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Falling Over Me

By Demi Lovato

Months later…

Donia pushed more and more snow out of her room through the window. Though she didn't mind her room looking like a constant winter wonderland, even she had to admit that it was getting ridiculous. She watched the faeries outside flit and flirt as they moved around the estate. She shook her head in amusement. She wondered if love was contagious.

I'm standing in the center of the room
I watch the boys follow girl's perfume

Sasha leapt from the garden into her room, sliding down a small snow hill that had built up just under it. The lupine fey didn't even look at her as it tracked more ice inside the room

"Hey!" She shouted. Sasha looked at her nonchalantly. She rolled her eyed before waving him off as Keenan stepped out of their bathroom. "I don't know why I bother. He's his own creature."

All is as it should be I assume

"That's why you like him, remember?" Keenan said. Donia shrugged.

"Depends on the day." She said as she walked over to him. She kissed him quickly. "Good morning."

Except for the distance between me and you

"You seem very calm, considering what day it is." Keenan commented with a smile before going to their closet.

"I've waited years for this day to come so you can rest assure that I am very excited." Donia told him as she followed him to the closet. "But in between all Cwenhild's planning and they constant stream of guests," She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his neck. "I'm glad for a normal morning. Even if it means bulldozing the room."

You're standing as a flower on the wall
The room is still but we're about to fall

"I can't help that you get so excited." Keenan said with a sly smirk. Donia smacked his arm playfully. Keenan caught her wrist and pulled him towards her kissing her. Donia cupped his face as she relaxed in his embrace.

And all the names that brought us here
Simply fade away…

It had been almost four months since Keenan came home with Donia and it was just as good as they always hoped it would be. To their surprise, the court was pleased that Keenan had joined the household, especially Evan (even though he didn't admit it). Most days they could focus on catching up on lost time, staying together all day. But on the days that were filled with court business, they handled that together too. Keenan had loosely taken on the role of one of her advisors but he was still technical solitaire, despite his vow.

But that was going to change in a few hours.

Who you are is falling over me
(Who you are is falling over me)
Who you are is everything I need
(Who you are is everything I need)

"I can only imagine the million and two thank you cards we have to send out after this." Donia said once they were done kissing for the moment. She placed her legs on his lap while relaxing on the floor. "I mean, I knew people were eager for us to get together but I never imagined so many people would try to come to the wedding."

"Weddings don't happen often with fey. They're watching a phenomenon." Keenan joked. Donia laughed, letting her head fall back. She sighed before looking at the engagement ring Keenan got her a week after officially moving in.

It held three nice-sized diamonds in a silvery gold band that was made in Faerie with a tiny sun and moon engraved on the inside of it. She smiled fondly at it before looking at her fiancé. He looked back at her, his gaze peacefully. It brought back to the time she was mortal, spending afternoons in her bedroom doing nothing but watching the sun go by and talking. To think it was so long ago…

I'm hoping
I'm waiting
I'm praying you are the one

"We're getting married." She said, excitement filling her voice. Keenan beamed at her.

"We're getting married." Keenan echoed. He moved so that he was hovering over her. "The next time I make love to you, you'll be my wife." He kissed her slowly, moaning when Donia nipped at his bottle lip. "Unless you want one for the road."

"Hmm, that doesn't sound like a bad idea." She said, as she moved her leg over Keenan's hip. Keenan smiled mischievously before kissing her neck. Donia hummed contently as he did.

I'm hoping
I'm waiting
I'm praying you are the one

"My queen," Someone called from outside. Donia groaned as she reluctantly pushed Keenan off of her. Keenan huffed in annoyance before standing.

"Yes?" Donia called tiredly as Keenan helped her up from the floor. One of the Hawthorne fey peeked inside the closet.

"Cwenhild said that they were ready for you. Keenan, they'll be ready for you in thirty and to get dressed her." The faerie informed them.

"Thank you." Donia said dismissively. The faerie bowed before disappearing out the room. Donia grabbed a garment bag from the corner of the closet. "Well, I guess we'll just wait."

I can't believe that night turned into today

"Yep." Keenan agreed reluctantly. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her temple. "But at least you'll know that I'm yours in every way possible." Donia laughed softly before pulling back to look him in the eye.

"I already know that, Keenan. I trust you."

"Then why…"

"Because we always wanted to get married? Granted it took us centuries to do but still." Donia watched Keenan laugh before touching his face. "And so that you have my vow, as well." Donia answered. "You deserve that too, you know."

"Good to know." Keenan murmured. He sighed. "We live forever, we can—"
"Do anything, go anywhere! The world is ours. And that's not going to change." Donia finished for him. Keenan looked at her in wonder, not because she finished his words but because he could tell she believed them.

Donia smiled knowingly.

I used the line you were supposed to say

"Are you ready for this?"
"Been ready,"" Keenan answered before kissing Donia one last time. They weren't urgent or desperate. It was a kiss of a couple that knew there would be more to come. Donia hugged him one last time before stepping out of his embrace. Keenan sighed before going the back of the closet for his suit. Thirty minutes later, he was dressed and ready as he stood beside Evan.

"I must say, I'm really proud of you, Keenan." Evan said as they lined up in front of the front door, waiting for the whole precession. "You truly seemed to find your own path."

"Only took a few centuries." He smirked. "Who knew I would like not being in charge."

"You joke but I am serious. I'm glad you're finally happy." Evan told him. Keenan clasped his shoulder and smiled in gratitude.

"Thanks, Evan." Keenan told him just as one of the other wedding coordinators rounded the corner.

And all the names that brought us here
Now we have to thank

"All right everyone," They said. "We are good to go. Keenan move to the very back. Evan, join him at his side. Everybody make two lines…and here we go!" They opened the door and everyone filed out. Keenan stood tall as they marched but he was slightly annoyed with the precession. He didn't really care for all the pomp and fuss that was happening. Granted, it was a fairly simple ceremony but Keenan wanted it to just be him and Donia…

A flurry of snow and wind kicked up. Keenan looked around, trying to figure out where it came from. He paused when he spotted Donia on the edge of the forest with a smirk. She motioned for him to come to her. He quietly slipped away from the group and to her side.

"What's wrong?" He asked. "Did something happen?" Donia shook her head with a smile. Keenan looked her up and down. He was just as stunned as he was the last time he saw Donia dressed up. Her hair fell in waves around her shoulder. Her dress was layers or lace that enticed and covered up at the same time, flowed beautifully in the wind under her white fur jacket. Diamonds glittered on her neck, ears, and wrists. Her hands were bare except for her engagement ring. Her signature red lipstick adorned her lips.

Who you are is falling over me
(Who you are is falling over me)
Who you are has got me on my knees
(Who you are has got me on my knees)

"I thought we should get the ceremony we really wanted." Donia told him. She grabbed his hand, leading him back to the house. She went around to the garden. It was quiet, no faeries or animals in sight. Keenan raised an eyebrow before remembering that they all were probably at the wedding. Donia stopped when they were right in the center. "This whole thing started with just me and you. It seemed right to end it that way."

"What about all the guest?" Keenan asked. Donia shrugged.

"We'll catch them at the reception." She said. She pulled a velvet box from inside her jacket. "I managed to get this as well." She opened it. Keenan chuckled as he saw the wedding bands they picked out months ago.

I'm hoping
I'm waiting
I'm praying you are the one

"How did you manage to get these without anyone noticing?" He asked.

"You're not the only one who's sneaky." Donia said with a smirk. She took one of the rings and handed the other one to Keenan before putting the box back in her jacket. She straightened her shoulder and took Keenan's hands. Keenan squeezed them reassuringly as bands of ice wrapped around their arms and bound their wrists together.

If you are I will wait I will follow
I'm here to stay

"Will you be my forever, Donia? Share my love, life, and forever?"

"Yes. I vow to give you all I have to give. My love, my loyalty, and my life. I am yours." Donia answered. "Will you be my forever? Share my court, my love, and forever?"

"Yes. I vow to give you all I have to give." Keenan answered.

As long as we're promised tomorrow
I promise you today

Donia marveled at him as she watched him change in front of her. She felt her tendrils of her winter slide into his skin, tying him to her. His eyes frosted over and his features seemed to sharpen. He was being remade into someone stronger, her consort, and he was even more beautiful in that moment than he had even been before.

I'll wait
I'll wait

Donia pressed her lips against his. She sighed as the cold that lifted from his skin. Keenan felt a sense of completeness that he hadn't felt before. It was unlike anything the other ever felt. He picked her up and spun her around, causing her to laugh. Then Donia and Keenan turned and covered their garden with fresh snow, signaling a new beginning.

Who you are is falling over me
(Who you are is falling over me)
Who you are has got me on my knees
(Who you are has got me on my knees)

"What are you thinking?' Keenan asked, his lips grazing her ear. Donia smiled as she interlocked their fingers, watching the sunset. Years had passed and Donia still felt that their wedding only happened yesterday. She could remember everything so clearly. Them sneaking away, Cwenhild being annoyed that she had to turn the ceremony space into a reception, Evan reminding her once again of his security protocols, and all of their friends congratulating them all night. But what Donia loved most about that day beyond their vows was when it was over and they were holding each other that night, just as they were right now.

I'm hoping
I'm waiting
I'm praying you are the one

"Snow looks really pretty in sunlight." Donia replied. Keenan laughed softly.

"Yes it is. Thinking about writing the next big philosophy like Waldon?" Donia shook her head as she turned to cuddle into Keenan. Keenan rubbed his hand over her stomach, feeling the tiny bulge that just started to appear.

"Nope." Donia said as she turned towards her consort, snuggling into his chest. "Don't have the patience for writing. Or anything right now. Can we just lay here and sleep?" She asked.

I'm hoping
I'm waiting
I'm praying you are the one

"I think that is the sexiest thing you've ever said to me." He told her. The couple laughed as they settled next to each other. They wrapped their arms around each other and drifted to sleep.

You are the one

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