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Chapter One: Of A Common Occurrence.

"What would you say if I told you we were having pancakes for breakfast?" A stern female voice said in the distance.

Vence shut his eyes tighter, threw his covers over his head and tried to drift back to sleep. The tone his mother had warned him that the daily breakfast squabble was about to begin and he was in no mood to witness the madness that would ensue.

"But honey, I insist that we have waffles. I really, really insist." His father's unwavering voice responded "I'm sure we could settle this small clash of ideas in a mature, respectful manner however, honey."

"Oh, I'm quite sure we can, sweetie."

The emphasis on his mother's last word was followed by a quick scrambling of chairs and the door slam that had become apart of Vence's daily routine. He listened to his parents give each other a few more muffled shouts before he covered his ears for the inevitable cry that told him and the entire neighborhood that a new day was here.

"CHARIZARRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" The fire Pokémon cried from the backyard battlefield with such sheer force that Vence was knocked onto his bedroom floor. He quickly untangled himself from his blankets and covered his ears again, positive that his neighbors were doing the same as well. After all, the second morning cry was always worse than the first.

"RANNNNNITTAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Vence's father's Tyranitar cried, piercing the boy's ear drums and knocking several of his collectible cartoon figurines onto the ground. Vence held onto his bed frame and lifted himself from the ground, fearing that the worse wasn't over. His intuition proved correct when the room began to shake from what felt like a Hyper Beam being launched into the air. The force of the beam caused the boy to topple face first into a pile of dirty clothes that he cursed himself for not washing earlier. Fed up, he re- balanced himself on the shaky floor and slowly made his way to the window that overlooked the backyard.

Ignoring the fire pillars that swirled just behind the glass, Vence roughly opened the window and shouted "MOM! DAD! YOU'RE GOING TO DESTROY THE HOUSE AGAIN!"

The interruption from her son caused Vence's mother to hesitate mid battle, allowing her husband's Tyranitar to bash its tail into the side of her Charizard. She winced as her flame Pokémon crashed through their wooden fence and into the neighbor's flower garden, causing a small group of Oddish to scurry away in fear.

"Don't worry Vencey" She called up to her son merrily "we'll be done in a little bit! Your father will learn not to disagree with my breakfast suggestions in a second!" She winked at Vence as her Charizard jumped up and flew twenty feet in the air, blowing away several flowers and wood chips in its wake.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that honey." The grown man snorted and pointed towards the sky "Tyranitar, launch another hyper beam into the air. Let's show her the power of Waffle eaters!" Tyranitar let out another piercing roar and opened its mouth revealing a small orange energy orb that grew larger by the second.

Vence's mom frowned and pointed a threatening finger to Tyranitar "Not today, honey! Quick Charizard, launch a flamethrower before the hyper beam finishes charging!" In the sky Charizard let out another roar and sent a torrent of flame to the small battle field below. Vence shut his window quickly when he felt the air around him thicken and a bead of sweat roll down the back of his neck. After stepping a few feet away from the window he watched Tyranitar shoot its hyper beam into the air with excellent precision, colliding in the air with Charizard's on going flamethrower. A power struggle began as both Pokémon continued their attacks that generated such heat that both their trainers shed their bathrobes and shouted inspiration to their Pokémon in slightly revealing pajamas. After moments of both Pokémon losing and gaining force from their assaults both of their attacks exploded in their faces, creating a large cloud of dust that quickly covered the entire area of the backyard and interior of Vence's room. Vence coughed and blindly felt his way to the window that he was positive was now broken and once he felt the jagged tips of the shattered glass he squinted to see where his parents were in the obscured area below. When he finally managed to make out the battle field he saw both his parents sitting on the ground covered in dust. Tyranitar was floating unconscious on its back several feet away in their other neighbor's pool where a Psyduck poked it with enthusiasm.

"Be down in five minutes Vence." His father told him as he brushed dirt off his pajamas. "We're having…pancakes." Several feet above the house Charizard let out a happy roar that matched the delighted cheers of its trainer.

"I just can't see why you two don't draw straws or something to decide stuff like this." Vence said before stuffing his face with another piece of pancake. The zeal that motivated his parents to battle had faded a bit and the morning was slowly transitioning into a calm one. The family sat at a round wooden table, which wobbled thanks to one of Vence's parents previous morning battles, in a fair sized kitchen with a large window that allowed the sun to gleam on the various pots and pans that littered the kitchen counter. Outside the large window sat Charizard and Tyranitar, lolling around the yard with their Pokémon food, enjoying the suburban air that only the small neighborhood on the outskirts of Saffron city provided.

"You just couldn't understand sweetie" Vence's mom said while she gazed serenely at her Charizard "Only trainers like your father and I can understand the wonder of a morning battle."

Her husband nodded in agreement "It's been these morning matches that has kept us together all these years" He added, taking his wife's hand and changing her point of focus. The couple became captivated by each other's image; savoring every line on their middle-aged faces, strand of gray that slowly crept up their sandy blonde hair and spec of post battle dust that contrasted with their peach like complexions. Unable to stomach the sight before him, Vence turned his attention to the calendar that hung on one of the kitchen walls.

Today's date had a red "X" on it, signifying the trip that Vence had been awaiting for the last month. He and his father would be leaving for the Johto region today via Saffron City train to spend a week in Goldenrod City with a grandparent he never met before. The visit to the unknown relative was not the cause for his excitement, however, but the fact that during their stay Vence would be celebrating his sixteenth birthday.

"A sweet sixteen in Goldenrod City" Vence thought to himself "Goldenrod, the metropolis of the Johto region…god, this'll be great…"As if he overheard his son's thoughts, Vence's dad broke eye contact with his wife and brought up the topic that the boy dreaded.

"So, Vence." His father began in a serious tone "Seeing as you'll be turning sixteen this year, have you given some consideration to actually starting a Pokémon journey anytime soon?" Vence gave a sigh at the question and tried to desperately find a way to change the conversation.

His mom decided to chime in during his silence "Oh Vencey, you know how important this is to us, you being a trainer and all. Did you know that when your father and I were your age we were already challenging the Sinnoh Elite Four!"

Of course Vence knew. How could he not? The entire interior of the family's living room was crammed with trophy after trophy that proved what great trainers his parents were in their youth and still were. Such wonderfully skilled trainers that when they decided to settle down, they were welcomed into a neighborhood full of strangers that considered getting a broken fence from one of their battles an honor. Such wonderful trainers that no one would second guess the battle aptitude their children would possess.

"Your sister called from the Celadon gym" His father said between a sip of coffee "Did you know Erika offered her a promotion in the gym? She's barely been out for a year now!"

"Damn all talented ten year old girls." Vence thought to himself "Damn them all to hell."

"Just think about it hard Vencey." His mom smiled, squeezing his hand. "I'm sure you're feeling constricted at that regular school of yours. I mean, you're one of the three kids your age that didn't leave home at ten." Vence let out another sigh before lazily cramming another piece of pancake in his mouth. He really couldn't counter his mother's last statement because the truth was he did feel a little constricted these days, but not in the way his parents assumed. While they believed his confined feelings were a hint that he finally wanted to travel the world, it was truly the typical teenage yearn to be released from High School pressures and begin a secondary education where more people that shared his interests would be. Interests that did include Pokémon, but not to the point of basing his life around them.

"I- I don't really-"Vence begin before his mother cut him off.

"Just think about it Vencey. I'm sure you're ready for it. Now why don't you go get ready for the trip?" Not wanting to continue the conversation, Vence stuffed the last remains of food in his mouth and headed upstairs to pack his bags.

"Are you positive about this, sweetie?" Vence's father asked when he heard his son close the door to his room.

"Well no." His wife replied "But his sister was positive that something like this would give him the motivation he needs."

Vence's dad took another sip of his coffee. "A trip it is then."

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