Inazuka Senior High was well-known in the Yokoshima district, indeed all of Tokyo, for its weird teachers, violent students, and the fact that the building had somehow managed to withstand almost a hundred years of both in its hallways. Most of the students who went to Inazuka High were there for a reason, be it because of their incredible marital arts skills, great magical powers, or unique appearances.

At first glance, sixteen-year old Yokorisa Mirasha, or Risa as she liked to be called, would appear to have none of these things. At just over five feet, with long, flowing red hair and large green eyes, Risa's beautiful face and figure, honed from years of dance classes and contests, would attract almost any man, even if her often sad, pensive expression would give them pause. Some people might wonder why she was at Inazuka High, rather than any of the more upscale schools that didn't have fights in the hallways every day.

It should be said, though, that Inazuka High was a school not only for martial artists and magic-users, but also for outcasts. The Mirasha family was a clan that had almost pariah status in Japanese society; once a respected noble family, it had lost a tremendous amount of standing after World War II for cooperating with the American occupiers and allowing them to marry into the family. As a result, the family was loathed by most others in Japanese society, especially given that most of them were the same cold-hearted schemers who intrigued against the other prominent families even to this day.

As a result of the family reputation, Risa had been lonely most of her life, with only her dancing as solace from her icy, unloving parents or the mockery and insults of people her own age. As a result, Risa had withdrawn into a defensive shell for a long time-more than one potential friend had turned on her when they found out she was a Mirasha. She had little love for her family history, given how much grief it had caused her, and even less when she saw the disgusting tactics her family had used to ruin their rivals. Risa had always refused to participate in those acts, but her family name made her guilty by association.

Things had, however, begun to change at Inazuka High when Risa had found acceptance with a few people who seemed to enjoy gathering under the same sakura tree she did. Some of them were strange, others weird, but most of them were pretty nice and welcoming, even to her.

(Author's Note: The characters in this version of the story are based on the creations I and several friends created more years ago than I care to remember, in the Battlemaster High roleplaying game. Originally meant to playtest one of the members' original RPG system, Battlemaster High eventually took on a life of its own with characters, situations and stories that all intertwined and developed over the years. I was a regular participant from around 1997-1998 up until 2004, when the series pretty much ended after a couple of reboots and false starts. I wrote this story back in 2006 as a final farewell to Inazuka Senior High and its weird and wonderful characters, and I've decided to put it up online for the first time. I myself created Risa, but the other characters here were created by old friends like Wesley Carscaddon, Jeff Taft, and Rob Pool, the mad creative genius who came up with the idea in the first place. No copyright infringement is intended, I just wanted to offer a final tribute to the crazy days of the late 1990s and early 2000s, back when we were all involved with the Final Fantasy RPG and Inazuka Senior High.)