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Two Loves One Heart

Love, is the most confusing emotion. It controls your heart in ways you can never imagine until you experience it firsthand. I once believed I understood love, but then one day it proved me wrong.

My life was going great. The small run down house I bought was now big and beautiful as ever. As well as the rest of my property. I was happy with my life but there was always that lingering feeling that something was missing.

The young woman brushed her long blonde hair behind her shoulders and continued out the door of her large farmhouse. Gazing out at her now prosperous farm she was not sure what to do next. Pulling out her axe she decided to chop some wood in preparation of winter. Today was a lovely, crisp fall day. Finding an old tree stump at the edge of her property the blond began chopping.

The rhythmic chopping always seemed to calm the young woman. But with one sudden crack the did not come from the wood she had to stop. The source of the unusual crack was her axe. The axe had a large crack in it that needed to be fixed.

"How lovely." she mumbled to herself feeling angry.

Knowing that her axe needed to be fixed she began walking towards town. Her destination, the blacksmith's shop.

It didn't take long to reach the blacksmith shop. The job of a blacksmith, working with ores, always intrigued the blonde. As she entered the bell of the door rang. Instantly she was hit with the poignant smell of smoke and hot metal. It didn't bother her, it just made her curious as to what the blacksmith and his apprentice were working on.

"Claire, welcome." said the old blacksmith Saibara appearing. Saibara was old and small with thinning white hair. But he was stronger than most of the young men in the town. Whenever the blonde had seen him he was in a good mood and smiling. But the blonde was never fooled, she knows that he has a hell of a temper that is seen by most. Especially by his grandson, Gray.

Instantly with that thought the blonde began glancing past the old blacksmith to see his grandson. With no luck the blonde looked back to Saibara.

"What can I do for you today?" the blacksmith said kindly.

"I was wondering if you could fix my axe." the blonde said taking her cracked axe out of her backpack. She handed it to the blacksmith.

He began inspecting it with his old tired eyes. After a moment the blacksmith said, "Of course I can fix it. Come back and get it in three days."

"Good." the blonde mumbled feeling better knowing her axe will be fixed. After paying the blacksmith she went to leave. Opening the door and taking a step she paused. "Thank you." she called turning around. But it was not the old blacksmith her eyes fell on. It was the two big blue eyes of Gray's that her own eyes locked with as she closed the door.

It was that moment that she realized that her heart was beating so fast for the first time in a long time. The blonde did not want to leave but to open the door and gaze back into the eyes of the blacksmith apprentice. But instantly that thought startled her. Its been a long time since she felt this way about any one. She began wondering why her heart was making her feel this way.

The blonde would have rather pulled her teeth out instead of waiting those three days to return to the blacksmith shop. Each day she felt more and more confused by her emotions. She clearly didn't know the blacksmith apprentice. Yet her heart skipped a beat with every thought of him. The blonde didn't know why she suddenly had feelings for Gray, but she liked it. She accepted that she liked him. Now her heart desired him to like her.

"Stay calm, remember to breathe." she kept mumbling to herself. Today was the day. The blonde could go and get her axe from Saibara, but what she wanted most was to see Gray.

Her hand was trembling as she reached for the door knob of the blacksmith shop. Stupid Claire! Stupid. Calm down! She hissed in her thoughts. The silly school girl crushing thing is not normal behavior of the blonde. So she tried to calm herself before entering. The last thing she wanted was to be seen acting like that. With one deep breath she opened the door in one swift motion.

Taking a step inside the blonde was hit with the smells of ores smelting. Instantly it took a calming affect on her. In that next moment she realized that no one was around. Normally seconds after the bell over the door rings Saibara appears immediately.

"Hello?" the blonde called feeling confused.

Waiting for an answer the blonde could hear nothing but the sounds of metals being worked. So someone must be here. She thought wondering who it was. In moments her heart was beating so hard and fast she thought it would explode.

"Hello?" she called again only this time a little louder.

Still nothing but the sounds of metals being works. Feeling a bit agitated the blonde decided to find the source of the noise. It didn't take that many steps until she found the source, Gray.

Gray was the tall and handsome blacksmith apprentice. The blonde knew little about him because Saibara, his grandfather, worked him harder than a pack mule. The boy rarely had a day off. The blonde wished that he would turn around so she could study his face. She only needed the few times that she saw him to know that he was one of the most handsome boys she had ever seen. She knew he had red hair even though she had never seen it. The boy never removed his blue hat. From what she had heard that hat was his pride and joy. But in the blonds opinion she was just happy that the hat didn't cover his bright blue eyes.

Gray had his back to the blonde as she watched him. He was concentrating on pounding the metal into a new tool.

The blonde wasn't sure what she should do to get his attention. A part of her did not want to face his temper. It's a known fact in town that it is a smart thing to choose your words carefully before talking to Gray. He can be easily angered. But on the other hand the blonde has never experienced it. She has only heard talk.

Taking another deep breath she said, "Hello? Gray?"

The boy froze for a moment, put the hammer down, and turned around. "What do you want." he said bluntly, his blue eyes shining in curiosity.

"BOY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" yelled Saibara closing the door to the shop behind him.

In that single moment the blonde became panicked and hid behind the blacksmith apprentice.


"What are you doing?" Gray grumbled in a low voice that only I could hear.

"I don't like yelling. It scares me." the blond said in a panicked voice and hiding her face more.


"It's ok. You don't need to be scared." he said in a soft voice and staying in front of the blond protectively.

"Thank you." the blond squeaked in a small voice.

"BOY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?" Saibara yelled. He was a few feet from Gray now.

"Grandpa quiet please. You're scaring Claire."

The blonde was not fond at being called scared. She never liked being weak in anyway. In respond to the comment she jabbed Gray in the back, but not hard at all.

"Hey its true." he said playfully and taking a step forward.

The blonde rolled her eyes. Forgetting that she was scared just moments ago.

"Sorry about that Claire, but right now Gray has to go back to work. So if you don't mind you have to go." Saibara said nicely.

"I always have to work." The blonde heard Gray mumble in a very low voice.

The blonde nodded and began walking towards the door. Stopping for a moment she turned around. She froze for a moment because she realized both blacksmiths were watching her. "Saibara is my axe done being fixed yet?" the blonde said.

"Oh yes." he said going to the very back of the room for a moment.

The blonde's eyes went right to Gray. He was still watching her. Instantly she was smiling. Within seconds the young blacksmith apprentice's expression softened. But the moment was ended too soon as Saibara stepped in front of the blonde.

She took her axe back. "Thank you." she mumbled as she opened the door. As she closed it behind her she glanced back inside. Gray's expression was hardened once more as his grandfather began yelling at him. The sound of the yelling and Gray's hardened expression made the blond feel terrified again. But in that split second Gray's eyes shifted back to the blonde's. And in that second she felt calm and protected again. The feeling lasted as she went back to her house and replayed that visit to the blacksmiths again and again in her head.

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