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Uzumaki Naruto, aged 4 (or was it 5?) stumbled along the deserted streets of Konoha, his head down and his stomach grumbling. In one hand he carried a sack, within which lay all he possessed, namely a change of pants, clothes, a few broken toys and one set of goggles, which he currently wore around his neck.

The poor lad had just been kicked, literally, out of the Konoha orphanage, the caretaker having had enough of 'cleaning up after your filthy ass', despite the fact there were children that caused ten times as much trouble and were notably louder than he was, namely because they knew HE'D be the one that got the blame.

As it was, the youth was looking for somewhere to camp out for the night, not wanting to have to sleep out in the open…again. Once had been quite enough, and he'd gotten a beating for sleeping on the doorstep of the orphanage, though he was too young to understand the type of image he presented by doing so. The Hokage had NOT been amused, that was for certain.

Shivering, he eyed the multitude of dark alleyways between him and the Ichiraku ramen stand with trepidation. He knew the road there by heart, but it didn't help that the orphanage had been set up in a pretty built up part of town, so the shadows of the buildings always loomed out at you when nighttime fell. 'Coast looks clear.' He noted, shivering slightly as he quickened his pace nonetheless, it didn't pay to drop your guard after all 'Maybe they won't show toni-!'

He froze, eyes widening in terror as he hugged the sack to his chest, his breath hitching in his terrified throat as he gazed at the sight before him, an arm lying between a set of potted plants. It was pale, from the tips of the fingers to the elbow, which was hidden between the plants, an unnatural paleness that didn't belong on anything living. From the way it was positioned, almost deliberately, one could assume it was someone's crude attempt at a practical joke.

That is, if one forgot the fact that the arm hadn't been THERE two minutes ago.

'Keep calm…' Naruto repeated, swallowing nervously as he stepped closer, trying not to breath to loudly as he did so 'It's just lying there…maybe it didn't see me…'

Keeping to the middle of the street, putting equal distance between the hand and the other side, the blond youth tiptoed past the limb, hackles rising in nail biting terror as it seemed to twitch as he drew near, before tearing past it in a mad burst of speed, rounding a corner and collapsing against the fence, gasping for breath as his nerves tingled. 'Didn't…react…' he noted, a sense of relief falling over him as he pulled in breath after blessed breath 'it didn't…see me…after all…'

The sickly sound of a popping wrist silenced those thoughts, the youth turning with horrified eyes to see an identical hand standing not ten feet away, though this one's arm was erect, like someone was sticking an arm out of the ground. Slowly, the joints creaking like rusted hinges, the hand beckoned him closer, the fingers drooping lifelessly towards the ground each time the palm moved.

Naruto ran, ignoring the searing pain in his sides as he pressed on, his sack of belongings clutched tightly to his chest as he willed more speed out of his limbs, his young mind filled only with the thought of reaching Ichiraku Ramen, without fear that the old man would be closed or that the hands would follow him the entire way.

Another pair rose up to meet, him, one nearly catching his ankle as he ran past, striking like a snake despite the clamminess of their skin and their creaking joints. Still more rose up to meet him, cats hissing at him as he ran .past, only to be dragged, yowling, beneath the surface as the ever reaching hands landed on them.

It was at this moment, as he was racing along the fence-line street, that Naruto realized he had no clue where on earth he was. None of the buildings looked familiar, though it was probably the lack of light and the fear clouding his mind, but he was absolutely certain that he hadn't been in this part of town before. He yelped as one of the things lunged out from under his foot, grabbing the sole of his cheap, threadbare sandal and pulling the thing off his foot, sending him crashing head first into the dirt outside an apparently empty lot.

Blinking stars out of his eyes, the blonde turned round, eyes widening in terror as a horde of the things formed a semi-circle around him, like hounds waiting to lunge at a cornered fox. Tears streaming down his cheeks, the youth backtracked slowly, trying to put as much distance between him and the approaching limbs, their clammy fingertips inches away from his shivering frame as his hand slapped against one of the gateposts that led to the lot.

A flash of light blinded him for a second, his body flinching as an eerie, bone freezing chorus of screams filled the air, his eyes cracking open just in time to see the limbs wither away, as if they were being melted, or burned.

Blinking, unable to accept the fact his pursuers had been driven off, for now, the youth slowly gazed up at the gatepost, noting the strange, crescent moon symbols carved into it, before turning to eye the empty lot behind him, eyes widening in surprise.

Where once had sat a rather messy, unoccupied lot, the kind of place one would expect to be filled with garbage, there instead sat a large, stately looking house with a veranda, a decent sized garden lined with Cherry blossoms, and a large koi pond. The same moon motif adorned the walls and windows, even the wind chimes hanging from the archways had the upward pointing crescent.

'Sugoi-!' the youth breathed, looking at the splendor in amazement from the doorway, only to blink as his hand shot forward, as if tugged by some invisible string. He yelped as his feet, moving at a will not his own, promptly marched him down the path, his head tossing and turning fearfully as he tried to call out, the door to the house swinging open to reveal a dark corridor that smelled of expensive wood and incense, the smell near choking him.

'Wha-what's going on?!' he stammered, his eyes wide with terror as he took in the, clearly expensive, décor on the inside. Not that a five year old could comprehend such things, but even a simpleton could tell something cost a lot if it gave off a certain feeling of value. His thoughts trailed off as he came to a halt, finally, outside a paper door with a butterfly design, the scent of incense came from behind it, as did the scent of something decidingly…sweet?

"A visitor?" a calm, almost intrigued sounding voice called out from the other side, startling Naruto at it's suddenness "My-my, and what a visitor it is too…so young, and yet able to find this place when so many have failed."

"Um…I'm sorry for barging in…" Naruto stammered, bowing slightly, albeit clumsily towards the door and the person on the other side, as he'd seen others do when making a mistake "I…my feet just…started moving…I'll just go…"

"Wait…" the calm voice called out, and Naruto felt his legs freeze at that simple word, despite his brains urgings to run "Why don't you come on in? Let me get a good look at you."

Naruto, swallowing nervously and wondering why he hadn't run when he had the chance, reached out with a trembling hand towards the paper doors, only to flinch as they opened at his touch, sliding apart of their own volition to reveal a room filled with scented smoke, a calming aura, and a figure reclining on an elaborate chair at the other end.

The figure was, to say the least, stunning. Pale skin shone in the lantern light, smoke wafting around it from an incense burner that stood near the chair. Long, ebony black locks trailed down it's back as it slowly sat up, the rustling of the silk, Chinese dress it was wearing nearly undetectable. It's face was pretty, as was the smile that rested upon the pale skin, framed by long, neatly groomed black bangs. The only things off about the face were the eyes, one of which was a deep, regal purple, the other a pale, almost electric, Blue.

"I get so few customers these days, I was beginning to lose hope." The figure commented, smiling in a strangely catlike manner, resting its chin on delicate, almost elfin fingers, not that Naruto had any idea what an Elf was "But then here you are, I must admit I never expected to meet one like you here, young man."

"I'm sorry miss…" Naruto stammered, bowing his head repeatedly as the orphanage director had demanded he do for the slughtest offence, missing the quirked eyebrow from the figure at being addressed as such "I didn't mean to! I just looked in and-!"

"There is no reason for you to apologize, young one." The elegant figure assured the panicking child with a light chuckle, those mismatched eyes dancing with catlike mirth "There is a barrier on this place; only those that need to come here can do so."

"Really?" Naruto asked, looking around in amazement at the walls, all of which carried the same strange butterfly motif in various shades of gold, red and orange. In fact, unless he was going crazy, it almost looked like the butterflies were moving along the walls.

"Indeed." His host noted, the amusement in those mismatched eyes putting the young blonde at ease somehow, though the ease at which they did so made him all the more wary "After all, this is a place that caters to a…select clientele."

"This is a shop?" Naruto asked, looking around the expensively decorated room in confusion this time. It certainly didn't look like a shop, at least not like one of the few he'd been to. If anything it looked like that house he'd seen a bunch of white-eyed guys come out of, only not as big.

"Indeed it is young one," the figure before him said with a smile, thin lips curving in a manner that, had Naruto been a teenager, would've made him very uncomfortable downstairs "A very special shop…a place where wishes are granted…for a price."

"Wishes?" Naruto stammered, the startled blonde's eyes flying wide with awe, gaping into the mismatched eyes of his enigmatic host as they twinkled at him, the smoke and smell of the incense wafting through the air, making it hard to focus on anything else.

"Indeed…for a price." The figure in the dress repeated, a coy smile tugging those pale lips, leaning forward with a smile "now then…shall I grant YOUR wish?"

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