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The sun slowly made its way to the horizon and the sky was almost dark red by now. A woman in her late twenties with a baby girl in her arms stood on a porch of what was known as 'Godric's Hollow'. She was one Lillian Potter and the child was her daughter, Robin. Of course it was not a usual name for a girl, but then again, she was not exactly a Potter. Robin Lillian Potter was actually Lily's niece. Her real mother was Lily's elder sister, Maria, who died giving birth to the girl. The infant had very light, almost silver hair and vivid green eyes that sometimes flashed red. Lily sighed. She had no idea how long they had to stay in hiding, since Voldemort knew about the prophecy and would stop at nothing to kill the prophesized child, which was most likely Lily's son, Harry Potter. The two infants were of about the same age, with Robin being a month older, yet they were very different. Robin would stay quiet almost all the time, only crying when she needed to be changed or was hungry, while Harry did all he could to gain everyone's attention to himself. Lily was ripped out of her musings when the wards fell down. The witch ran upstairs into the nursery in search of a port-key for emergency situations, while her husband, James stayed downstairs. The outcome of the fight was obvious at once, but the auror being a true Potter was brave to a fault. He knew he'd have to sacrifice himself in order for his wife and children to be safe. Yet he was unable to stall the heir of Slitherin long enough and when he was killed he only regretted that he couldn't do more.

Upstairs Lily was frantically searching for a way out, yet there was none, she could see some Death Eaters lurking outside and the port-key was nowhere to be found. The red haired woman had to put a silencing charm on the room, because he was wailing too loudly for it to be safe. She glanced at Robin and smiled slightly, the girl was quiet as usual, but somehow the girl seemed serious. She stared at the door and shivered a bit, which meant that she was terrified. Suddenly the door burst open and lord Voldemort strode in. Even Harry stopped wailing, while Robin glared at him. The man whose name was feared in all the Wizarding Britain smirked:

- We meet again, Potter.

- So we do. Now go away, Voldemort.

- There was time when you called me differently.

- You were a different man than, go away, I won't let you harm my children.

- I only need the boy.

- Never. Over my dead body.

- That can be arranged. Avada Kedavra.

There was a flash of light and Lily Potter fell to the floor, dead. As she felt herself dieing, she whispered the words of an ancient chant to protect her son from death by Voldemort's hand, thus setting the prophecy in motion. As soon as she hit the floor, the dark lord stepped around her and cast yet another unforgivable curse at the boy. Thanks to Lily's chant it rebounded, hitting its castor instead. Thus the darkest wizard since Grindewald was reduced to a mere parasite without a body, neither living, nor dead. The boy fell asleep, exhausted since the shield fed from his magic and Robin stared at Lily's body, silent tears running down her face. If only the two knew what fate had in store for them.

When Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore and the rest of the order of Phoenix arrived, they saw a huge Dark Mark in the sky above Godric's Hollow. Fearing the worse, they went into the house. Downstairs were two corpses that were easily identified as James Potter and Bellatrix Lestrange. The group went upstairs, fearing the worst. As they entered the nursery, they found Lily dead in front of Harry's crib. The boy was asleep, he only had a strange cut on his forehead. Remus Lupin, one of the Potters' closest friends went to the other side of the room and picked up Robin. He was shocked to see the girl crying.

- I can't believe it.

- What is it, Remus?

- Robin, she's crying.

- There is nothing unusual with that, besides, we need to focus on Harry, not his squib sister.

- She's not a squib, Albus and you know it. Plus, she's never cried before, of course I'm surprised.

- Right, fine. Now we have to figure out what to do.

- What do you mean? Both of them have their godparents, who will take care of them.

- I'm sorry Remus, but this will not be the case. Obliviate.

With a small smile on his face Albus Dumbledore placed the crib with the young hero on the doorstep of the house where he was definitely unwelcome, though the headmaster could care less. The only thing he had his mind on was making Harry Potter the perfect weapon, the one that would follow his order without question, but for that to be true he would have to make Robin Potter disappear, yet he had no idea how to do that, since everyone was interested in the fate of the Potter heiress and the 'boy-who-lived'. That left him with only one choice – send the girl into a different world to a very old acquaintance of his, father Juliano, an inquisitor from the Solomon organization. It was obvious for him that what he was about to do would most likely kill the girl in the end, but it was not like he actually cared about it.

Petunia Dursley was surprised to find a small child on the doorstep. She was even more surprised when she understood that the child was her nephew and she also wondered why her niece wasn't sent to her as well. She almost wished to have the girl instead, as from what Lily said Robin, Maria's daughter was a squib, or so they thought, Petunia however knew better, she was after all associated with the Solomon at one time.

The only problem she saw was her husband, Vernon, who hated magic in any form of it. Petunia sighed as she picked up the bundle that was her nephew and went back home, hoping that she was making the right choice.

Father Juliano cursed his luck the very moment he saw the headmaster of Hogwarts. He hoped that by some lucky chance the old idiot came to someone else, but alas, luck was not his forte. The old crackpot with an insanely long beard smiled at him fondly.

- Well, it's been some time, Juliano. How have you been, my friend?

- I am no friend of yours, Albus Dumbledore! Get out.

- Oh, father Juliano, must you be this hostile? Or are you still mad for what happened all that time ago?

- As a matter of a fact, yes. Because of you our best hunters were killed.

- As if you give a damn about that. You are like me, all goes if the goal is acquired.

- Don't measure everyone by your standards, Dumbledore. I may have been like that, but that is now in the past. I am a man of God and a member of Solomon, next time we meet I'll kill you.

- You can try to do that, but take this child, will you?

- Who is she?

- Her name is Robin Potter, if you raise her right, she will become an excellent hunter someday, just keep her away from Britain.

- Why should I?

- I just don't want her there.

- Well, since you said she's a squib, then she can stay, I guess.

- Thank you, I won't bother you again.

- I definitely hope so.

With that Albus left, truly believing that he'll never see the Potters' heiress again.

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