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She might be the princess - now Queen - of Costaluna, but at heart, she was just a normal girl, who just wanted to make a difference. Sure, she wasn't normal, but then again, who really was? She was different - maybe she'd fit in more if she'd been taught how to? But, there still was that spark that said that she wasn't someone to just blend in, but someone who was so wonderfully unique, that they shoneinstead of simply standing out. She might be a princess, but one would never conclude from the way that she treated others that she was mighty - aloof, even.

She was a true gem, someone who was not easy to come by. Most "princesses" such as her lacked her rare, caring personality - hence, that was why everyone had always known that she'd made a better Queen than most, and why General Kaine had been able to take her crown so easy.

"Princesses do not fight back. They turn the other cheek." She was raised right, unlike most other people in the world, which was why she was so respectable and loved, by most (or all) whom she met. Sure, it had taken some time for Carter to warm up to her, but in the end (once she'd given her a chance), even she'd agreed that Rosie was one of a kind, special, even.

Because that, my dear readers, is what princesses are. Or at least, princesses like Rosie.


A true tomboy at heart, Carter definitely wasn't the princess-y type, or someone who got along well with the later-mentioned group. She was an outdoors, hard-working girl, someone who, although they might not appear special on the outside, was someone who was very special on the inside. If people would give her a chance (instead of jumping to conclusions by what they saw), they'd realize that she was someone who should be treasured instead of shunned. Unfortunately, Chelsea and Brooke were doing a good job at convincing people to dislike her. Why? Well, the answer was very obvious, and very hard for Carter to understand - they were jealous of her.

Sure, Carter hadn't been all that pleasant to Rosie at first - maybe, if Rosie had known her story, then she'd understand why she'd been so standoff-ish at first - but still, in the end, once she'd pushed her feelings away and actually given Rosie a chance, she'd realized that maybe (just maybe, of course), some princesses weren't all that bad. In fact, Carter could honestly say that Rosie was the best friend she'd ever had.

Carter & Rosie

Two complete opposites, from two opposite worlds, had grown into the best of friends - inseparable, even. Sure, they'd had their differences, and butted heads in the beginning, but their friendship was something that no one could break now. One might be a princess - once again, Queen now - of a forgien country, and the other a small-town girl from Louisiana, but together, two different worlds had collided, and they could safely say that they were one in the same.

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