Shadows in the Light

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Merry Christmas (See you in Hell)

It was Christmas Eve. Conan was walking home from Christmas shopping. This was the only time of year besides Rachel's birthday where Conan would go shopping by his own will. He was trying his best to find the perfect gift for Rachel. After all, he did have a crush on her, he just wouldn't admit it.

"It sure got dark out early…" Conan thought out loud. The sky was dark and it was only 6:00 in the afternoon. The sun should have been starting to set by now, but instead it was pitch black out. Something was wrong, he could feel it. "I better hurry home then. But first I should drop these presents at my house." He was nearing Beika Street, so it was worth the walk.

Conan sighed. How he wished he could spend the Christmas with Rachel as Jimmy instead of as Conan. But he didn't know how long the next antidote would last, and he wasn't willing to take any chances. If the Syndicate found out who he really was…well, he didn't want to think about it.

Instead, he began thinking about what he was going to do on Christmas Day. Knowing Rachel, she would probably try to get Richard and Eva back together again in a lame attempt to keep it secret. Usually, her "acting" just made it more obvious that she was the one who set them up. Conan wished she'd just give up. It'd never work anyways.

Conan noticed something moving out of the corner of his eye. What was that? Conan couldn't ignore it, even though it might have just been a cat. He followed it to where he thought he saw it, but came to a dead end. What the heck!? I could've sworn it went this way!

"Hello, little boy." Startled, Conan turned around to see nothing there.

"W-who's there?" Conan began to grow nervous. The shadow grew larger into the form of a dragon, startling him even more.

"That is none of your concern. Tell me, what holiday is it now?" The dragon-like creature asked.

Now Conan wasn't sure whether or not he was hallucinating, but the appearance of this creature was menacing enough that he answered. "It's Christmas Eve."

The creature gave a smile that Conan did not like. Just before it lunged at him, it gave one final reply:

"Merry Christmas! (See you in Hell!)"

When Conan came to, he was at the hospital. He noticed Rachel sitting right next to him. She looked like she hadn't even had any sleep! "Some Christmas."

Rachel looked up. She immediately hugged Conan. "Thank goodness! We thought you were dead!"

Conan looked confused. Then he noticed the bandages on his right arm. "What happened?"

"We hoped you could tell us that…" Rachel was more worried now.

"But…I don't really remember…" Conan looked hesitant.

"By the way…were you out Christmas shopping?" Rachel held up the bag Conan had, causing him to panic.

"Ah! Don't look in it!" He grabbed the bag away and looked inside, checking to see that everything was still there. He sighed with relief when he found everything in tact.

"Who was that present for, anyways?" Rachel pressed with a sly smile. Conan shrunk back in embarrassment. Fortunately for him, the news was on.

"…A strange creature has been spotted in the city. No one knows what it is or where it came from, but we do know it's been attacking civilians…" The news continued on, showing a picture of the same creature that Conan had seen the previous night. He gasped.

"That's it!" He pointed to the screen. "Now I remember! That thing attacked me last night!"

"You're lucky it didn't kill you!" Conan looked confused.

"That thing has not only been attacking people, but killing them too! A few people survived the attacks, but they're either badly wounded or have gone insane."

Conan shuddered. "That thing spoke to me…either that or I was hallucinating." He looked annoyed. "What kind of holiday greeting was that anyways!?"

"What did it say?" Rachel was curious.

"Merry Christmas. (See you in Hell!)" Conan failed to imitate the creature's voice, but did accomplish the hidden message in the greeting. Rachel fell over.

"Why would it say that!?"

"I have no idea at all. I'm not even sure that I really heard it." Conan shrugged. His arm throbbed with pain. "Oww…" He grabbed it, not that it would have done any good besides stopping the blood flow in his arm.

"Are you okay?"

"Besides the fact that my arm hurts like heck, yeah, I'm fine."

Rachel was taken aback by the level of sarcasm in that. Conan sighed.

"Sorry…" He still clutched his arm, which was beginning to feel better. How come I'm the only one who can't use sarcasm like that? He felt annoyed by that.

"Are you going to be okay?"

"I should be… Wait, how is the TV on anyways?"

"We're far from the sensors."



"Oh…umm…never mind." Conan grew worried. "What if that…thing…comes back?"

"I don't know, Conan…" Rachel sounded unsure herself.

"This reminds me of those shows with the aliens that can't be destroyed with human weapons."

"You watch that kind of stuff?"

"No... but Mitch always talks about them."

"Oh, that's right!" Rachel remembered. "George, Mitch, Amy and Anita all came by earlier, but the doctors shooed them away... Amy left a Christmas present for you, though."

"Really?" Conan said, trying to reach for the bag that Rachel was holding, but his arm twinged again. "Owwww..."

"Conan?!" Rachel cried. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah..." he said, as the pain went as fast as it came. "I'm... just going to try not to use this arm much..." he reached out his other hand for the bag. Rachel handed it over, still looking worriedly at his arm.

"A magnifying glass?" Conan said, holding up the tool in question. "What's this about?"

"Read the card, silly," Rachel said. Conan did.

Merry Christmas, Conan!

Since we're detectives, we need all of the professional stuff, right? We already have notebooks and badges, but we realized that we don't have magnifying glasses! After all, you always see them used in the detective novels and manga and stuff.

We bought these from a lady who said that they were a special charm. Maybe they'll be good luck for our investigations!


"Ohh, I see..." Conan said, turning the magnifying glass over. He set it down on the bed. "I need to go thank them when I get out... did the doctors say when that would be?"

"No..." Rachel said with a frown. Then she perked up. "But it might be soon, since you're awake and seem all right..."

"Don't worry, I feel just fine!" Conan insisted, waving his arm energetically to prove it. He knocked into the magnifying glass, sending it smack into his other arm. "Owwww!"

"It's your own fault, silly!" Rachel chided, reaching over to pick up the magnifying glass before he managed to hurt himself again. As she picked it up, however, her smile faded as she stared at the glass.

"Rachel?" Conan said, worried by her sudden expression of... horror?

"Oh... Conan, your arm..." she said, shocked.

"What?" Conan looked at his arm. He couldn't see anything out of the ordinary...

"Look at it through the magnifying glass..." Rachel said, her voice trembling. Suddenly fearful, Conan reached out, taking the magnifying glass, and raising it to his eye.