhere she can't hurt others." Tiffania said.

The Killer Queen, who was on the floor shocked her own weapons were used against her, slowly began to regain sense of her surroundings. Quickly the Killer Queen jumped to her feet her eyes an intense red, once her eyes returned to normal her subjects attacked Naruto and Mio forcing them outside their sheer numbers overpowering the two leaving only Tiffania and herself in the old building. Tiffania moved to exit after the crowd of people only to have the door slammed from the outside trapping Tiffania with the Killer Queen.

As the Killer Queen approached Tiffania she smirked at the panicking half elf. Deciding to get some payback the Killer Queen picked up the orange whip Tiffania dropped then struck Tiffania on the leg. Tiffania rubbed her leg only to be hit on her chest by the whip, the instant Tiffania moved her hands to her chest the whip wrapped around her legs, happy with her advantage the Killer Queen yanked on the whip pulling Tiffania's legs out from under her causing her to hit her head on the ground.

Tiffania looked up her head throbbing from the way she hit it on the ground. Looking up Tiffania noticed the Killer Queen moving toward her, the odd thing she could have sworn the Killer Queen was adjusting something with her lower region before she reached Tiffania.

"I know you don't understand though you could? Just trust me I promise afterwards you will have a different outlook on life." The Killer Queen said as she pulled Tiffania up.

As Tiffania stared into the eyes of the pokegirl holding her up, she began thinking about Lily and Lala how special they made her feel knowing she was the one person they cared about most in world. Her thoughts then traveled to Naruto her best friend someone she just knew she'd found a kindred spirit in, someone who looked out for her wanting her to succeed in the things she chose to do. It was at that moment Tiffania decided she would no longer be a burden to Naruto or her pokegirls it was time she see showed the people she cared about what Tiffania Westwood could do.

The Killer Queen moved to place her lips against Tiffania only to be stopped by an invisible force. Shocked the Killer Queen tried to grab Tiffania only to realize she couldn't move her arms and was forced to watch powerful black power surround Tiffania, only to be tossed across the room smashing her back against the cement wall. The Killer Queen after a quick test of her arms had her two whips appear in her each hand as she cracked them with a smirk at Tiffania daring the half elf to cross her.

The Killer Queen launched the whip at Tiffania who used her void power to stop the whip inches in front of her face, Tiffania then returned into the Killer Queen with such speed she knew she wouldn't be able to move as the whip hit her in the face. Shaking off her wound the Killer Queen started to use her flaming blue whip only to have it wrapped around her neck while the normal looking whip struck queen with such force in the midsection it ripped her clothes.

Realizing something was wrong the Killer Queen tried to make her escape toward the door, the problem she ran into was the door wouldn't open even after she'd told her subjects to stop blocking it. It was only when she felt the door being tugged on did she realize Tiffania was holding the door closed. However, when she turned back to Tiffania she noticed the blond girl was gone and the only thing in the room with her was a blue vortex which continued to grow in size.

The Killer Queen attempted strike the vortex with her whip only to be swallowed by the vortex as it began to glow gold like Tiffania's hair. Outside everyone could feel the power including Moan who'd just arrived to help Naruto and Mio, as the Killer Queen's subjects tried to get back into the building they were all blinded by the golden light. When it died down Naruto, Moan, and Mio noticed the people of the town looking around confused as to what was happening.

Ignoring them Naruto rushed to the building, when he opened the door he found the Killer Queen hugging Tiffania's ankles. Naruto approached Tiffania slowly unaware if the Killer Queen had down anything to his friend or not this question was answered when Tiffania turned to Naruto, locking eyes with her best friend. Relieved Naruto hugged Tiffania who returned it until the whimpering from the ground took their attention to the Killer Queen who still hadn't let go of Tiffania.

Naruto unsure what to do found himself staring in awe as Tiffania guided the Killer Queen to her feet something he noticed was the Killer Queen wouldn't look Tiffania in the eye.

"So what are we going to do with her Naruto?" Mio asked ready to deal with the Killer Queen.

Naruto started to think of how they could deal with the Killer Queen without having to kill her only Tiffania speak up, "I want her to be my pokegirl."

'Tiffania she almost killed you, Mio and Naruto do you think it's wise to keep her around?' Moan asked.

"Yes she'll be good wont you?"

"Yes I promise just please don't make me leave her." The Killer Queen begged grabbing onto Tiffania's waist.

Naruto looked at Tiffania standing with the Killer Queen and even though he didn't think it was good idea agreeing with Moan, he knew something happened in the building besides the blinding light. Unable to pinpoint what it was, Naruto knew whatever it was made Tiffania a different person, seemingly for the better. After it was decided the Killer Queen was under control, Tiffania balled the Killer Queen officially giving her three pokegirls, once this was done Moan used her powers to teleport the five of them back to the hotel they were staying at after reading Tiffania's mind.

Once back at the hotel, Naruto recalled Mio then asked Moan if he and Tiffania could have some time alone, with a nod Moan left the room through the door. Turning to Tiffania, Naruto took a deep breath as he began his conversation with Tiffania who looked extremely confused.

"Tiffania we need to talk about Lily, Lala, and your Killer Queen. In this world you have a duty of sort to your pokegirls…" Naruto said only to be interrupted by Tiffania.

"I know Naruto, Lily and Lala showed me when you left to fight in the tournament." Tiffania answered her face lighting up red.

Realizing what she meant immediately Naruto smirked as Tiffania's eyes widen at the ammo Naruto now had against her, Tiffania hoped Naruto would have mercy on her only to find no such luck as Naruto started to tease her saying he thought she was acting differently during the tournament.

"The only problem was they did everything I didn't have to do anything." Tiffania continued while the smile on Naruto's face grew only to disappear when Tiffania hit him on the shoulder.

"Okay the only thing I can tell you is do what feels natural." Naruto explained.

Tiffania nodded as the two released their pokegirls while telling Moan to come back, after was settled they directed their pokegirls along with Moan to sit on the large bed, while the two blondes took their place at the foot of the bed. Once everyone settled, Tiffania announced her capture of the Killer Queen she planned to name Helene, the instant this was announced Lala hopped to her feet in shock at what she'd just heard.

"Tiffania do you know how dangerous a Killer Queen can be? J.L. and I once watched a special on them it said they can control the minds of tamers and pokegirls alike." Lily explained while Tiffania simply smiled kindly in return.

"They control the minds of weak minded tamers, with everything, Naruto and I have gone through we are from weak minded. Plus all of you are an extension of me and Naruto if we are strong enough then you are strong enough." Tiffania explained as she grabbed hold of the pokeball holding Helene.

Naruto's Harem

Mio/Night Nurse/Lv: 92

Mikoto/Mooncalf/Lv: 71

Nia/Venuswhore/Lv: 88

Aya/MaryAnn Drew/Lv: 88

Rena/Boobkini/Lv: 61

Tiffania's Harem

Lala/Plot Bunny/Lv: 56

Lily/Garndelfwhor/Lv: 89

Helene/Killer Queen/Lv: 81