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Pairings : Ronon/Orla, Cadman/Beckett and Keller/McKay

Setting : Generally set season 5, I have altered it some, Carson Beckett is the CMO, Keller is his assistant. Teyla has never Torren. Cadman is now based on

Atlantis and is a member of Major Lorne's team.

Summary : When some of the women from Atlantis get accidently altered, it's left to Sheppard, Ronon, McKay and Lorne to figure out what's happened and to cope with

the fraught and sometime's amusing aftermath.

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It had been several months since the incident involving the Wraith training device. Life had been mainly quiet, teams had been off world bringing back new discoveries, creating new alliances and in general, life was steadily becoming slightly mundane. At least in the mind of one Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard.

This was partly due to the fact he'd managed to break his leg whilst he and his team had been running back to the Stargate, being chased by natives brandishing knives, pitch forks and generally anything to maim the team with. The reason for their sunny welcome was… Rodney. Okay, the man had not deliberately sat on their God but he had nevertheless, sat on the icon of their God smashing it to pieces and killing its aura or some crap. McKay had still to answer the question of "How come you didn't see the icon?"

Sheppard was bored, his cast was coming off later today and he was determined to get back out, a desk job wasn't his idea of a job. He sort of guessed Beckett would make him do physical therapy before allowing him back off world full time, but, he could at least start to do more and he knew the man who'd help him.

Ronon stared intently at the woman before him brushing her freshly washed and dried hair. He loved her hair. He'd never known hair that soft before, it hung loose to middle of her back, chocolate brown wild curls. His fingers itched to run through it. Orla was off duty for a few days so she was wearing those Earth clothes he liked. At least he liked them on her.

The way the jeans she wore fitted her made him uncomfortable, especially, when she'd dropped the hairbrush on floor causing her to have to bend over. She wore that fitted shirt he was partial to as it emphasized her small waist and full breasts. Ronon groaned and leapt off the bed he'd been lounging on, grabbed Orla and pull her to into his arms. He turned and threw her onto the bed crawling up her to pin her down.

"Ronon," Orla breathlessly shouted, she was still shocked at how quickly the man moved especially considering his size.

Ronon just gave Orla that toothy smile and raised his eyebrow letting her know he was in more than just a playful mood. To prove his point he encircled her wrists above her head in one of his large hands and began kissing her mouth, gently, deeply, their tongues caressing each other. Ronon's right hand slowly moved down Orla's shirt unbuttoning it until it fell open revealing her soft curves. That's when they heard it, the door chime.

"Ignore it," Ronon whispered his voice low and husky.

When the door chimed a third time Ronon snarled and pushed himself upwards and over towards the door. "Don't move," he begged looking at the woman he loved with lust filled eyes. As he palmed the door open he barked, "WHAT!"

Colonel John Sheppard smiled weakly and possibly tempting injury looked at his good friend and murmured, "Bad timing, buddy?"

"What… do you want...? Sheppard," Ronon said through gritted teeth.

"Its okay buddy, I'll see you later… sorry," Sheppard understood that he'd interrupted the couple and his best defense would be to retreat quickly.

"Colonel," Orla called out as she finished buttoning her shirt, much to the annoyance of Ronon who rolled his eyes, put a hand on Orla's shoulder followed by his head.

"Umm, yeah?" the Colonel hesitated.

"What's up? Do you need something?" Orla looked at the Colonel; the man wasn't one to call for nothing.

"Its okay, Orla, I was just… gonna get this thing off my leg, wondered if the big guy wanted to hook up afterwards. Feeling kinda stir crazy," he replied pointing to the cast. "No worries, I'll go and annoy McKay," the Colonel turned away from the door.

"Ronon, go after him, John obviously needs you and I'm supposed to be meeting Laura soon anyway," Orla looked at the man she loved, she'd wanted to go back to bed also, but understood Sheppard had sought Ronon out deliberately.

Ronon appreciated what Orla was saying, but he really wanted to just shut the door and drag her back to bed. Looking into her beautiful face he saw that she'd not let him get away with ignoring his friend.

"Okay, I'm going, damn you Sheppard," the Satedan muttered exasperated. He leant down and kissed the woman who seemed to have the power to always make him do things he didn't want to. As Ronon walked out the door to catch Sheppard he turned back and looked over his shoulder his dreadlocks swinging loose about his shoulders and smiled, "Love you."

"I love you too Ronon," answered an equally frustrated Orla, she'd not tell him but she'd been cursing Sheppard also.

"Sheppard," Ronon bellowed down the corridor watching slightly amused as the civilian and military personnel jumped at the sudden bombing bass voice.

"Hey, it's okay, you should get back," the Colonel was feeling bad at forgetting his friends had finally managed some time off together and he'd come bungling in and ruined the moment.

"It's okay, kinda killed the moment anyway," Ronon bluntly added.

"Ronon, has anyone ever told you that you're a little blunt," Sheppard teased knowing the man was not noted for diplomacy.

"Once, yeah," Ronon grinned at Sheppard realizing the Colonel was teasing rather than actually having taken offense.

"Did you kill 'em?" Sheppard chuckled then winced as he jarred his foot.

Ronon turned to Sheppard, raised his eyebrow and with an oddly hurt expression stated clearly, "I'd never raise my hand to Orla, ever,"

Sheppard was stunned, "Sorry, didn't know it was Orla. I know you'd never hurt her..."

They carried on until they finally reached the Infirmary. Dr. Carson Beckett took the Colonel into an examination room and told him to wait he'd be back to remove the cast. As he exited the room he approached Ronon, "Its okay lad, he'll be fine. It's easier to saw a cast off in there than on a soft bed," Beckett informed Ronon as he walked on toward the equipment he'd need.

Finally after what seemed to Ronon like hours Sheppard appeared minus his leg cast.

"Now, remember, Colonel. You're to have full physical therapy before I'll sign yer back onto full duties. You can do some light duties, paperwork etc," Carson was reminding the Colonel watching him wince at the mention of paperwork.

"Okay, Doc. Can I still go if Ronon says yes?" Sheppard hoped the Doc had finally decided yes.

"Only if Ronon says aye, then yes you can go. I'm serious though Colonel no bloody great adventures," Beckett wearily gave in.

Sheppard grinned looked up at Ronon saying, "Come on, Chewy, let's get out of here."

As they walked Sheppard limped slightly his leg whilst healed from the break had suffered muscle damage not to mention stamina.

"So, what've you got me into Sheppard?" the ex-Runner looked at his friend hoping he wasn't going to regret it.

"Well, the women are having some party, Katie Brown's birthday I think yeah?" Sheppard looked for acknowledgement from the big man. "Orla will be there and Teyla," he continued as Ronon nodded once more. "Cool, so I thought us guys would have a bit of a night of it. Dunno how you've managed it in the past buddy, but not having gone off world for weeks has me going crazy. So, I asked Beckett if you said yes, then could we go to the mainland overnight just a night under the stars, some fresh air. What do you say? I'd ask Rodney but I don't think he'd come," Sheppard was pretty sure the man would say yes, he preferred being outdoors and Orla was busy.

"Okay, why not, need to sort some stuff first, want to find Orla let her know but yeah be good," Ronon smiled at his friend finally realizing why he'd called him.

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