Ronon knew Orla would be with Lieutenant Laura Cadman, the women had become good friends, he chuckled at the unlikely duo. Cadman was Marine, a bomb specialist at that, and Orla, his small sexy scientist that wouldn't hurt a fly. Ronon was resigned to the fact that every time he'd tried to teach Orla self defense she completely and utterly distracted him. In fact the only thing he'd ended up teaching her was that she could disarm him of any weapon once kissing him on the gym mats. Cadman and Teyla had taken over teaching her, she was never going to be anywhere as good as them, but if it gave her the edge to escape or simply to survive, then he was happy.

Ronon palmed the chime of Cadman's door hearing the women laughing inside. What those women constantly found funny was beyond him but it made him smile to hear their voices.

"Hello," Cadman looked up into the Satedan's face, "You know I rented her for the afternoon," she giggled watching his eyes roll but there was a smile on his face. They were becoming friends too, it was difficult, he wasn't exactly an open book but for Orla she tried and what's more, she was sure he was trying also. Laura backed away from the door letting him enter her quarters, it still surprised her how much space he took up just … standing.

"Ronon, is everything okay? Is Sheppard alright?" Orla was standing near the entrance aware of who Laura was teasing.

Ronon walked over to Orla and took her small hands into his before gathering her into his arms. "Everything's okay, Sheppard wants to go to the mainland for the night, he's getting a bit stir crazy, but Beckett won't let him unless I'm there. I thought as you were going to be partying I'd go and keep Sheppard company, you mind?" Ronon was certain she wouldn't but didn't want her to feel he was taking her for granted.

"No of course not, besides I think you'll enjoy it, it'll stop you asking me to go and lie down with bugs," Orla teased.

"Do you and Laura want to get some food, I thought I'd get an early lunch then I'd persuade McKay to come along. I know you two were spending time together but I'll be gone soon," Ronon hoped he sounded fair, in truth he wasn't bothered if Cadman minded or not but he appreciated whether Orla did and he didn't want her mad at him.

"Sounds good to me," Cadman answered.

"Yeah, that'll be good," Orla smiled.

A short while later the three of them sat eating their food in the mess hall, Orla looked at Ronon, "Didn't Sheppard want any food?" she quizzed.

"Said he wasn't hungry," Ronon shrugged, though guessing his friend had wanted to give him a little time with Orla.

The chair next to Cadman scrapped back and a tray was unceremoniously dropped onto the table before the figure of Dr. Rodney McKay sat down with his usual "why me" manner.

"Cadman why are you here again? Everywhere I look you're there," McKay whined as he attacked his food.

"That's because I'm stalking you McKay," Cadman hit back at the scientist.

"You are?" Rodney nervously stuttered, dropping his fork onto the tray.

"No, Rodney, I'm not. Besides, you sat with us remember?" Laura chortled going back to her food.

"McKay, after this get a bag packed, we're going with Sheppard overnight to the mainland. No arguments, McKay, Sheppard needs this time, what did you call it Orla?" Ronon looked to his side not remembering the term she'd used to describe their trip.

"Male bonding," Orla replied.

"Well, you can count me out, I don't do male bonding, camping or any outdoorsy things if I can help it," Rodney snorted.

"Not an option, McKay. Sheppard needs to go outdoors and needs his friends. You can bring that computer if you have to," Ronon brook no argument.

"What bit of I can't, are you unable to understand?" Rodney jutted out his chin as if to emphasize his point.

"MCKAY! Do you really want to argue with me?" Ronon glared putting his point forward.

"I'm supposed to be running a diagnostic on one of the new finds we have, it looks Ancient by design but we don't know what it's purpose is, Major Teldy found it on MX-773M, it may be important," Rodney tried to get Ronon to see his point of view.

"Only be gone one night McKay, get Zelenka to run the test and you can check the results in the morning," Ronon was trying to stay patient with the man, Sheppard would drop everything if Rodney needed him and he was damned if the scientist was going to dismiss the Colonel's needs so lightly.

"Fine, but you better make sure nothing eats me, nothing citrus is packed and more importantly… I get to sleep in the jumper. I have allergies and I hate bugs," McKay finally conceded looking at the man who'd taken nothing short of yes as an answer. Since when did the Neanderthal start making sense?

"What time at the jumper bay?" McKay sighed rising from his seat already his food history. The man sometimes ate as though the food was going to be taken from his hands any minute.

"As its summer, light last longer say… four o'clock," Ronon smiled at the slumped shoulders of one Dr. McKay. "You never know McKay, you might enjoy it," Ronon smirked.

With that Rodney McKay stormed back to his lab about to take his frustration at being manipulated by Ronon out on Zelenka.

"Better go pack a bag, I guess," Ronon looked at Orla hoping she'd follow him to their quarters he wanted a little time alone.

"Orla, when the big guy and the Colonel are gone, I'll be in my quarters," Cadman explained aware Orla would want to say good bye to Ronon, even, if it was only one night.

"Thanks, Laura," Orla appreciated her friends tact; she'd wanted to spend some time with Ronon before he left.

"Well, one good thing I guess, I get the whole bed tonight," she laughed as Ronon snorted and shook his head at her comment.

"Little one, you always get the whole bed," Ronon chuckled thinking of the times the woman at his side had managed to almost push him out of bed.

Back at their quarters it took Ronon less than ten minutes to pack his bag. Finished, he turned to face Orla and walked back over to the bed she sat on.

"Now, little one, where were we?" Ronon breathed heavily into Orla's hair, capturing her in one arm pushing her back onto the bed. He lowered himself onto her pinning her with his body kissing her mouth as he dragged his hands through her hair. Orla groaned at her lover's touch, and moved her hands underneath his shirt stroking and teasing the muscles of his back. She'd tried to remove his shirt but he didn't seem to want to stop loving her neck. Suddenly Ronon moved away from Orla and pulled his shirt off dropping it onto the floor in one swift movement. Ronon looked at Orla with a feral grin, "Can you sew?"

Orla looked confused, what did he want sewn and right now? She nodded.

Ronon grabbed her shirt and ripped it open scattering buttons everywhere, his green eyes dilated with arousal never leaving her face. Ronon lowered himself back onto Orla and resumed his licking, biting and nuzzling.

Ronon and Orla walked into the jumper bay to find Colonel Sheppard waiting eagerly.

"Hey guys," Sheppard welcomed them, turning to Orla he grinned "I'll try to bring the big guy back in the same state he's leaving in." earning a snort of derision from the giant Satedan.

Orla laughed, she clasped Sheppard's arm and promptly said, "Colonel, just try to stay out of harms way, okay?"

"McKay's coming Sheppard," Ronon added watching the look of surprise followed by a smile on the Colonel's face.

"How'd you get him to come?" Sheppard asked in amused awe.

"Told him he was coming and did he really want to argue about it. He didn't," Ronon simply explained.

As if on cue, Dr. Rodney McKay entered the jumper bay carrying a huge rucksack. Ronon turned to the scientist and grabbed his pack, "McKay, what you got in here?"

"Nothing you ungrateful un-evolved…," McKay sputtered at the ex-Runner trying to get his pack back. All the managed was to get the Satedan to raise an eyebrow with a look of, "oh yeah?"

"Ronon, give Rodney his pack back, does it matter what he has in it? You're only going overnight so just play nice," Orla demanded from the man at her side. She watched as he shoved the pack back at McKay.

"McKay, come help get the jumper sorted," Sheppard demanded grabbing at the man's TAC vest.

"Sheppard, sort the jumper out yourself, get off me," cried McKay.

"McKay, move it, give Orla and Ronon some privacy," the Colonel snapped.

Ronon pulled Orla into his embrace and bent to kiss her firmly. "Have fun, little one, but watch Laura. She's mischievous, especially when you're around. Don't drink too much, I want an early night tomorrow, just you and me," Ronon rumbled in a low husky tone.

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