2. You'll find me at the home of the blues

Two hours and a few drinks later in one of the smaller honky tonks in a little street ...

Miss Parker was sitting at the bar. A glass of whiskey in front of her and a good-looking guy next to her. That man had tried to talk to her for about twenty minutes and even though her answers to his questions had been very short and unfriendly, he wasn't about to give up.

Damned high-heels. Damned short skirt. And most of all, damn you, Jarod!

She sighed and that suicidal man next to her thought that it was the perfect moment to start small-talking again.

She may not have had enough whiskey, but she'd definitely had enough. "Look! It's not complicated: I will not sleep with you. I will not let you buy me a drink. And I will not even talk to you. So JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" The last words were not screamed, but she'd definitely made it clear that she wouldn't hesitate to scream at him if he weren't gone in a second.

It worked.

She emptied her glass and ordered another drink, gulping it down as quickly as it had been poured.

Then she got lost again in her thoughts.

Jarod. The Centre. Her mother.

Miss Parker was pretty sure that he knew that her mother had loved Nashville, that she'd spent a part of her childhood in this city and that she'd loved to listen to Country music. So it was no wonder that she thought that it was only another one of his "How to torture Miss Parker" games. He was pretty good at thosegames.

She raised her empty glass to the bartender. "Hit me, one more time," she said.