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Unmie no akai ito

(Red String of Fate)

"An invisible red thread that connects those who are destined to meet,

regardless of time, place, or circumstance.

The thread may stretch or tangle,

but it will never break."

Chapter 1

~Bang ,bang, bang~

"Oi Rukii-chan! Rukii-chan! Okimasu (get up)! Soshite doa o akete (and open the door)!"

It was 6:30 in the morning and there was a loud banning noise on her door as she lazily got up to opened the door. Only to have her cousin come in yelling at her for waking up late.

"Rukii-chan! Get up! Our flight is leaving in two hours. So we have to get ready!"

"Mizu-chan I want to sleep more!"

"You can sleep on the plane. You'll be fine. Common Ran-Ran is waiting for us at the café."

"Okay, I'll just take a quick shower and the we'll head down"

Kuchiki Rukia age 22 the daughter of the Great House of Kuchiki. Her father Kuchiki Byakuya was the owner of the Kuchiki enterprises; it is one of the most successful businesses in Japan and very well known.

Rukia is the only child and daughter of the Kuchiki's. She is petite compared to her cousin for she was only 5 feet tall. But being that height didn't matter for men flocked towards her drooling at her beauty.

She has flawless milk white skin that was almost like the moon and her ebony hair was like the purest silk you could ever imagine. Those were just some of her features that made her irresistible but out of all of those, her eyes were the most unique. It could capture ones soul with one glance. They were so enchanting with its blend of the darkest blue and the richest purple.

"Mizu-chan lets go!" They both walked out of the condo and down to the café where their friend was waiting for them.

"Finally you two got here!"

"Well I had to wake up Hime-sama here" Mizuki pointed to Rukia.

"Sorry if I woke up late"

"Well I already ordered for the three of us"

"Ran-Ran what did you order?" Mizuki and Rukia sat down to join Rangiku.

Matsumoto Rangiku age 25 was the oldest out of the three. She was like the big sister of the group and she even acted like one too. Rangiku had long wavy dark blonde hair that reached her back and she had blue-gray eyes that reflected the beauty of the world around her, because it was like looking into a mirror.

Rangiku had a beauty mark on the lower left side of her chin near her lower lip. She was pretty tall too and the first thing you would notice about her when you saw her was her huge chest.

Seriously it stood out so much that you could see men eyeing her chest first but Rangiku was proud of being blessed with a huge chest for she was not ashamed of them. She also had a nice body too that men would drool over when she walked passed them.

"For you Kiki a café late with a chocolate pastry just the way you like it! For you Hime-sama a mocha late and a butted croissant."

"You know us too well Ran-chan" Rukia giggled.

"How could I not! We've been best friends since we were kids"

"Can you guys believe it? We finally get to go home and see every one. Boy do I miss home! Being away for three months is crazy!" Mizuki gave an excited smile.

"ohh yeah and I bet you miss messing with your brothers especially Sasuke." Rukia pointed out.

"Of course I do! What would Sasuke-kun onii-chan do with out me and Itachi-nii?"

"That's true or is it cause you can't wait to see your boy toy Sai?" Rangiku smiled evilly.

"Ran-Ran! He's not my boy toy! Were just friends…" Mizuki blushed.

"Friends for now!" Rukia added.

"Don't you dare start Rukii-chan!"

Uchiha Mizuki age 21 is the youngest and only daughter of the three Uchiha children. Mizuki and Rukia are cousins because their fathers are first cousins. She has long dark brown silky hair with bangs over her forehead.

Her hair went over her shoulder which she always loved tieing it up and it was always shiny and soft to the touch. Mizuki had milk chocolate eyes with a light shade of tan in them. It was like looking in a pool of creamy milk chocolate.

Her skin was flawlessly smooth and had no blemish on her cute face. She was just a bit taller than Rangiku and people say she is like a girl version of Sasuke just much more feminine.

Mizuki always had her own attitude about everything and she loved to mess with her brothers especially Sasuke. She was like the youngest sister of the group but you would think Rukia was the youngest instead of Mizuki. If you piss her off she could easily kick your ass. You've been warned…

"By the way I got a text from Yoruichi-san, she said that she will be picking us up from the airport along with Tsunade-san. Also Yumichika will be waiting for us at his condo." Rangiku flipped through her phone.

"Well what are we going to do first when we get to Japan?" Rukia asked sipping her mocha late.

"Well… let's visit our… family first then… hang out with some… friends." Mizuki mumbled while munching on her chocolate pastry.

"I know lets go out!" Rangiku thought out loud

"Okay I'm in and let me make some calls so we can go with a bunch of people. How about you Rukii-chan?" Mizuki asked Rukia.

"Well i guess so, it would be fun to go out with our friends since their returning to Japan as well."

"Ne we should leave know. We need to get to the airport to make in time for out flight." All three stood up and paid the bill and headed for the condo to pick up their luggage.

"Okay! Do we have everything?" Rukia gathered her things with her Louis Vuitton bag already with her.

"Yup that it for me!" Mizuki was already to go along with her Prada purse on her arm.

"Let me double check just in case" Matsumoto went back to her room carrying her Chanel purse along.

"Okay I got everything I need"

They headed for the airport and went to their private jet. Their jet was much larger then the regular private jet that most people owned.

"Whohoho! So excited! The first thing I'm going to do when I get home is give Sasuke-kun onii-chan a huge ass hug that he won't be able to breath! Then if Naruto-nii is there I'll challenge him to a ramen eating contest! Then we should get some gossip with Saku-chan, Hinata-chan, and Yue-chan!"

"Wow! Mizu-chan that's a long list of thing to do!" Rukia looked at her cousin.

"Hell yeah! After three long months we need some juicy gossip!"

"Amen to that girl!" Matsumoto gave a high five to her.

"Good morning this is your pilot speaking, we are going to have and 8-hour flight from Paris to Japan so just relax and have fun. But first please put on your seat belts for we are ready for take off." Their pilot announced in the intercom.

They sat back at their seats looking out the window as their jet started gaining speed on the runway and soon enough they felt the jet take off. Few minutes after getting into the air their pilot spoke in the intercom once again.

"Well were in the air now so you can take off your seat belts and do as you please for we have a long journey ahead of us."

Mizuki started eating again while Rangiku was looking for something to drink and Rukia trying to take a nap.

"Oi Mizu-chan you're eating again. Man how can you eat like that? What amazes me the most it that you don't get fat" Rukia said with her eyes closed leaning back against her seat.

"Well I got hungry so I wanted to eat. I guess I was just born that way. I can eat a crap load of things and never get fat. Awesome ne!" Rukia just chuckled at her cousin's response

"But look at Ran-Ran she already looking for a drink and it's only 9:00 in the morning."

"Me and alcohol you can never separate us. Were like married or something"

"Yeah I hear that"

"Well Kiki its like you and food."

"That makes perfect sense! Good point Ran-Ran!"

"Well whatever girls wake me up when were almost there and Ran-chan don't get drunk. If you do your staying home and your not coming with us"

"Fine! Its like your my mother or something" Rangiku muttered while Rukia finally drifted off to sleep.

Hours have passed and Rukia finally woken up and looked around the jet. She saw Mizuki waking up as well and then saw Rangiku. She looked like she was passed out but her drink was only half empty and the bottle was still pretty full.

"I'm surprised she listened to you Rukii-chan"

"So am I. How much longer till we get there?"

"It's 3:30 so about an hour more or so."

"Better wake Ran-chan up then"

"I'm awake. Woke up the same time you guy did"

"Why do you look like you passes out Ran-chan?"

"Ehhh…I guess that just the way I sleep." "Yeah like a drunk"

"Yup like a… hey! Kiki!" "Jut kidding Ran-Ran!" "You better be"

"Man were going to have jet lag for a couple of days. So what do we do now?" Mizuki asked while getting up from where she took her nap.

"Excuse me ladies, but we have actually arrived in Japan earlier than expected so we will be landing in 5 minutes so please take you seats and put on your seat belts thank you"

"Well you heard the man! Were going to land in 5!" Mizuki shouted with excitement throwing her arms in the air.

"Well someone's super excited" Rukia mumbled

"She should be cuz she get to see… Sai!" Rangiku looked at Mizuki who stopped what she was doing when she heard what Matsumoto said.

"Ran-Ran! How many times do I have to tell you that is not the reason I want to go home. Besides we are ONLY friends" Mizuki glared at Rangiku.

"Anyways I don't think he likes me like that…"

"Sure, sure that's what they all say but you know I get the feeling that he likes, wait scratch that, he LOVES you!"

"Why am I always being targeted here?"

"Well your love relationship with Sai is very interesting Mizu-chan" Rukia smirked at her cousin.

"We don't have a love relationship!" Mizuki yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Calm down Mizu-chan, don't get so defensive but you do like him though right?" Rukia looked at her cousin.

"... I... guess…but-"

"Stop it with the but Kiki! He does like you and probably is just to shy to say anything to you"

"hope your right Ran-Ran"

"I'm always right about these things trust me"

As their jet landed they headed for their exist and they saw two women waiting for them. One was a tall slim dark skinned woman with long dark purple hair that was tied in a ponytail, her name was Shihoin Yoruichi. The other woman had blonde hair and her chest rivaled Matsumoto's.

"Welcome back after three long month in away from home."

"Its great to be back Yoruichi-san" Rangiku gave her a hug followed by Rukia and Mizuki.

"It a good thing you three got here safely." A voice came from behind them.

"Tsunade-sama!" Mizuki came running to her.

"It great that you three made it back." Tsunade said as they headed for the limo.

Once out side of the airport, there was another woman waiting for them in front of the limo and a man with short black hair. This man had weird feather like things at the corner of his left eye. The woman had short black hair and had bags over her forehead. She was also carrying papers with her.

"Yumichika? What are you doing here? I thought we were going to meet at your condo?" Rangiku looked puzzled at him.

"Well I couldn't wait to see one of my two favorite models and my favorite fashion designer of all time!"

Yes that is right Rangiku and Rukia are models while Mizuki was the famous fashion designer. The two most famous models along with one of the most talented fashion designers are famous in the world especially in Japan. The ones who taught the two how to model were none other than Yoruichi and Tsunade them-self.

They taught them how to walk, how to look, and how to act as models. Because Yoruichi and Tsunade were former models and both were name the sexiest women alive. Mizuki has talent in the world of designing clothes. She had recently won many awards for her designs and she also models her own clothing as well.

"Well it great to see you too Yumichika" Rukia was the first to give him a hug.

"Long time no see Girlfriend!" Mizuki came running to give him a big hug.

"Mizuki, my dear sweet Mizuki, how I miss your hugs." Yumichika hugged her back while Rangiku was chuckling

"Yumichika you saw us like three weeks ago. It wasn't that long. Besides you, Yoruichi-san, Tsunade-san, and Shizune-chan left before us anyways."

Ayasegawa Yumichika was their hair and make-up stylist and he always made them look perfect in every way. He loved his job a lot.

"I know but no seeing my three favorite girls for three weeks is horrible! I had nothing to do here." He responded dramatically.

"Man Yumichika your such a drama queen" Rukia chuckled at her friend as they went inside the limo.

"Ano… Tsunade-sama, Yoruichi-sama"

"What is it Shizune?" Shizune was the person who set up all their appointments and always informed them of the things that were happening.

"Well I got a message from Kuchiki Hisana-sama"

"About…?" Tsunade looked at her confused while drinking a glass of red whine.

"About the party"

"Ohh okay"

"What was that all about Tsunade-san?" Rukia asked very puzzled at her mentor.

"Well it's that Christmas party your mother is planning since Christmas is like four weeks away. Your mom is very busy with planning it."

"You said it, she loves planning for parties."

"So it's going to be at that new place that Yue-chan was talking about?" Her cousin asked tilting her head.

"Yup! I can't wait!" Rukia smiled brightly.

"Well then we need to go on shopping! Cuz everyone is going to be there!" Rangiku threw her arms in the air

"True but I hope we have time since we still have interviews and photo shots to do. As well as me and Tomoyo working on the designs." Mizuki sighed.

"You guys are actually free on Thursdays, Fridays, and on the weekends for now. Then you'll be free for three weeks for Christmas and New Years. Mizuki, you and Tomoyo have already finished your winter designs and the Spring collection isn't due till late spring so you can relax a bit. " Shizune looked through the schedules.

"That reminds me… Rukia you have your photo shoot at 10:30 am next week on Monday, Mizuki you and Tomoyo both have an interview on Wednesday 5:40 pm, and Rangiku your shoot will be at 3:30 pm on Tuesday."

"Thanks Shizune-chan. By the way do you guys know a place we could go out later?" Rangiku asked excitedly.

"I heard there is this new place that just opened a few weeks ago, it called The Gotei Lounge and it's very popular. I also heard celibates go there. Some of my friends told me for they work there too." Yumichika looked through his messages.

"I know that place, it own by Kisuke and Jiraya"

"Yoruichi-san you didn't tell me that your husband owned a lounge!" Rangiku's eye's widened with surprise.

"Tsunade-sama is Jiraya-san still stalking you?" Mizuki curiously asked.

"Yeah he still does. That pervert won't stop, no wonder he and Kisuke teamed up. They are both perverts." Tsunade replied while finishing her glass of whine.

"I'll call Kisuke and tell him that you'll be coming." Yoruichi grabbing her phone from her purse.

"Hey Mizu-chan will just meet at your parents house since you'll be visiting them, then maybe we could stop by my house to see my parents for a while then we can go out" Rukia looking over at her cousin since her place was the first one they would stop to.

"Sure why not but what time so I know"

"Lets say around 6:30"

"Okay. How about you Ran-Ran?"

"That's fine with me as long as we get to go out"

The first to be dropped off was Rukia, then Mizuki, and Rangiku. They were only ten minutes away from each other. Yoruichi, Tsunade, and Yumichika were going back to the building. They would meet up with Yumichika later at the Gotei Lounge.

"Home sweet home!"

Rukia opened the door of her flat. She was on the top floor and she had a beautiful view of the city where she could view it on her balcony. She didn't mind how high she was because she wasn't afraid of heights.

"It just like the way I left it three months ago." She looked around her flat.

It had two floors and when you opened the door, you would see her couch first facing the wall, with a flat screen TV on the wall over a fireplace. Her kitchen at the side it had a miniature bar with stools and whine glass hanging from the top witch the opening was facing the back of the couch.

Her dining table was near the windows where you could see the city outside and her master bedroom was up stairs along with the master bathroom. Rukia dragged her luggage up to her room and she plopped down on her bed tired from the flight.

Looking at her alarm clock it read 4:25 pm, Rukia decided to take a nap be for getting ready. She lay curled up on her white silk sheets as she drifted to sleep.

(Hours earlier, some where in Japan)

~Beep, Beep, Beep~

He kept hearing an irritating noise as he lazily opened his eyes. Amber eyes slowly looked over to his clock that was making all the noise. Damn it was already 10:30 in the morning and he was having such a nice dream too.

Kurosaki Ichigo age 23 oldest out of the three Kurosaki children and the only son. Ichigo's father, Kurosaki Isshin owned one of the most famous movie productions in Japan 'Zangetstu'.

He had messy orange hair and yes it is his natural hair color, which got him a lot of attention, good and bad. He is a very tall young man around the 6 feet range. Not only did he have orange hair but he always wore a scowl on his face but that didn't stop women from falling for him. Yes it quite surprising too, you think with a scowl like that he would drive women away but it was actually the opposite.

Turning off his alarm clock he dragged himself out of bed and went to the take a warm shower to wake himself up and after the shower he made himself a nice hot cup of coffee.

Once finishing he headed to work where he would be in a meeting and be stuck in a room with his father. How he dreaded that image of being near his father in a room for hours and hours. Getting his car out of the garage he started driving to work and he soon arrived at the building in 20 minutes. He went on the elevator and waited till it reached the 5th floor.

"Ohayo gozaimas Kurosaki-san" A young woman in her early 20's greeted the CEO's son. Her hair was a deep dark brown color and she had her hair in a bun. Her name Hinamori Momo, she was his assistant and made sure he got his work done as well as helping him.

"Ohayo Hinamori, have they stared the meeting yet?" Ichigo asked her as he went to put his things down in his office.

"No, but it will start in a few minutes. So suggest that you head on over down to the meeting room"

"Right wouldn't want to be late now would we?" He answered sounding sarcastic.

Once reaching the meeting room he was meet with familiar faces. On his far left was one of their top directors, her name Akizuki Nakuru. She has long brown hair that reaches her waist and she has a braid on her right side. She was a very hyper active person but she was still the best director that anyone had seen.

"Ohayo Ichi-kunnnn!" Akizuki greeted him as he walked over to his seat and gave her a nod.

"You're here even before your father!" A man with dark black hair commented. He had a short beard around his face but it was a bit longer in the chin area, his name Sarutobi Asuma. He was one of their producers and he worked with Nakuru most of the time.

A voice interrupted, it could be heard coming from the open window. It became much louder and clear as it came closer and closer.

"Good morning Ichigooooo!"

A man in his 40's came crashing through the open window. He went straight for the orange hair young man about to kick him in the face but at the last second was able to doge. The man crashed into the wall with a loud bang.

"That is my son! You have quick reflexes, as expected from a Kurosaki!"

This man was the president of the company, Kurosaki Isshin. Its hard to believe that he gave such a greeting to his son. He did this everyday when he would see Ichigo.

"Why do you always have to do that oyaji?!"

"To make sure your always alert Ichigo. You never know when some one might sneak up on you"

"Che! Urusai and sit down so we can begin" A irritated carrot top glared at his father.

"Ichigo your always so hot headed. Now wonder you always have that scowl on your face"

His childhood friend smirked at him. She has short spiky black hair, she was a tomboy looking kind of girl. Arisawa Tatsuki was the one that managed how the scene was suppose to look and the places to film movies. She sometimes took part in the films when there are fighting scenes.

"Well he is always like that, so what do you expect"

"Shut up Shinji no one asked you!" The orange head strawberry glared at him.

Hirako Shinji was a tall man around his middle 20's, he has short blonde hair that reached up to his upper neck line with hazel eyes. Always loves to get Ichigo irritated but who doesn't since the said young man was easily ticked off which was quite funny to watch.

"Alright we all should settle down and get this meeting started so we can finish." said a woman with dark red hair.

She always had a smile on her sweet face, she was Mizuki Kaho, the financial advisor of the company.

The meeting continued on for hours and after it was finished everyone went straight to work. Finishing up their latest work and gathering ideas for a new movie. Zangetstu productions didn't just take any one, they took the best of the best. The top actors always were in there movies and many wanted to be in but not all were accepted.

After finishing up with the work load that had piled up on his desk, Ichigo decided to go home. Just as he was about to reach his car his cell rang.

"Moshi, moshi"

"Oi Ichigo! how are ya?" He instantly recognize the voice he was talking to.

"Hey Kaien"

"Oi I just got back in town and I wanted to see ya cousin, so how about we meet at the Gotei Lounge?"


"Great see you there!"

Before even Ichigo finished his sentence Kaien had hung up on him. Sighing he went to his car and started to drive where they would meet up. This time he would go because he hadn't seen his cousin in a long time, he was really close with his cousin Shiba Kaien.

People say they are twins for they look exactly alike except for the hair. While Ichigo had orange, Kaien had black spiky hair and it was a little longer at the back.

Once reaching the elegant looking lounge he went straight in looking for his cousin. There was a lot of people there. Ichigo knew from the look of the place that this wasn't just any ordinary lounge that anyone could just go to. It was a very elegant lounge with beautiful decorations and spectacular surroundings.

He saw someone he didn't expect to see there. "Geta Boushi?!"

He looked at a man with short blonde hair that flew out to the sides and had a green and white striped hat. Getting the man's attention he started to walk towards him. The man noticed Ichigo approaching him and smile for he knew too who he was.

"Ah Kurosaki-kun! What a surprise seeing you here"

"I should be saying that to you. Why are you here?"

"Why I own this place along with Jiraya. Both of us own this lounge" Urahara Kisuke smile widened.

"By the way why are you here"

"I'm here cuz of Kaien"

"Oh Shiba-kun just got in a few minutes ago. You may go right a head sine and I know you and all you don't need reservations"

"Thanks" He went quickly to go find his cousin until someone bumped into him.

Rukia was walking around not really looking at where she was too busy looking at the beautiful lounge. Suddenly she walked into someone.

"Oh excuse me, I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going" Rukia apologized to the tall young man.

He turned around to face her...

Fiery amber meet cool indigo

To be continued...

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*Shihoin Yoruichi: Bleach

*Tsunade: Naruto

*Ayasegawa Yumichika: Bleach

*Shizune: Naruto

*Kurosaki Ichigo: Bleach

*Kurosaki Isshin: Bleach

*Akizuki Nakuru: Cardcaptors Sakura

*Shiba Kaien: Bleach

*Urahara Kisuke: Bleach

*Sarutobi Asuma: Naruto

*Hirako Shinji: Bleach

*Arisawa Tatsuki: Bleach

*Mizuki Kaho: Cardcaptors Sakura

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