Author's Note:

This is my first time writing much of anything, and oddly I'm a total linguistic-type. I don't know exactly what this story will become, but I know where it starts and have some basic themes in mind. This takes place after "Born to Run" and is going to be Jameron. I plan to make this fic pretty long and to update often; you hopefully won't ever have to wait as long as a week for another chapter. Please feel free to give me some constructive feedback. I'd also consider any plot ideas you have.

John found himself face to face with a miraculous sight. First he looked at an alive Derek, and then at who he knew in his gut must be his father, Kyle. Kyle had a look on his face like he was looking at more than just some random person they had discovered. He felt connected to the kid in front of him. Turning his head, John also noticed a familiar face; the one he came for, but it wasn't her. It wasn't Cameron...It must be 'Allison'.

As she looked up, Allison noticed the look of bliss then disappointment on the person in front of her. John then fell over from shock and dizziness. This scene was a little too much for him.

Waking up hours later, John found himself in a locked room. He would call it an interrogation room, but all that was inside was a stool. He remembered the surprise from earlier and wondered whether anyone would come around. They were probably suspicious; that would explain why the door was locked. He would have to explain a lot to them. He wasn't really sure if telling them the truth was a good idea, since it would be undoubtedly difficult for them to believe. They would probably think he was crazy. He decided he wouldn't spill the whole story, at least not at first.

John thought about his mother. He wondered what she would be doing all the years he skipped over. It was very likely that by now she was dead. He hoped she did something useful with that time. She obviously hadn't stopped Judgment Day, but hopefully she prepared people and helped out with the resistance.

After what seemed like forever, someone came to the door of his prison. It was Allison. He was having trouble seeing such a familiar sight, and he needed to focus his mind on the idea that this girl wasn't his Cameron. John kept his mouth shut and waited for her to walk inside. She handed him a cup of water and looked him over.

After a minute she opened her mouth "Why were you in that tunnel? And how did you get in there?"

John responded "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

She said back "Really? Try me."

John hesitated and decided to just let it out. He was probably screwed for awhile anyway. "Time travel. I'm from 2009. I really doubt Skynet has TDE's yet, so I don't expect you to believe me."

She was surprised at his answer and internally agreed that she didn't believe him, but there wasn't much other of an explanation that would fit. Those tunnels were sealed for over a week. They had just opened them minutes before they found him. She spoke to him again "Right..And what's a TDE?"

He noticed her disbelief and responded anyway "A time machine. Skynet won't invent it for years."

She noticed that for some reason his voice had a reassuring tone to it. It seemed like she should believe him, but surely this was all a load of B.S. She took the cup and left the room, closing the door behind her and locking it.

John sat in silence for an hour or so before someone came back. This time it was Kyle and Allison. Kyle stared at him for a minute, feeling a resemblance with this kid. Allison finally broke the silence with "We'd like to believe you, but you're going to have to give us something better than that. If your story is time travel, then you better expand on it."

After a moment John said "It's the truth. What do you want me to say?" John quickly came up with some logic. "I'm sparkling clean, at least compared to most of you. And I'm not malnourished."

Kyle and Allison looked at each other. He had a point. John then said "Allison...Kyle.." They were surprised that he knew their names. They hadn't ever introduced themselves. He might have heard Kyle's name, but he definitely shouldn't know Allison's. "I didn't plan to be here; it was a quick decision." Still recalling the sudden one up of him knowing their names, they left the room for a moment.

John knew what he had done. He now had a chance with these people.

Kyle walked back in and sat on the stool. In a serious but non-threatening tone he said "Who are you?"

John replied "We're related.". Kyle didn't doubt it...the kid looked a lot like him. The kid's eyes had a level of seriousness that couldn't be lying.

"We'll talk later." Kyle said. He then walked out of the room.

John barely got some sleep. His thoughts drifted to Cameron...the reason he was here. He also wondered where the hell Weaver ran off to.