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"This sucks." I mumbled as I was running from a mob of villagers. Their intent was as clear as my sun kiss blonde hair, to hurt me. As I ran ducking behind alleys trying to get away from them. Today was the day that the 4 Hokage passed away giving his life to kill a demon, and today is when the beatings got worse. Praying to Kami-sama that I will make it out in one piece I ran into another alley….. But it was a dead end and I could not run back because the villagers were blockingmy way." Well we finally found you demon spawn." He took out a Katana and started to advance and has he did the whole mob followed him." Please just leave me alone." I yelled in a desperate attempt to stop him. But sadly it fell on deaf ears. He drew closer his and closer and I backed up into the alleys dead end. Next thing I knew he charged and I blacked out.

Drip. Drip…drip

I opened my eyes and found my self in a sewer. Water up to my ankles. Then I heard a voice an ancient and powerful voice," come to me Naruto for there is little time." Having no choice I followed that voice and came upon a small chamber. A figure stood there. Now there are surprises and the once and a life time surprise, this is the once and a life time surprise. For standing there was none other than the first Hokage himself. H e looked just like the history's books said. Long black hair and still in his red body armor. He smiled at me" young one do you know who I am?" I nodded "the first Hokage um aren't you suppose to be dead?" He smiled" indeed I am but Kami-sama who is ever merciful allowed me to be reincarnated. Um I don't understand. You will in due time but first come here." Having no other options I moved forward and he layed a hand on my forehead." I am truly sadden by the sins the village has committed upon you Naruto. But rejoice because I have a gift for you, take off your shirt." I looked at him confuse" um no offense we are alone in a sewer and you are old plus I like girls." He laughed "no you misunderstood me what I meant was there is a mark on your back." Looking at him wearily I took off my shirt slowly. And there was a mark on my back a huge tree with its leaves falling." You are my reincarnation Naruto therefore you have inherited all my abilities and my blood line Mokuton." My jaw just went southward "You mean I can do all the stuff you can do?" He nodded, and then randomly I started to dance "Yea take that Uchias im more bad ass then you. Excuse your language young Naruto. But be weary others will try to harm you for the power you will seek out the third and tell him to give you my scroll." I nodded, "I will". He smiled "then I must get going Kami-sama is expecting me always remember Naruto we are watching you myself and your parents." Before I could ask what he meant he disappeared. I smiled I knew what I had to do.

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