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Unmie no akai ito

(Red String of Fate)

"Unmie no akai ito de tsunagatteru n da yo"

(We're joined by the red string of fate)

Chapter 2

(Last Chapter)

*Rukia was walking around not really looking at where she was too busy looking at the beautiful lounge. Suddenly she walked into someone.

"Oh excuse me, I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going" Rukia apologized to the tall young man.

He turned around to face her...

Fiery amber meet cool indigo.*

~Lets go back a little OK~

(Rukia at her Flat)

Indigo eyes opened to see the sun light fading quickly to the cold winter night. Looking at the clock it was about time she headed over to her cousin's place.

Before getting into the car she had called her parents to see if they were home, which they were not. Her father was in a business meeting which was nothing out of the ordinary and her mother of course was very busy still planing the Christmas party.

Large gates opened up for her as she reached a mansion with a fountain in front of the house. Reaching the door it was opened at once and was greeted by a maid of the house hold.

"Good evening Rukia-sama, Mizuki-sama is waiting for you along with the others in the kitchen"

"Thank you" Rukia entered the house and went straight to the kitchen, there she saw two people gathered around the island counters around and two other people sitting on the stools.

"Oi Rukii-chan you finally made it! We were getting really bored waiting" Mizuki looked up to see her cousin.

"I already call some people to go with us to the lounge. As you can see some of them are here and the rest we'll meet there" She was smiling brightly.

"Ah! Rukia-chan long time no see! You've gotten so much more beautiful the last time I saw you!" A young man of 22 complimented the petite model. He has spiky blonde hair and a pair of stunning baby blue eyes. He has a very laid back personality and was also hot headed at times.

"Naruto you're the same as always. You never change!" Rukia smiled at the boy sitting next to Mizuki on the other stool.

Uzumaki Naruto is the son of the great Uzumaki Minato of the Uzumaki Stock exchange. They controlled the stocks in Japan and make sure everything is going well with the country's stock as well as all the other countries.

"So what are you guys doing here in the kitchen?" The model asked looking around, she had also spotted Rangiku standing near Mizuki on the right.

"Like I said when we were in the jet, I challenged Naruto-nii to a ramen eating contest!"

"Yeah last time we had one before you guys left and it turned out in to a tie, but this time I'm going to win!" The blond hair boy exclaimed in excitement.

"You'll cheer me on right Sakura-chan?!" Naruto turned his attention to a pinked hair girl with green eyes.

Haruno Sakura was a long time friend of both Mizuki and Naruto for they went to the same school together. She was a news reporter with the position of anchor.

"Where is Hinata?" Not bothering to answer Naruto's question.

"She is no here yet!" He whines with puppy dog eyes. With that said the girl they were just talking about appeared in the door way of the kitchen.

"I'm sorry I hope I'm not late" Hyuuga Hinata was such a polite shy type of girl and had a innocence of a child. She was one of those people who was really sweet and nice that it was impossible to hate her.

Hinata has long dark blue black hair that reached her waist with bags that covered her forehead. Her eyes where such a pure color like her personality, which were a white opal color. This type of eye color in their family was very common but no one else would have the color unless you were part of their family.

"Oh no Hinata-chan were just waiting for the ramen to be finished. Also Sasuke-kun onii-chan and Itachi-nii are the only ones left that we are waiting for"

"Oh you and Naruto-kun are having a ramen eating contest?" Hinata asked while walking towards the group.

"YUP!" Both Mizuki and Naruto answered at the same time.

"Then I'll cheer for you Mizuki-chan!" She smile happily.

"What?! What about me Hinata?! Aren't you going to cheer me on?!" Naruto looked at the girl with sad eyes that had tears flowing out.

"Hai! of course you also Naruto-kun"

The chef came out with two large bowls of beef ramen noodles and placed them in front of the two.

"Arigato Kimihiro-kun!" Mizuki thanked the boy about their age.

Watanuki Kimihiro was also one of their friends and he worked as a chef sometimes for the Uchiha's helping them with the food for parties. He wears glasses, has short jet black hair and was tall as well.

"It was no problem, I hope you two enjoy it." He smiled happily

"Kimihiro-kun are you helping Auntie Hisana with the food preparations for the Christmas party?"

"Yeah I am"

"Whohoh then I really can't wait cuz your cooking is really amazing!"

"That's Mizu-chan for you always thinking about food."

"By the way I hear Kunogi Himawari is going to be there!" Mizuki looked at the change in the boys expression, it became into a dreamy state.

"H... Himawari! Then I'll do my best!" Watanuki exclaimed with confidence.

"Oh by the way I'm sorry but I have to go now and meet up with Hisana-san. I'll see you guys later"

"Lets start the contest now" Naruto suggested.

"Alright your going down BLONDE MAN!" Mizuki looked at her opponent with confidence.

"Okay you two ready? Who ever finishes their bowl of ramen noddle first is the winner and everything in the bowl has to be eaten" Rangiku explained as she stood in front of the two.

"Ready... set... EAT!"

Rangiku was also timing the two of them to see how long it would take them to finish. The two were eating really fast while the rest watching to see who would finish first


"Well then... that was quite interesting don't you think?" Matsumoto looked at the stop watch.

"Well... IT'S A TIE! You both finished in 1 minute and 30 seconds"

"I swear Naruto-nii that the next time we have another contest I will seriously win!"

"Your on Mizuki!"

"Well might as well wait for the two in the living room" They headed out to living room to talk for a while and lay back a bit.

"So Hinata-chan how have you and Naruto-nii been?" Mizuki looked curiously at the Hyuuga girl.

"What? I don't know what you mean?"

"Whaa! don't tell me you haven't told him how you feel yet?!"

"ummm... well... you see..."

"Hinata! Naruto-nii will never know unless you tell him"

"I know, but its just that... I...I..."

"You don't want to be hurt do you?" Mizuki whispered to her while the girl was nodding in agreement.

"But you see, when you love there is a chance of being hurt cuz either way your putting your heart out on the line. But isn't it better to know that you at least tried instead of doing nothing and wondering what could have been"

"Hai but I just need more time so I can tell him"

"You're so kawaii! Hinata-chan not trying to be mean and all BUT you liked him since you were like what 8 years old. Come on how much time do you need?" Smiling at the now blushing girl.

"So Mizuki how is the fashion business?" Naruto getting the attention of the young designer.

"Its going quite well actually since being away for three months opening up the other stores in Europe is hard work."

The name of the company is Mizuto since the two presidents and main designers are Mizuki herself and her other friend Daidouji Tomoyo. Mizuto was formed by combining Mizuki's name and Tomoyo's name into one.

Tomoyo was the head for designing the wedding dresses and she also helped Mizuki with the other clothing designs like dresses, work outfits, etc, and vice versa. For Mizuki was in charged of that department.

"This is the year that we hit the world! Me and Tomoyo are so excited too! We all meet up in Italy. Since I opened up the stores in Paris and Barcelona while Tomoyo did England and Greece. We had two stores to open up in Italy so that's why we meet there"

"That sounds fun, getting to travel and all."

"Yeah it was but sooo much work! I'm just glade me and Tomoyo finished the winter collection! You're going to be at the fashion show after New Years right Naruto-nii?!"

"Of course I'll be there! Like I'll miss it!"

(In another conversation)

"Modeling is sometime such a bitch!" Rukia exclaimed.

"Why is that?" The news reporter asked.

"Well sometime you don't get enough sleep and your face goes crazy on you and all the walking! The schedule sometimes is aggravating! ahhh! But it still is fun to do and I'm not going to quite just because of some little things."

"So how the news reporting going Haruno Sakura-san?!" Rangiku pretended to be holding a microphone in her hand like she was interviewing Sakura.

"It has its ups and downs but I still love it!"

"Can you do that thing you say when you end a report?" Matsumoto beamed excitedly at the pink haired girl.

"Okay Sure" Sakura straightening up in her seat and having a serious look on her face like she does on TV. Even pretending to have a microphone on her hand as well.

"This is Haruno Sakura reporting in for World News at Chanel 7" They started laughing once she was finished.

Once the laughter died down they had a new person join them in the living room.

"Where you guys waiting long?"

The man of 22 years of age asked. They all turned their attention to the person that just entered the room. He has dark black hair that flew out in spikes at the back, he was also wearing a business suite showing that he just came back from work. This guy looked sort of like Mizuki but was more masculine.


Mizuki leaped out of her seat and flew to her brother. The only thing that Sasuke saw was his sister flying towards him. Mizuki landed on him, she had her arms round his neck hugging him tightly.

"M...Mizuki...can't... breath..." Sasuke looked like he was turning blue.

"But onii! I haven't seen you in a long long time! Thats like forever!" Mizuki griped tighter but finally letting him go to let him breath.

Two other people joined them in the living room and the man looked like an older version of Sasuke at the age of 26 but he had long hair that was tied in a low ponytail at the back.

"Itachi-nii!" This time came towards her much older brother. Uchiha Itachi was the oldest out of the three then came Sasuke and lastly Mizuki.

"Mizuki your home. How was your time in Europe?" Itachi greeted his little sister while returning the hug.

"It was really great! A bit stressful but overall a great experience!" Mizuki looked towards the person her brother was with.

She was a woman, the same age as her Itachi-nii, 26. She has short red hair with golden yellow eyes. She worked as an architect and her boss was none other than the boy genius himself Hitsugaya Toshiro. She has actually been dating Itachi for six years now.

"Nee-san? Your here too?" The red head turned her attention to the one who called her name.

"Yeah cuz I heard that Itachi's little sis was coming back home from her trip to Europe." She responded to her little brother Naruto.

Uzumaki Yue, the older sister of Naruto. Naruto looked like their father Minato but had their mother's personality. While Yue looked like their mother Kushina but was much more calm and quiet like their father was.

"Hay there Yue-chan" Mizuki greeted her bro's girlfriend.

"So how are you Mizuki"

"Same old same old. How bout you and working for our little genius cousin, the ice cold Toshiro?!"

"hahah... he's not that bad. As long as you get your work done you'll be fine."

"Actually Toshii-kun is not that cold as people would say. Once you get to know him and all"

"So anyways are we going to head over to the lounge now?" Rangiku headed to where every one else was near the door way of the living room.

"What lounge is it?" Yue asked curiously.

"It's new its called the Gotei Lounge" Rukia explained.

"Seriously?! That's the place me and Toshiro just finished. Right after we finished the place where the Christmas party is going to be held, Urahara called us and asked if you could design a lounge for him!" Yue explained excitedly.

"You guys should see how the inside looks!"

"Man your getting me really excited Yue-chan! Lets go!" Mizuki started to head to the door.

"By the way Itachi-nii, onii, are okasama and otosama still not back yet from their business trip to America?"

"Yeah, they will be back in 3 days." Itachi responded.

"They said the business is actually going quite well from what okasan has told me." This time Sasuke responded.

"Man and I thought they would be back by the time I got home, thats why I went here." The youngest Uchiha slightly pouted

Uchiha Enterprises is the biggest business that deals with transportation, they deliver goods to the country and other countries all around the world. Both Itachi and Sasuke are working on the assigned countries they have to deliver the products asked for.

With out the company, the country wouldn't have the things it has now like the cars it has, food etc. Every thing that goes into the country has to be approved by the Uchiha Enterprise first.

Mizuki was driving her brand new car that she bought on her birthday. Its a two door red SCORPION sports car. It's an Eco friendly car for it is powered by gas and water and nearly zero emissions. Hinata was going to be riding with her because she couldn't handle being with Naruto by herself.

Itachi driving a two door silver grey Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept and Yue of course was riding with him. Sasuke and Sakura in a two door black Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron Sang Noir.

Rukia with her white LOTUS EVORA 2009, Naruto in a silver ASTON MARTIN ONE-77, and Rangiku with a grey Lamborghini Estoque Sedan Sports Car.

The Gotei Lounge was huge, there was a big crystal chandelier in the center of the room with beads of pearl that hung from it. The flooring was black marble that reflected the beautiful lighting of the chandelier and the other lights on the wall.

Cream white for the color of the walls and light bronze metallic Corinthian columns- two at the entrance door, another two at the side end of the bar, two at the bases of the stairs, and at the end of the stairs at the top. There was a piano near the bases of the stairs.

The second floor was the private area but it only took half of the second floor for at the side you could look over at the first floor. The stairs were marbles steps and it curve a bit, it wasn't too circular nor too straight.

There was white sofa couches and a small clear glass table in the middle of the seats. All the way at the end of the room was the bar which had the counters around and curved making it look like a half a circle. There were pictures and painting that hung on the wall with shinning gold frames, even a fire place at the side of the room.

At the opposite side of the bar on the far left that was were all the food was, you could either get your own food or order it to your table.

"Konbanwa minasan! Yoruichi has informed me that you'll be here tonight so I have reserved tables for you all at the private area."

"Arigato Urahara-san" They all gave thanks to their host.

"Ano... is Jiraya-san here?" Mizuki spoke up.

"Yes he his, he also knows of your coming here and he will see you at your table later. He is hosting the other people. Please this way, Lisa will show you to your tables."

A woman with red framed glasses stepped forward wearing the lounges work uniform. She has black hair that was into two braids. The uniform was a white polo with a black ribbon and black skirt that went above the knees, and of course a name tag.

"I'm Yadomaru Lisa"

"Also Urahara-san there are 3 more people that will be with us."

"Oh you will you please tell me who else so I can put them on the list" Urahara and Mizuki walked over to the podium where there was a list of peoples names.

"Lisa you can lead the rest to their table, I'll escort Uchiha-san"

The rest of the group went a head and just when Rukia was about to go up the stairs her phone rang. Her mothers name appeared on phone. It might be important so excusing herself and went outside.

(Outside where Rukia is)

"Hi okasan!"

"Rukia how are you? Was your flight okay?"

"Yes, yes I'm fine so is Mizuki and Ran-chan."

"Thats good. Kimihiro-san here told me you were over at Mizuki's place."

"Yeah we were but now where out with some friends"

"Thats good, have you heard from Tomoyo-san yet?"

"No but she is going to be with us."

"Alright, just checking on you. I'll see you then"

"Bye okasan"

Hanging up she went back inside the lounge, thats when she was wondering around and bumped into someone...

(Inside Gotei Lounge)

"Where is Rukia?" Sakura asked.

"Her phone rang and she went outside. I saw her when I was still talking to Urahara-san" Mizuki answered

"oh well she'll be here so don't worry too much"

"There you guys are!" They all looked towards the young woman that was now standing right in front of them. She has long black hair with bangs over her forehead with a pair of dark blue purple eyes .

"Tomoyo! you're finally here!" Mizuki stood up to greet her friend giving her a kiss at each cheek like what they do in France.

"Where is Sakura-chan?" Mizuki looking around for the said girl.

"Ohohohohoh... I just got off the phone with her and she said that she should be hear any minute now. You know Sakura-chan!" Tomoyo taking a seat next to Naruto.

"Tomoyo! I'm so glad you decided to sit next to me! I'm so honored!"

"Naruto-kun you're such a tease! Oh Mizuki your taking to Yue-chan now?"

"Yeah why wouldn't I be?" Mizuki looked like a lost child.

"Well before we left you weren't talking to her. Don't you remember?"

"Oh yeah! I remember now!"

"Wait what happened Mizuki?" Both her brothers were looking at her with puzzled expressions.

"Okay well it was at the middle of the night-"

"It was 9:30 at night not the middle of the night!" Yue interrupted.

"Hush you! You're lucky I for gave you! You committed a serious crime that night!" Sighing Yue gave up and laid back on the seat and listened.

"Anyways... it was at the MIDDLE of the night and I was just minding my own business in the Kitchen-"

"Don't tell me you were eating again" This time Sasuke interrupted.

"Mizuki you know if you wanted you could seriously devourer the whole food supply of the world." There was around of laughter in their group.

"Hidoy onii!" Mizuki put a pouting face on.

"Anyways again! I was minding my own business in the kitchen looking fro something to eat. Then I found some cake that was left over from desert. So I slice my self a piece. Then when I'm putting the cake back in the fridge, someone grabs me while my back is turned." Mizuki looked straight to Yue.

"Started say 'I got you Itachi! Your MINE now!' so I get knocked over and the cake slips from my grasp and goes splat on the floor! all because of you YUE!"

"Sorry I thought you were Itachi!"

"Yes cuz clearly I look like Itachi-nii"

"From the back it did since your hair was in the same ponytail as his"

"You still owe me cake onna! You're luck I didn't press charges on you! But it was funny at the end when you got cake all over your face! Hahaha it suited you very well"

"I slipped on it!"

"Not my fault your an airhead, airhead!"

"I'm not an airhead you baka!"

Both Mizuki and Yue bickered over the craziest things but it wasn't because they hated each other. It was a way of expressing they cared for each other (weird I know).

Since they could act like this to each other, it showed they were pretty comfortable with one another other. They acted like themselves with the people very close to them. Before they left for Europe it wasn't like Mizuki wasn't really talking to Yue.

Yue did have her moments of craziness but most of the time showed a calm personality, not someone shouting to another that they were stupid well with the exception of her little brother Naruto.

"Mizuki your lucky you didn't have to live with that" Naruto pointed to his so called sister.

"What is that suppose to mean Naruto!"

"See what I mean. It's like she's on PMS 24/7!"

"Just wait till we get home little bro" Yue pounding her fist to her palm.

"hahaha you forget we don't live in the same house any more! You live at your penthouse 20 minutes away from mine!" Naruto stuck his tong out at his sister like a child would.

"It doesn't surprise me that little sis gets crazy all over food" Itachi smiled at his sisters weird logic of things.

"Mizuki-chan you never sease to amuse me" A voice was heard from behind Mizuki.

Instantly knowing who that voice belonged to, Mizuki blushed from surprise and a bit of embarrassment. Both Tomoyo and Rangiku were watching her carefully for she seemed to stiffen in her seat . They both knew the reason why she was blushing for Sai was standing right behind her with a smile on his face.

"ahh... hahah... S... Sai! you made it" Mizuki was a bit nervous.

Sai is an artiest very well known for his unique pieces of art work. Most of them where in art galleries and he had a few in the lounge that decorated the walls.

"Gomen I was finishing my latest painting." He took a seat right next to Mizuki.

'great' she thought.

"What a very interesting story and that is like you Mizuki-chan" Sai smiled as he looked at her.

She thought no one noticed her face getting brighter by the second that is until Naruto spoke up.

"Mizuki are you okay?! Your face is all red!"

"Well you see its gotten really warm in here...heheh..."

"Are you sure your not getting sick?" Naruto asked concerned for he is like another brother to Mizuki thats why she calls him Naruto-nii.

"Actually Mizuki is right it is getting a bit warm in here and I think my face is heating up a bit" Tomoyo took off her jacket and looked at the flushed Uchiha girl.

Mizuki mouthed 'thanks' for she just got her ass saved and Tomoyo mouthed back 'you owe me' with a smirk.

"Anyways Rukii-chan is still not back yet" Mizuki changed the subject.

(Where we left off Rukia)

"Oh excuse me, I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going" Rukia apologized to the tall young man.

He turned around to face her...

Fiery amber meet cool indigo.

"Don't worry about it was my fault I wasn't looking where I was going. Sorry... ummm what is your name?"

"Oh Kuchiki Rukia, and you?"

'that name it seems a bit familiar' the young man thought.

Rukia looked at the young man probably her age or a year older. Such intense fiery amber eyes and he seemed nice but there was this sort of cold distant feeling about him.

"Li Xiao Lang or Syaoran in Japanese" He has messy chocolate chestnut brown hair but he was very good looking to enough to say he was hot!

"Excuse me but I have to be somewhere" Just like that he left.

Snapping out of her thoughts she had to get back with her friends.

(Where we left Ichigo)

"Thanks" He went quickly to go find his cousin until someone bumped into him.

"Hoeeeee! I'm sooooo sorry I wasn't looking where I was going!" He turned around to see a girl with short honey brown hair bowing her head in an apologetic manner.

"No,no it fine" He saw her look up and was meet with a pair of innocent jade eyes.

"hehehe... I'm such a klutz I'm sorry I didn't mean to run into you. You see I'm looking for my friends"

"Really its okay" For some weird reason Ichigo didn't have the heart to be mean to her like he was to others.

"Oh by the way I'm Kinomoto Sakura" She smiled happily like a little 5 year old girl.

"Kurosaki Ichigo"

'that name sounds familiar' they both thought at the same time.

"Hoeeee! Sorry but I have to look for my friends! It was nice meeting you Kurosaki-san" With that said she turned the other way and left.

At the bar someone with all knowing eyes was observing the two. At the same time saw the petite young model and the a young man with chocolate brown hair run into each other. Now the carrot top and the honey brown haired girl.

With a sigh she muttered

"The ones at the end of each others red string are bound to meet sooner or later. So close... yet so far away... Closer and closer their red string brings them to their destined one... but in the process gets tangled along the way.."

with that said she finished her drink and proceeded up stairs...

To be continued...

You guys will find out who this is if you don't know already...

I bet you guys though it was Ichii that Rukii ran into and vice versa. Well your wrong! it was Syaoran! as well as Sakura!

Kakakak I love love love XIAO LANG!

By the way you should see the cars they drive! go google the pics they are so cool! but for Mizuki's car at the end of the name of the car put sports car so you don't get a pic of a scorpion.

**Here are the characters in this chapter that are new and have not yet been mentioned...

*Uzumaki Naruto: Naruto

*Uzumaki Yue: Made up person! This is dedicated to my friend Rin!

*Uchiha Sasuke: Naruto

*Uchiha Itachi: Naruto

*Watanuki Kimihiro: xxxHolic

*Li Syaoran: Cardcaptors Sakura

*Yadomaru Lisa: Bleach

*Kinomoto Sakura: Cardcaptors Sakura

*Haruno Sakura: Naruto

*Daidouji Tomoyo: Cardcaptors Sakura

*Hyuuga Hinata: Naruto

*Sai: Naruto/Shippuden (he appears in Naruto Shippuden in the anime (I LOVE SAI))

*Kuchiki Hisana: Bleach (the one Rukii was on the phone with)

**Note: When Mizuki says Saku-chan thats Haruno Sakura but if its just Sakura-chan then its Kinomoto Sakura**

***2nd note: The Syaoran and Sakura are from CCS not TC. You'll find out the characters from TC are***

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