I love the show!

I love Jarod/MTW! He's so hot! And innocent and naïve ... really cute ...

I love Miss Parker! Sometimes, I'm way too much like her ...

I absolutly love Johnny Cash and June Carter. Yesterday (23.06.09), June would have turned 80 and that's why I wanted to write a story in honor of her.

I will name each chapter after a title or a line of a Carter/Cash song. If you know a Carter or Cash song that you want me to use just mail me.

The chapters will be really short because I want to try to update every few days ...

And last, but absolutely not least: THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO AJeff, my co-writer! I think the story would have died if it hadn't been for you!

I really hope you will like it although I know that it will be very crazy!

Cowboy, take me away

1. I hate every inch of you

Nashville, Tennessee, the home of Country music.

In the middle of July.

No clouds.

No wind.

But a lot of sunshine.

And cars.

And honky tonks. The only positive thing Miss Parker could think of at the moment.