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Should Have Seen It Coming

If anyone should have been able to see that car coming, it should have been John Winchester. The simple sliver of metal would have not been noticed by anyone normal, but by a hunter's eye, it should have been scene and avoided. But John's mind was focused on just about everything but the road. He was only focused on his sons: one was complaining about how his life sucks and the other trying to calm the situation but only making it worse. If only he saw it coming. But then we would have no story.

Rain. It was all John could think about as he heard it roaring on the roof of the shaggy motel room that he and his family have been residing in for about 3 months now. The only thing the rain was helping was drowning out the noise of his teenage sons arguing in front of the television.

15 year old Sam lay on his stomach with his text books and papers scattered in front of him, trying to do his homework. 19 year old Dean sat beside him sitting Indian styled flipping through the few channels the TV provided.

"Will you pick a channel? Your clicking is annoying me!" Sam complained.

Dean glared down at his brother. "Well you are annoying me."

"Just stop! Give me the remote!" Sam grabbed for it but Dean pushed Sam's arm down and rolled across the floor.

"Gotta be faster then that Sammy boy!" Dean smirked, rising to his feet.

Sam quickly got to his feet. Sam had grown a whole lot since he turned 14 and now he was now an awkward teen and was almost as tall as Dean and Dean was pushing his luck.

"My name is Sam!" Sam reached for the remote again.

Dean pulled the remote over his head and locked his hand around Sam's scrawny wrist. "Look, poor Sammy is stuck now!" Dean antagonized.

"Let go!" Sam wined, trying to pull his wrist out of Dean's grasp.

John had heard enough. "Boy's stop now!" He commanded.

Dean's hand dropped from around Sam's wrist immediately and he sat back down on the floor.

Sam glared at his father then went over to his school stuff and began scooping it all up in his long arms and headed for the door.

"Where do you think you're going?" Dean asked derisively.

"Well I certainly can't work here," Sam exclaimed.

"Dude, it's storming outside," Dean explained.

"I realized that Dean!" Sam mocked, raising his voice to go above the rain.

John stopped cleaning the gun he was working on and cut in on the conversation. "Sam you're not going anywhere. We're leaving soon so you don't have to work on your homework anymore." John announced.

Sam's face seemed to go pale and his hands clammed up. "Leaving? But you said-"

"I know I said we'll be here till the end of the school year but Bobby called this morning and he thinks he's got a lead on the demon," He explained.

Dean suddenly got to his feet, his face tense and longing, "The Demon?"

"Yeah son," John replied.

Sam's head dropped slightly and he fell silent, his wasted homework crumpling under his arms.

"Sam?" John grunted to him.

"Why?" Sam asked simply, not moving his head from looking at the floor.

"Why what?" John asked, confused.

"Why do we have to go?" Sam's head shot up and he glared at John. "Why do we always have to go when there's a friggin lead?" Sam yelled.

"Sammy, you know why." Dean stammered.

"No!" Sam quaked. "Why do we always have to interrupt my life?! School is what's important to me! Not this! Not this life!"

John rose from his chair and charged towards his son, grabbing him by his collar. "Finding this demon is the only thing that is important! And I will not let you stand there and be so selfish!" John yelled, roughly shaking Sam by the hem of his t-shirt.

Sam's eyes began to water but his anger rose higher then his fear. "Me? Selfish?! Ha! I am the most selfless person in the world thanks to you! I run all over the country searching for this damn demon and you need to realize that even if we find it, Mom will still be dead!" Sam snapped and tears fell freely down his cheeks.

First John tightened his grip on his son's shirt, pulling him towards him, but then shoved him downward, causing Sam's homework to fly all around the room and Sam to fall on his back, knocking the breath from his lungs.

"Don't you dare pick that bone with me son." John's voice quavered. "You do not want to go there with me. Now, throw your damn homework away and start packing. We're leaving tomorrow morning before the sun rises." John demanded, and then stormed out of the motel into the rain.

Sam laid there on his back trying to catch his breath. Dean looked blankly at the shut door, and then turned to Sam. "You just had to do it again, didn't you?" He mumbled heading towards the bathroom.

"Do what Dean?" Sam shot back, resting on his elbows.

"Fight with Dad for some stupid reason!" Dean exclaimed, throwing his arms up in frustration. "Can't you just stop complaining and stop agitation him? Do you realize how much this hurts our family?"

"Family? What family Dean?! We are no family! We are soldiers to Dad, not sons!"

Dean turned towards his younger brother, staring at him with teary eyes. "We're all he's got left Sam. You're all I got left,"

Seeing the distraught in his brother's eyes, Sam rose and hurried to his brother before his broke out into a sobs. "Dean, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to,"

"I know Sam." Dean wiped the few dropped tears away, realizing the chick-flick moment. "Just drop it. I'm gunna get a shower," He explained, grabbing his towel and shutting the bathroom door behind him.

Sam sighed heavily, and then dropped down onto his bed. With out even removing his shoes he nestled into the pillow and fell asleep.


The next morning couldn't have come faster for Dean. He stayed up almost half of the night, trying not to disturb Sam, who laid next to him on the bed, silent sobs racking through Sam's entire body. Dean first thought to wake Sam from his nightmare but decided to let Sam sweat it out and take on his fears like a man. Maybe then he will grow up, he thought.

"Dean. Sam. Wake up. It's time to go. Meet me out at the car in 5" John's gruff voice commanded.

Dean rolled on his side, watching his Dad open the door and head out towards the Impala. Which is supposed to be mine, Dean thought to himself as he rolled out of the bed. His father gave it to him for his 18th birthday but his dad's newest vehicle got some engines problems thanks to a wonderful hunt in Ohio and was at Bobby's awaiting repairs.

"Sam, get up. It's time to leave," Dean shook Sam's shoulders. Sam groaned then awoke saying nothing to Dean in response as he got dressed and headed to the car. Great, the silent treatment.

Twenty minutes later, the three Winchesters were heading down the deserted highway. It was still pitch black outside with no signs of the sun rising anytime soon. John drove in silence, going slightly slower then he normally would. Dean sat in the passenger's seat, staring forward, trying to think if he even remembers what it feels like to be behind the wheel of his baby. Sam sat in the back, curled up in a blanket right behind Dean which was normally where he sat, but now his head was resting on the windshield staring at the blackness out side.

Dean looked back once at Sam and grumbled at him to put his seatbelt on, but Sam only rolled his eyes and ignored his request.

Even though John hated a lot of distractions while he was driving, especially towards something that may lead him to Mary's killer, he hated silence even more. "So Bobby says that a friend of his, a hunter, heard some news about Yellow Eyes right before the kill and he says he's somewhere in Connecticut. Once there we follow this as any other hunt but being extra careful and even more aware," John glanced at his review mirror at Sam who still had his forehead pressed against the window.

"Ok Dad," Dean stifled a yawn.

"Ok, Sam?" John grunted. Silence was the response. "Sam!"

"Yes ok, what ever!" He urged back.

"I do not want that kind of back talk young man!" John yelled back.

Dean cut in before Sam could even think about moving or responding, "Guy's stop! I am not in the mood to hearing you too fight!"

"We are not going to get into a fight Dean! Sam just needs to understand that if he messes this up-" John's lecture was cut short as a car from a four way intersection suddenly collided with the passenger's side of the Impala. The car that surprisingly, John never saw coming.

The impact sent the car diagonally and it skidded away from the other car, hitting the guard rail, flipping over and rolling down the mountainside.

John's head repeatedly smashed against the window and his arm was crushing against the side.

Dean's right arm was crunched awkwardly as the indent of metal crushed into him and his leg had a searing pain and it continued as the car rolled.

But Sam, he didn't feel anything after the first hit. Sam's head was still connected to the window and when the car hit, his head cracked off it, causing him to go unconscious immediately. Sam's arms and legs almost were sliced in half as the metal cut into him and fore Sam wasn't wearing a seat belt; his body began tumbling along with the car, his body smashing at various part of the car, injuring various parts of his body.

The car finally came to a stop, crashing with one final tree, the car back on its four tires, but its passengers upsettingly quiet.

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