Scarlet Scarab: Entwined Mythos

It had been two years, three heart-rending years they had awaited for this moment. Archeologist Zhoulira awaited the luminous glowing accessory which slowly pulsated a molten golden aura, there was a stone deeply embedded in its gild formation, its edges slowly moldering in the dimmed light of the pyramids. That was the most ancient of items, the Necklace of Gilt which henceforth entombed a mighty tyrant which preceded it eons ago. The ancient Ruki assistant seemed worried as the specialist smiled; his eyes smouldered gently against the cast iron glow. Its scaled tail lashed out and captured it.

"My lord?" questioned the assistant, seemingly in current shock at the vivacity the Prince gave out. The object glimmered as the noble prince of Sakhmet nodded in its direction and it was handed back to him, the yellowing parchment was laid out slowly and unraveled as the Acara read the ancient musty language of the Scribes. At last, he seemed to reach a subtle level of understanding and grinned in display of bravado.
"Yes, this is the place of reckonings; this is the place where, I could reunite with my beloved dear suitor." His voice rumbled deeply as if he was in thoughtful consideration, no matter the consequences.

"I have with me the ingredients of the arcane enshrouded within: Eye of Wadjet, mine of Acara's collar, bone of Psimouse. With this nothing will stop me," Except the item he now held in his fragile claws (which seemed in its otherworldly placement) not out the ordinary. He nuzzled the warmth of its glowing honey-toned texture. Then he turned to his assistant. "Cast it out of sight, barter that to those black-market Ixi thugs if you must, even put in the prized Fruit Machine contraption."

"I shall only listen if you dared prize your life above sacred superstitions." The Ruki nodded obediently as it replied, its features seemed distorted in the light shining above them. Zhou seemed complacent and snuffed, a snort flaring his small nostrils. "Very well, I will hand it to those rascally Meerca brothers." It scowled, "Hermajeet and his brother seem to like a bargain, when they see one of dastardly precautions."

"Zhou?" the assistant asked, "It seems you are sad for a reason," Zhoulira looked startled.
"How dare you suggest such a thing," scowled Zhou, "Out of my sight at once? Remember the expedition? Today was the anniversary my 'late wife' fell to her depths, unable to be seen again. I wasn't there to view,"

The Ruki's eyes widened, even so for an insectoid it couldn't open them further, it clicked its claws.
"I shall report out findings at once, henceforth a false report will surmise for our indecency."

While they were discussing their findings, a tomb opening flickered and one of the scarab reliefs inclining the ancient tomb glittered. With an eerie sudden glow the scarab came-to-life, picture existed no longer as a two dimensional drawing, but as a remarkably ancient Petpet. It seemed to hum in midair, its wings flitting, but most remarkable thing was not its colouring, but what it consisted of: A gilded body outlined with rubies. Its antennae twitched as the Petpet remembered the orders its Mistress gave it to seek someone.
It sets its wings and awaits its orders and saw its opportunity. As it slipped by unnoticed by the two it escaped to the misty twilight nights. Against the cooling horizon of the gleaming white moon, it was heading somewhere safer. "Oh Fyora, thought I heard something." Zhou muttered, before returning to work.