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Sarah stubbornly got up. She was going to see a doctor. John had insisted that she go, since Cameron thought she was sick. She didn't want to die of cancer, but medical treatment can be difficult when you're a fugitive. She went to tell John that she was leaving.

John and Cameron lay on the lawn in the back yard next to each other, watching clouds.

"This is very challenging for my pattern recognition." Cameron stated.

"I would imagine."

Sarah saw them lying on the ground, much closer to each other than she would like.

"John, what the hell are you doing?" she interrogated him.

"What does it look like, mom? We're looking at the clouds and the sky."

She didn't say anything in response.

Cameron spoke, "After Judgment Day, the atmosphere will be filled with dust. It won't look like it does now for years."

"She's saying that it should be enjoyed while it lasts." John added.

"Alright John, well I'm going to the doctor with Kyle. Derek should be here, watching TV or something."

"Okay mom."

Sarah shook her head and headed back into the house and to the car.

"It's a good thing you came to see us, Ms. Gale," the doctor told her. "The tumor is a little more advanced than we'd like, but it is still treatable. When would you like to start treatment?"

Sarah was disconnected at the news, but she soldiered on. "Anytime." she said.

"Okay Ms Gale. I'll schedule you for next Monday. Is that okay?"


The drive home was depressing. Sarah was silent, and Kyle felt he should say something.

"I'm sure you'll be fine, Sarah." Kyle told her.

Sarah was happy this Kyle tried to make her feel better. She gave him a half smile, and continued to drive in silence.

After awhile she told Kyle, "Cameron told me I died of cancer. The circumstances are a little different, but I don't know if I'll make it."

Ellison came by the house. A brief visit with John Connor informed him where John Henry was, in the basement.

"Mr. Ellison." John Henry said as he saw him, somewhat emphatically.

"Hello John Henry. Miss Weaver told me you wanted to see me?"

"Yes, I wanted to see you. Please sit down. First I would like to speak with you about Miss Weaver."


"I understand that you are somewhat traumatized at her true nature. It is understandable. She has misled you throughout your employment."

"Yes. I suppose that's true."

"She means the best, Mr. Ellison." John Henry told him. "I also want to apologize for keeping her a secret from you. I discovered it shortly after I was given this body."

"It's alright, John Henry. I would have freaked out if I had known it straight up."

"Yes, that is likely. I am sure you are concerned about Savannah as well. I believe Miss Weaver cares for her. We are not heartless, Mr. Ellison, certainly not myself, Miss Weaver, or Cameron."

"Okay, John Henry."

"I consider you my friend, Mr. Ellison. Would you like to play chess?"

Ellison was surprised by all that John Henry had said. "Sure."

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