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The wind was taking its time to clear the smoke. Or Orochimaru was trying to keep himself hidden. Either way, Tsunade was getting bored and wanted this sped up.

She was mentally going through Orochimaru's repertoire of jutsu when she heard a faint laughter behind her. Remembering that she wasn't alone, she turned back to gaze upon Shizune's stupefied facial expression. Shizune looked like she had just seen a shinigami offer her candy. (Remember kids: Never take candy from strangers. Though it is said that strangers have the best candy...)

Tsunade chuckled at her apprentice/best friend's expression. "Cool, huh?"

Shizune looked up at Tsunade, beaming. "Tsunade-sama, what was that?"

Tsunade chuckled. The jutsu was A-rank, but only because it needed so much chakra, and it was a little volatile. "Bunshin Daibakuha no jutsu." (Exploding Shadow Clone)

Shaking her head, Shizune got up to stand besides her master, teacher, and lifelong friend, Orochimaru slithered out of the smoke, his clothing torn in various places. Tsunade smirked as she got a good look at his face. She couldn't remember the last time Orochimaru showed such a vivid facial expression. He was seething in anger. She was seething in mirth.

"Tsunade-hime. I was serious about having my arms healed. I never threatened you or anyone close to you to have it done. I did nothing that would have gave you cause to deny my request. I was, as you put it during our years in Konoha, "honest and loyal". For one with the history you have, who praised those who were honest and loyal, those who never told a lie, those who never turned on a comrade...for this to happen...from you of all people..."

Orochimaru paused and took a deep breath. Tsunade was unnerved. Orochimaru was never this emotional. Something was wrong.

Recollecting himself, the snake sannin chuckled. He looked at the sky, then the fields around him, then at Tsunade. He gave her a small smile that reminded her of years long past, when she was a squeaky little fangirl of the genius of her class.

That smile quickly turned into a vicious snarl as Orochimaru let loose his desire to kill. Tsunade and Shizune were not ready for the sudden change in his demeanor and flinched, momentarily caught off guard. Realizing this, Orochimaru seized his advantage and prepared to make the first strike. As he charged at her, he got the final word in, laughing while doing so.

"What utter hypocrisy, you self-serving whore!"

Kabuto blinked. It was time.

The words had shocked Tsunade into a momentary standstill, very similar to how she reacts to blood. Orochimaru drew Kusanagi from...wherever he keeps it...and lunged for Tsunade's heart.

When he was within ten steps of her, she looked at his face, her eyes on his. Orochimaru broke out into a bigger smile while Tsunade simply looked back at the ground.

Five steps from her, Orochimaru inwardly chuckled at how easy this was.

Four steps from her, he wondered if she had set up another trap.

Three steps from her, he decided she hadn't. Kabuto wasn't moving.

Two steps from her, he briefly sensed someone move from Tsunade's right, but he disregarded it as irrelevant. His eyes were entirely focused on Tsunade's chest and the blood that would spurt from it not even ten seconds from now. Looking at how voluminous her chest was, he thought of his teammate Jiraiya, and how the buffoon would attempt revenge not because he killed Tsunade, but because he killed Tsunade's breasts. Such an idiot...

One step from her, he noticed that she closed her eyes. She knew she was going to die. She had resigned herself to it. There was nothing she could do. Orochimaru felt a level of ecstasy higher than what he felt after watching Sarutobi die. This time he was going to deliver the killing blow, and watch the life ebb out of her eyes.

Standing right in front of her, Orochimaru leveled his head with hers and proceeded to decapitate her. He'd leave the breasts intact for Jiraiya's sake. Maybe the idiot wouldn't be as inspired in his revenge. 'Or he might not even try to avenge her if he has her breasts,' Orochimaru jokingly thought.

Finishing the backswing, Orochimaru went for the kill. He closed his eyes, wanting to experience her skin give way to his blade and the sound of her head falling on the ground to the fullest. After all, it's said that closing your eyes improves the other senses.

So it was a slight shock to him that he felt...nothing.

Opening his eyes, he saw his blade centimeters from Tsunade's neck. Angry, he tried to just kill her, his senses be damned. But his body would not move. Orochimaru stopped his attempts to kill Tsunade briefly to test something.

He willed his body to move, and it did not.

Where other men might have freaked, or lost their cool, Orochimaru did not. He was a genius after all. He quickly went through what could have triggered this paralysis.

A genjutsu is the most probable to have caused this. And yet... Orochimaru mentally shook his head. No, I would have seen it coming, and if not, I would have felt the chakra release at the very least. The next highest possibility is...poison...

Orochimaru looked down as far as his eyes would allow, and saw many senbon sticking out from his arms, just below the shoulder.

He couldn't remember for the love of Kami-sama when he was hit, or even what hit him. As he went through his memories, a young woman in a black kimono stepped into his line of sight.

Orochimaru snarled. He could still make facial expressions. So it was Tsunade's little bitch that did this to me. "Heh," Orochimaru chuckled. The wench's chakra levels are so pathetically small that I couldn't even detect her moving.

Still. He had to give her credit. She won this round. Orochimaru sighed. Tsunade's death, it would seem, would have to wait just a bit longer.

Shizune glared back at the snake sannin. Inwardly, she was breathing a huge sigh of relief. She had made it just in time. She was also pleased with herself. Not many people can subdue Orochimaru.

Shizune saw Orochimaru trying to move his body to no avail. She smirked. His frustration brought her joy.

Her master's pain brought her anger.

Something was amiss.

Shizune looked for signs of poisoning on Tsunade's body. To her frustration, she found nothing. As Shizune mulled over what else could have affected her master...

"Ah-choo!" Kabuto sneezed. Oh crap...

To sneeze forces the body to close the eyes. When Kabuto did so, his concentration broke on the jutsu he was performing. He could recover the jutsu with hardly any effort, but someone with high chakra control would know what was going on. He hoped the girl traveling with Tsunade was not highly talented in genjutsu. He looked at her to see if she had noticed.

Upon doing so, Kabuto was surprised. The girl-no, woman, was much more pleasing to his eyes than what he remembered. It had to be the slight look of desperation on her face. But yes, she was quite the looker. He gave her entire body a quick glance. He unconsciously licked his lips. What he saw pleased him.

Shizune's head turned quickly as she detected a faint pulse of chakra. The chakra was thin, so thin that she wouldn't have found it even if she were looking for it. But she knew where it was, and its path was obvious. She traced it back to her master to discover the traces of a jutsu. The chakra signature was synonymous with...

Shizune blinked.


Her master was caught in a genjutsu. Shizune mental facepalmed. That explained everything. Orochimaru's words, while harsh and completely untrue, should not have had the effect that they did. She proceeded to release Tsunade from the genjutsu when Orochimaru called out to her.

"You...bitch. What did you do to me. How did you hit me without having me notice."

Shizune's replied with a smile. Brilliant as he was, Orochimaru was, for lack of a better word, an idiot in everything outside ninjutsu. However, she figured he would have a better knowledge of the human anatomy (the man was trying to become immortal).

"I threw my senbon right below your shoulders, on the lowest part of the deltoid muscle. You didn't feel the attack, because that section of your arm was sealed off by Sandaime-sama, and the nerve cells were dead. However, blood still flows to the arm, and the poison on the senbon tips quickly spread throughout your body, paralyzing you almost instantaneously," Shizune finished with a flourish.

Orochimaru smiled. He had already discovered much about this poison. It is more for capturing purposes, as it did not paralyze his vital organs. It basically restricted all dimensions of motion, nothing else.

Orochimaru blinked. There was no way the girl overlooked this. He tried to mold chakra. He found that he could. Orochimaru chuckled. The poison didn't paralyze the chakra system, a basic necessity of all poisons. Foolish girl...

Shizune felt a shiver course through her. "What do you have to laugh about?" She asked Orochimaru.

Orochimaru had already set up his escape, and was going to, but then the girl opened her mouth. He decided to humor her.

"Well, Shizune-chan," Shizune flinched. "You're not really trying to capture me...are you?"

Shizune recoiled as she knew he had seen through her poison. Before she could react, Orochimaru melted into a puddle of mud. Shizune knew her advantage was gone. She turned to look at Tsunade. Tsunade still stared blankly where 'Orochimaru' stood.

Shizune jumped back, put a hand on the back of Tsunade's head, and yelled, "KAI!"

Kabuto sighed. The game was up. However, he found himself pleased that she had discovered his error. This proved her to be intelligent, and not a stupid ditz or even worse, (Kabuto gulped), a fangirl.

He canceled his jutsu, and proceeded to make his way to his master. While doing so, Kabuto noticed his hands were trembling. He smiled. He would not be made to wait much longer to have his hands on her body.

The life came back to Tsunade's eyes as she looked around for who just yelled. Tsunade was only looking right in front of her, and it didn't dawn on her to look behind her.

Shizune laughed at her master's confusion and softly tapped her shoulder to let her know who it was.

Tsunade flinched and did a quick 180, ready to strike, when she noticed it was Shizune.

Shizune chuckled as she softly said, "Welcome back, Tsunade-sama."

Tsunade relaxed a little, but was still confused. There were some gaps in her memory that she couldn't account for. In fact, she couldn't recall anything after Orochimaru charged at her. She tensed up. Orochimaru. Where is that snake?

Shizune, noticing Tsunade's tension, quickly let her know what happened to her. "It was a genjutsu, Tsunade-sama. I-"

The ground exploded from beneath them as Orochimaru shot out of the earth like a missile and stabbed Tsunade in the shoulder. He proceeded to cut his way through her body when Tsunade jumped backwards, freeing herself.

Shizune watched the entire exchange in shock. The exchange occurred too quickly, and she had completely forgotten about Orochimaru after Tsunade was released from the genjutsu. A genin-level mistake, to forget about your opponent in the midst of a fight, but Shizune was more of a healer, and had very little front line combat experience.

Tsunade wrapped Shizune with her right arm and jumped back several times. After putting a good fifty meters between herself and Orochimaru, she chanced a glance back. Orochimaru wasn't even looking at her; he was looking the other way. She realized that he was looking at his underling, the glasses kid, run towards him. Good. This'll give me enough time to heal and plan something out.

Tsunade knew that the wound would require quite a bit of chakra to heal. She figured that she would need everything she had against Orochimaru, and Shizune wasn't much of a melee fighter.

A match made in heaven.

"Shizune, heal my shoulder for me," Tsunade ordered.

Her mind back together, Shizune quickly did as ordered and performed the shosenjutsu on her master's shoulder. The wound was quickly closing. Shizune noticed with a sigh that Tsunade would not look at the blood flowing out of her shoulder.

Tsunade wasn't looking elsewhere for that reason, however. She just saw the glasses kid meet up with Orochimaru, and prepare a chakra scalpel. That was a good and bad thing. It meant the kid was a medic, so he had high chakra control and a high understanding of the vital points of the human body. It also meant that Shizune would be a match for him.

She saw the kid perform what was most likely an anti-toxin jutsu. She saw to her regret Orochimaru breaking free of his paralysis. He must have attacked her with another stupid mud clone.

Kabuto was done in no time. The poison, while potent, was far from lethal and far too slow acting.

Shizune finished healing Tsunade's shoulder as Orochimaru readied Kusanagi once more and charged at them. Kabuto followed closely behind, chakra scalpel at the ready.

Standing up, Tsunade removed her green jacket and threw it over her shoulder. The jacket floated harmlessly on to the ground. As it landed, the sleeves crossed over the middle, covering up the 'sucker' on the back.

Drawing a large amount of chakra to her right hand, she got into a defensive stance and addressed her student.

"Shizune. Take the four-eyes. I have a snake to hunt."

Sunlight fell on Naruto's eyes, waking him from his peaceful sleep. Groaning, he pulled himself into an upright position to find himself on a bed.

He did not remember falling asleep on a bed, let alone getting back to the inn. The last thing he remembered was making a huge breakthrough in the rasengan. He couldn't duplicate the rasengan ero-sennin could make, and he still needed a kage bunshin to create it, but he had managed to create something that was definitely battle ready and was easy to make.

But for the life of him he could not remember how he got back to the inn.

Curiosity soon turned into frustration. Naruto began stomping the ground before sitting Indian style on the bed in the classic thinking pose before headbutting the wall. When these three failed, he tried to fit his hand into his mouth because Sasuke told him doing so would greatly increase his intelligence and memory.

Naruto found that his hand was a lot bigger than his mouth. Try as he might, the accursed hand would not fit in his supposedly big mouth. The Sasuke Fangirl Association (SFA for short) had told him many times to shut his big mouth.

So if his mouth was big, why wouldn't his hand fit? Or was it that he was doomed to be dumb forever?

Or, Naruto decided, it was just that he had really big hands.

Sasuke could probably do it because his hands were so puny. Hehehe...

Naruto couldn't hold back a grin. He remembered what ero-sennin said hand size being proportional to a certain other part of a male body. However, this meant that guys with big...you know, are, well, stupid.

Set to prove this wrong, Naruto became more determined than ever to fit his hand into his mouth. before his face became a visage of pain.

His jaw hath cramped.

Howling in pain, Naruto began jumping around the room again furiously trying to knock his jaw back into place, his attempts at improving his cranial abilities forgotten. Tightly shutting his eyes in an attempt to reduce the pain, Naruto lost sight of where he was jumping around. He knocked over a lamp that got tangled up in the curtains, consequently getting redirected and landing viciously on a small round dining table before rolling off it and landing with a loud 'THUD' in front of a chair, which triggered a loud 'SQUEAL' sound.

Now everything made sense except for the 'squeal'. Naruto finally got his face back together and looked for what made the abnormal sound. He laid down on the ground to see what was under the chair when Tonton came running out from under it.

Getting up into a sitting position, Naruto picked up Tonton and put her on his lap before beginning to wonder how Tonton got here. This one wasn't as hard to figure out as how he got here. It was either baa-chan or Shizune-chan, and he was around only one of them before mysteriously finding himself here.


Shizune had probably carried him back to his room. Naruto felt a warmth spread throughout his body from his chest after visualizing Shizune carrying him from the training field to the inn, taking him up to his room, and tucking him in for the night.

Then his thoughts strayed to what happened yesterday.

He smiled as he remembered the afternoon he shared with her. She had helped him enormously by teaching him the basic theories of chakra control, and provided moral support by simply being there. She was also the one who provided him with the brilliant idea of learning how to make a large rasengan and working his way down. No doubt about it, Shizune was a genius. I mean who else would have thought of that?

Then he remembered the hug he gave her as thanks for everything she did, and how she hugged him back. He leaned back, closed his eyes, and smiled. That memory was definitely one he'd keep for all time. He remembered how warm the hug was, and how he just felt so safe with her, and how even with all the crap that was going on in his life, for that one moment, he forgot all of it, and focused only on her. He remembered hugging her tighter and tighter, because he wanted to do more, to really show her how thankful he was.

Looking up at the clock, Naruto saw that it was getting to be late in the morning. He sighed out in displeasure; he would have enjoyed reliving that memory for a couple more minutes. At the very least.

Cradling Tonton exactly like he remembered Shizune doing so, Naruto proceeded to leave his room. When he got to the door, he took a look back. The room looked like a S-rank fuuton jutsu was used on it. The curtains were torn up, the bedsheets were on the ground, both lamps in the room were broken, and the lampshade on one of them looked like it went through hell and back.

Naruto sighed as he fished around in his pocket for Gama-chan. He'd have to leave a sizable tip to please the maids to clean this one up.

Entering the lobby, Naruto was immediately called for by Jiraiya, who was enjoying a cup of tea at a table. Naruto began to walk over to him, when he noticed the table was empty except for that cup of tea. This made Naruto frown. And angry. That ero-sennin better have some ramen.

Arriving at the table, Naruto set Tonton down on the ground. Naruto noticed that ero-sennin had remembered to get Tonton's breakfast, as there was a bowl of pig feed or whatever it is pigs eat for breakfast on the ground.

This further angered the young blond Jinchuuriki, and he let the idiot ero-sennin know it.

"Oi, ero-sennin. You remember to get breakfast for baa-chan's pig, but you forget me?" Naruto not so quietly asked the toad sennin. "Honestly, come on. What the hell?"

Jiraiya didn't miss a beat. To be honest, he was sort of disappointed in Naruto.

"Naruto. Smell the table."

Naruto was confused, but decided to humor his ero-sennin, and so he did. He could smell miso ramen, but when he looked at the table, it wasn't there. Realizing this was a test, Naruto put his hands together and said, "KAI!" The genjutsu that shrouded his miso ramen was dissipated and Naruto happily dug in.

Jiraiya wanted a lesson learned out of all this, and knew the best way to teach it.

"Naruto. Next time I do this, I expect you to recognize the genjutsu and remove it without my prompting for you to do so. If you don't, I'll eat your miso ramen in front of you. Understand?"

Naruto hurriedly nodded, which was a mistake to do with all the food in his mouth. He began choking, eliciting laughs from Jiraiya, who hit Naruto in the back a couple of times.

Three minutes passed by with Naruto indulging himself, and Jiraiya growing impatient to Tsunade's tardiness.

"Ugh, although Tsunade was never a morning person, for her to be this late is something else. Especially with Shizune rooming with her. Where is that no good, big-breasted, blond haired crappy gambler?" Jiraiya asked Naruto.

Naruto was confused. "How should I know?" He just finished his ramen and was in good spirits, only to have ero-sennin bring him down again.

Jiraiya sighed, and leaned back in his chair, deciding that there was nothing he could do but wait. He didn't have to wait ten seconds before a man walked over to them asking a question.

"Excuse me sir. Are you looking for two women; one of them a blond with long hair and the other a girl with short black hair?"

Both Jiraiya and Naruto turned to look at the source of the voice. The innkeeper had walked by them and overheard their conversation.

Jiraiya nodded, though something bothered him. They were waiting for Tsunade and Shizune, not looking for them. They were looking for them a week ago.

As it was, the innkeeper seemed to have some idea of where they were, if they went somewhere. And Jiraiya knew from years of experience to not fret about something that may or may not be a problem.

"Yes, we are. Do you know where they went?"

The innkeeper nodded. He wouldn't have remembered at all if what the blond said wasn't so odd.

"She said something about talking to a snake..."

Jiraiya paled.

Orochimaru could not contain his mirth and laughed merrily each time he cut into Tsunade's body.

"Ku ku ku, Tsunade-hime. It would seem age has begun to slow you down," he taunted as he slashed at her neck. Tsunade ducked to avoid the attack, but she ducked with too much power, and could not change her momentum quickly enough to jump out of the way as Orochimaru lazily swung his neck around and slashed her calf muscles.

Grimacing in pain, the slug princess quickly healed herself before jumping backwards into the air and performing hand signs for a katon jutsu. However, she was interrupted by Shizune's body, as Kabuto threw Shizune into her.

Both women fell into a heap on the ground. Tsunade recovered quickly and saw Orochimaru smiling down at her. She then looked at Shizune.

Tsunade couldn't keep the anger out of her face, delighting Orochimaru. Her student's face was cut in several places, and her clothing was cut up. Tsunade's eyes narrowed. The glasses freak was obviously toying with Shizune, as her right breast was exposed. The clothing that was over it was cut off in a perfect circle.

Tsunade next looked up at Kabuto. He had fallen in line behind Orochimaru with nary a scratch on him. Both snake sannin and his apprentice were slowly walking towards her, each one sporting a mocking smile.

For the first time in a long time, Tsunade felt fear. Not for herself, but for her student. Her student was tired, severely wounded, and had become a liability in the fighting. Not only that, her student was outclassed. Heavily. She was losing as it was to Orochimaru one on one. Now it was two on one, and she also had to make sure Shizune was alright. What to do...

"Naruto, how much farther do we need to go!" asked a desperate toad sennin.

"Not much farther now, ero-sennin. We just need to get out of this forest and we'll see them," replied an equally desperate blond brat. Both shinobi were terrified at the thought of the two women going up against Orochimaru. Jiraiya knew Orochimaru could handle Tsunade and Shizune easily on his own.

As it was, the time for laziness and jokes was gone. The innkeeper had said Tsunade and Shizune had gone to the fields to the east. Naruto said that the fields were where he trained last night, and that he knew how to get there. What bothered Jiraiya was that Naruto said it took him a little over an hour to get there, and if they got to the fields in an hour, Tsunade and Shizune were dead. Or worse.

Jiraiya heard branch snap behind him. He looked back to see Naruto falling back farther and farther. He smiled. He had set a brisk pace from the start, even for a ninja. Then about every minute or so, he increased his speed by a set amount. Naruto managed to keep up with him for the first four minutes, which put his maximum speed at mid to high chunin level, very impressive for a genin who hadn't even reached one year of service yet.

However, the upcoming battle was not going to be chunin level. It wasn't even jounin level. Normally Jiraiya would have kept anyone below jounin from coming with him to face Orochimaru, but Naruto was a wildcard with the Kyuubi inside of him, and he knew he would have accomplished more arguing with a tree than arguing with Naruto about staying behind.

Still, whatever Naruto might accomplish in the next hour would be greatly reduced if the brat was exhausted by the time they got there. And they needed to not be there soon, but be there now.

"Naruto!" Jiraiya exclaimed.

A panting Naruto managed a reply back, "What do you want...ero...sennnnnin." Jiraiya frowned. This would not do.

Jiraiya came to a stop on a particularly large branch. Naruto caught up about ten seconds after, and immediately after doing so, put both hands on his knees and bent down, struggling to catch his breath.

"Naruto," Jiraiya began. "Don't take this as an insult, but we're moving too slowly."

Naruto looked up incredulously. No way they were moving too slowly. He was going all out to get to baa-chan and Shizune-chan as fast as he could. Then, when what passed as deductive reasoning abilities began to start in Naruto's head, he realized the ero-sennin was right.

Ero-sennin wasn't tired at all. Here he was out of breath and bent over, while ero-sennin looked like he had just taken a light stroll around the park.

Naruto was willing to admit it to himself, but to admit it to ero-sennin was a very difficult pill to swallow. However, his desire to reach Shizune-chan beat down his pride.

"Okay ero-sennin, we're moving too slowly," Naruto said without panting, having caught his breath. "What can we do about it though? I can't move faster than that, and that tires me out too much. I'd be useless when we do get to Shizune-chan."

Jiraiya stared at Naruto. No way did the brat just acknowledge his own shortcomings and be reasonable. Reasonable. The thought was so absurd that Jiraiya shook his head and broke out into a big smile. He put a hand on Naruto's head and ruffled his hair affectionately. The little brat was growing up quickly, and what was this? For his Shizune-chan no less. The kid was making far more progress into becoming a man than he would have even dreamed of when the two of them left Konoha over a month ago. The kid's getting an extra big bowl of miso ramen tomorrow.

Jiraiya assumed the piggyback stance and told Naruto to hop on. Naruto looked blankly at the ero-sennin. Oh god no. This is too much.

Jiraiya however, was not thinking along the same lines. To restate, the time for laziness and jokes had passed.

"No time Naruto! Get on, or I'm leaving you behind. You have five seconds. Make your choice. Now."

Naruto stiffened. Ero-sennin had never taken that tone of voice with him. It was more menacing than Shukaku after Garaa fell asleep.

Hopping on to not upset ero-sennin any further, Naruto vaguely wondered how fast the ero-sennin could move.

He got his answer in the next following second.

Jiraiya flew. Even at fifty, he could outrun Anbu ninja thirty years his junior, and could cover more ground than a chunin using shunshin.

It took Naruto a minute to get used to the speed. The first twenty seconds were very touchy; he almost got motion sickness a couple times.

After steadying himself, Naruto began to enjoy the speed. It was exhilarating, to be moving this fast. The air rushing by you was cooling and refreshing, and you just felt so light, as if you were the wind itself.

Naruto had to give the old man some props. He could move.

In a burst of curiosity, Naruto checked to see if ero-sennin was short of breath. As it was, ero-sennin was still breathing normally.

Show off, Naruto mused.

Feeling the need to make up for his embarrassment, Naruto began telling ero-sennin about his breakthrough on the rasengan.

"So ero-sennin," Naruto began.

"Hmm, what brat. Don't make me talk." Jiraiya curtly replied.

Naruto snorted. What the heck is this? Well, whatever.

"Fine, then just listen." Naruto didn't wait for a reply. "Yesterday, during my rasengan training, you know Shizune-chan helped me right? Well, I tried really hard and practiced a lot, but I couldn't make that same small rasengan that you can make," Naruto told Jiraiya.

Jiraiya mentally snorted. Well duh. Tsunade may have been harsh on you, but she was more or less right.

But something was off. That same small rasengan?

"I couldn't make the rasengan at all, so Shizune-chan told me to make a small one and work my way up. That didn't work out so well, the small ones are even harder to make, actually."

Jiraiya mentally sighed. Shizune should know the aspects of the rasengan. It's exponentially harder to make smaller ones than larger ones control-wise. Larger ones are easier to make, but they require too much chakra.

Jiraiya's eyes widened. If what he was thinking was right, Shizune had found a vein of gold. All of a sudden, what Naruto had to say greatly interested him.

Jiraiya was allowed the time to think because Naruto was busy wiping his face off. Some stupid bugs were hitting his face. Stupid ero-sennin, I bet he's doing it on purpose.

Getting the last of it, Naruto started again. "So yeah, I couldn't make the small ones. I told her how it was even harder to make a small one, so she told me to make a larger one. That one was easier for me, and by the end of the day, I could make rasengans that are the size of..." Naruto looked around. "...Your head!" Naruto finished triumphantly.

Jiraiya mentally started dancing around like a little girl in a field of flowers. Shizune came through big time. He'd have to test it, but Naruto sounded like he could make a rasengan that was battle-ready.

Jiraiya did not forget the jab Naruto threw in. That would not do.

"Are you implying that I have a big head, you little brat?" Jiraiya asked, his voice dripping with mock venom.

Naruto laughed. "Implaying? I'm not implaying. I know!"

Jiraiya shook his head and kept silent. No comeback would have been sufficient for that one.

The two continued on for another minute before the silence got to Naruto.

"Ero-sennin. Actually, when I was working on making the rasengan smaller, I forgot to take out some chakra, and the thing sort of blew up on me. It was cool!"

Jiraiya knew what Naruto was talking about. The third step of the rasengan (applying a thin layer of chakra over the swirling chakra) could only contain so much chakra. If you threw in too much chakra, it didn't matter how much control you had; the intensity of the swirling chakra would erode the third step and create an "explosion." Jiraiya had it happen to him many times when he was learning it from Minato. The rasengan quickly dispersed itself outwards. However, for him, the "explosion" just threw his arm off to a side; it wasn't even strong enough to break a bone or tear muscle. But for Naruto...

"Naruto," Jiraiya asked. "How big was the explosion?"

Naruto grinned. "It made a crater so big you could have fit the hokage tower in it!"

Jiraiya was shocked. The difference in explosive power was that large? Then again, the volume of chakra required goes up by a power of three, so it wasn't totally impossible. But to fit the Hokage tower?

Jiraiya mentally did the math, and found that a rasengan the size of his head would not be anywhere near big enough to make a crater that wide. Surely Naruto was exaggerating. He only had to check one more thing to be absolutely sure.

"Naruto, how big was that first rasengan that you could control when you tried to downsize it?"

Naruto made a 'hmm' sound, and began to think. He came up with a truthful, yet (in his opinion) hilarious answer. After hearing it, Jiraiya couldn't see the humor in it at all. That was impossible. Yet, if it were, the math fit. He didn't have to do the calculations; he knew it was big enough. Jiraiya began salivating at the things the brat could do with that...thing. Oh the possibilities...

"It was as big as the Shodaime Hokage's nose on the Hokage Monument!"

Tsunade was desperate. Orochimaru would get to her in less than a minute. Her chakra was down to about half, and to heal Shizune would require a good chunk of that, along with more time than what she had.

So she did the only thing she could do. She tried to stall for time.

"Orochimaru," Tsunade began. Orochimaru stopped, as did Kabuto. Good, at least that got him to stop, Tsunade thought. Now to keep him there for as long as I can.

"At least let Shizune go. Wh-" she began as Orochimaru interrupted her, a smile forming at his lips.

"I know what you're doing Tsunade-hime. You are stalling for time. As amusing as it would be to let you do it and see what you come up with, I have other pressing engagements that require my presence. I cannot...dillydally here any longer than I need to."

With that, he began walking over to her even faster than he had before. Kabuto matched his masters pace, then looked at the pained face of, what did she say her name was? Ah. Shizune. Such a beautiful, feminine name, and her body certainly lives up to it. Her breast was so...perfect. Her nipples a delicious shade of pink, a delightful contrast to that pale skin. Kabuto felt the kind of lust that he hadn't felt in a long time; the desire to overwhelm, dominate, and violate a woman.

It had happened twice before in his life. Both times he had satiated his lust. Both times the women were found dead, violated beyond measure.

So here was Kabuto, following his master, towards the two kunoichi, one an old woman hiding behind an illusion to protect her vanity. The other, a young woman fighting for her life after suffering multiple injuries. Even from where he was, he could see that she was fighting to stay conscious, her breathing was labored, and her face a grimace of pain. She was tired, she was hurt, and she was so...ready for him. Kabuto licked his lips in anticipation. He was going to have some fun tonight.

Tsunade, out of options, decided to heal Shizune and have her get out of here. She had seen the lust in the glasses freak's eyes, and knew it wasn't aimed at her. To heal Shizune would put herself at Orochimaru's mercy, but to not do so would put them both at his mercy. Her choice was an easy one to make.

Orochimaru was not ten feet from her when he stopped. Tsunade noticed this and looked up. She tried to appeal to what humanity he had and looked pleadingly at him.

Orochimaru gave no indication of receiving any kind of plea. Apparently her cry fell on deaf ears.

Or in this case, blind eyes would be more appropriate.

"Tsunade-hime. I can kill you now where you sit. And there isn't a thing you can do about it." Orochimaru began. She knew he was more or less right. She could punch the ground and create a barrier from the earth, but that would kill Shizune. And kill Shizune she would not.

Orochimaru continued. "But that would accomplish nothing, and in fact would make this entire altercation a waste of my time. So here is what I am going to do. I am going to modify the deal on the table. Heal my arms Tsunade-hime, or-" Orochimaru drew Kusanagi. "-your apprentice dies."

Kabuto flinched, but recovered quickly. No way the slug sannin lets her apprentice die, especially with the history that they have. Now heal Orochimaru-sama's arms, die by his hand, and leave me some personal time with my Shizune.

This was it. Nothing to be done now. Defeated and out of options, Tsunade broke out in tears before looking up at Orochimaru.

"Okay," she began, the defeat clear in her voice. "I-"

"NOW BRAT!" yelled Jiraiya.

Tsunade and Orochimaru turned to look at Jiraiya emerging from the forest with Naruto on his back. For Tsunade, this was the equivalent of Kami-sama sending his angels to do his work. For Orochimaru, this was the equivalent of Kami-sama sending his angels to get in his way. Kabuto was lost in his thoughts planning his night with Shizune and consequently did not notice.

Hoping to salvage the situation, Orochimaru readied Kusanagi and was about to end Shizune's life when he felt a monstrous level of chakra output. It was such that it froze him and compelled him to look at what it was.

Naruto on Jiraiya's back held both arms up and put his hands together, forming a rasengan the size of, as he put it, the Shodaime Hokage's nose. Orochimaru could see it all, the swirling chakra, the chakra density, and most of all, the sheer amount of chakra the technique was holding in.

Jiraiya jumped high in the air as Naruto jumped off his back and threw the giant rasengan at Orochimaru, yelling the name of the technique he and ero-sennin came up with in the past three minutes.

Naruton: Oodama Rasengan!

The last thought that raced through Orochimaru's brain before the enormous rasengan touched the ground was perhaps the most proper.

A technique truly worthy of the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki.

Now Orochimaru knew how the rasengan worked. It grinds into the opponent. Orochimaru had prepared a defense expecting the same thing, just on a larger scale.

Oh how wrong he was.

As soon as the Oodama Rasengan touched the ground, that was it. The third step wore off and created an explosion that scared off all the birds in a two-mile radius.

The explosion was enormous, requiring Orochimaru a substantial amount of chakra to even stay on the ground and protect himself. The damage he sustained was negligible, but the worst was yet to come. The explosion had kicked up a cloud of dust and dirt several times the size of the technique itself.

"What the-(cough, cough)," Orochimaru began as the dust overwhelmed his respiratory system.

Kabuto had been thrown back from the explosion, but the injuries he sustained were minor, and he quickly healed. The more imminent problem was this giant haze of dust that the explosion kicked up. Orochimaru was in there, and he could hear his master coughing. As it was, Orochimaru was nearing three years with the particular body that he was in, and it had already begun to deteriorate. Lung damage for Orochimaru's body at this stage was a potentially huge problem. He needed to clear this up fast.

Kabuto quickly formed the seal combination to use the one fuuton jutsu Orochimaru teaches all of his subordinates. It was a brilliant idea after all, to know at least one jutsu of each elemental type. So simple, so obvious, and yet, no one else does it. That is what defines a true genius: to see what no one else sees, especially if it is the obvious. A true genius, Orochimaru was.

Fuuton: Daitoppa! Yelled Kabuto as the air exploded from where he stood.

The following streams of wind quickly dissipated the dust cloud, alleviating his master's coughing problems and allowing them to see their surroundings. Kabuto hurried over to Orochimaru, who had the definition of anger plastered on his face.

Looking at where Orochimaru was looking at, Kabuto noticed not two, but four people. Tsunade was in a sitting position healing her worthless apprentice, who looked to be in bad condition. Not a foot behind them stood the legendary toad sennin, Jiraiya. Kabuto sighed. This battle just got exponentially more difficult.

The final person stood to Jiraiya's right. Kabuto look at him. This person was short, with spiky hair. His hair was blond, his eyes were blue, and he had six whiskers on his face. Kabuto's eyes lit up. This person he had met before. This person was memorable. This person was potential defined.

This person was the first to speak.

Walking out of Jiraiya's shadow, Naruto looked at Orochimaru. So there stood the man who had killed his jii-chan, his hokage. He was going to pay. Then he looked at the person next to him. Glasses, gray hair, ponytail, complete with a...standard Konoha genin wardrobe?

"Kabuto?" Naruto asked.

Stepping forward and smiling widely, Kabuto fixed his glasses and answered back.

"Hello Naruto-kun."

AN: Naruto uses the Oodama Rasengan in this FF in a manner similar to Wargreymon's "terra destroyer" from digimon. Imagine that huge ball of swirling chakra blowing up. Heh...

I know it's improper Japanese, but I meant Naruton: Oodama Rasengan to mean: "Naruto style, Really Big Swirling Sphere." It sounded like something he and Jiraiya would come up with.

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