Scarlet Scarab: Entwined Mythos

Chapter 2: From Sands to Ruins…

Three years, that was all it took, since the Scarlet Scarab took flight. As Mysteria paced the floor for what seemed like the tenth time, the dusty Weewoo clock chimed its lonesome hours away as the Wocky seemed indignant at how slowly the hours seemed to drag on. Paws pessimistically batted a toy ball away irritably when the two sisters sat at the table, sullen at the revelation since a month ago… The Lupe kept glancing,

"It's over, isn't it." Parlrina spoke at last, glancing at the clock as he read the Neopian Times, turning over the pages softly with two clawed forepaws, "The headlines since that month the Faeries stood frozen under the gentle dusk of the autumn festivities… The barren clock tower, which was reconstructed recently in Neovia struck thirteen that day, they haven't moved since." He spoke like an old Neopian, as if he'd seen it all since.

The pantries were barren since that year their owner all too soon vanished without explanation. All of a sudden, the foursome had to fend for themselves, as the quad soon found out was no easy matter. They had to resort to other resources since then. Paws, the brother had grown desperate, searching for a way out of their situation. That was the year they discovered that other Neopets were allowed to wear snazzy clothes, but since they were for now owner-less, they had to make do with the hand-me-downs, although Kassiko vehemently disapproved of those matters. Parlrina bounced down from the bar-stool with the grace of a cat, shaking his already faded rainbow coloured fur, stained with descript tangles, despite his age. It was a very gloomy year indeed, it was almost as if things would never look up as Kassiko once stated, Mysteria was quick to correct her, standing paw to tufted beak and trying to comfort in their despair.

"Do you think we've truly been forgotten?" Mysteria stated with calmness, "She'll return one of these days." Time passed like the motion of a tidal wave, motionless and yet the upheavals meant that the adjustment was hard. Commerce had halted once the statues were found, there was no faerie stuff sold for months, which meant the economy of Neopia shot up the roof. No quests were given out which was a relief, but soon Neopets missed the random events given out daily, they longingly glanced out hopefully for a sign of glittering fluttering wings and the tiny tap-tap of the window-plane.

Earlier that year Mysteria took up Shenkuu surfing in the mean-time to pass the monotony, hungering for the tidal waves of the undulating seas, the way the brimming water stealthily slapped against the currents. The once joyous Lupe had came fourth in the surf, but to her dismay she had no one to show her achievement to, so the trophy was left on the podium, gathering dust as they spoke in soft purring voices. The worried tones of the family indicated that Parlrina knew they were far, far older than they appeared, but… The youngest had a hunch that it was time to move on, the Kougra insisted. Time to know when they weren't needed. The others agreed, but at that subtle moment, their ears pricked up momentarily at the awaited sound. Was that the lock being shifted to the side? The turn of the unused key, smooth in its circular rotation. There was a click. Then a familiar husky voice stated, The voice had a timbre of an almost unused mellow tone, the mischievous eyes having a tired expression, did they seem smaller all of a sudden?

"Well, things hadn't changed much. Had they, my family?" The figure leant against the door. They threw themselves at her feet, as Sabrina leant down and embraced the scampering pets she had once cared of.

"Our owner," Parlrina stated shakily, "You've returned! Yippee. But why?"

"You have some explaining to do," stated Kassiko somewhat frostily, not buying into the notion their owner was back after being absent, "Why did you leave that hastily scribbled note on the table? Somewhat about finding the constellation of Altador, where did that leave you? Off to explore the world as you desired? The desecrated Tomb of Gertipiku? I heard that unearthed barren trap was a dead end that was, all in the Times."
"That was indeed a dead end," confirmed Sabrina apologetically, "And I almost didn't make it out in time,"