Replicarter had a simple plan, to ruin Samantha Carter's life. She was going to take everything Samantha wanted but couldn't have. Replicarter would have Jack O'Neill as her own. She would then seal the deal by having his child. When she decides to reveal the truth to Samantha, it would be when no one would ever believe the truth. This would not only be revenge for her but for Jack as well.

This was a major decision for Jack O'Neill. He met Alex the week Carter had hummed in the elevator. Just after the humming incident Jack went out to get good and drunk. As he walked in, he saw a woman who looked just like Sam, except she had dark brown long hair. He thought he was hallucinating, maybe just seeing Sam everywhere. Then some drunk guy grabbed the woman's wrist and wouldn't let go. The woman was clearly in pain and trying to break free. This woman was obviously not Carter as Carter would have decked this guy in two seconds flat. And that's just what Jack did.

The girl looked a little shaken.

"You ok, take a deep breath." Said the worried Jack.

She also look a little teary eyed. Jack led her to a back booth and ordered her a soda.

"Sorry, the situation just brought back = bad memories. Thank you for helping me though. I truly appreciate it."

And then she smiled at him. It was a megawatt smile eerily similar to Sam's but it warmed his heart nonetheless.

Bring! Jack, startled out of his flashback, picked up the phone and said hello.

"Hey Jack" Jack recognized Daniel's nervous voice. "Um… Sam said she can't come because Pete is only in town for a few days and she promised to go see some play with him. Um. . . Teal'c and I are still coming though. What's the big surprise?"

Jack had really hoped Sam would be there.

"You'll see when you get here, Danny, just be here by four."

"Will do."


"Ok Jack, what's the surprise?"

"Yes O'Neill, what is the curve of the round object that you wish to throw at us."

Jack swore that Teal'c did that on purpose.

"Sit down guys. Well, there is this girl, woman, person, I have been dating. . . um for about a few months. But I think she's the one . . . and I've come to realize really I love her and I want to ask her to marry me. I want you guys to meet her today at dinner. She's coming to cook, actually she cooks great. I want you guys meet her and to well. . . Your guys' opinion matters to me. "