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Y: Yamanaka Ino of Naruto

Elladan and Elrohir were superb warriors. They had hunted orcs all across the North for the last five centuries straight, seeking to avenge their mother. They had mastered the healing arts under their father, Lord Elrond. They were wise, skilled, and accomplished Elven Lords.

"El-kuuu~n!" Yamanaka Ino hollered, running towards the stern of the ship.

They were scared spitless of a tiny slip of a mortal girl hunting them with hearts in her eyes. Aragorn had never seen such excellent entertainment in his life.

"So which one of you is 'El-kun'?" Aragorn asked with supreme amusement. His valiant brothers were crouched down and hiding behind him and the crate he was sitting on.

"Either one of us," Elladan said grimly.

"She is not picky," Elrohir confirmed.

Aragorn chortled, impervious to the indignant stares directed at him. "Arwen shall love this tale," he remarked gleefully.

"You are a cruel man, Estel," Elladan pouted.

"Your brothers are in grave danger, and you choose to laugh at us!" Elrohir concurred.

Aragorn rolled his eyes, still grinning. "She has been all over the deck and cabins. Why not go up?" he suggested, indicating the crow's nest.

Elladan and Elrohir exchanged a glance, and set out for the mast with all the stealth and care they would use to invade Mordor by themselves. It took great control for Aragorn to rein in his renewed laughter.

Shortly thereafter, Ino reappeared on deck. She took in the lack of elven twins at a glance, and headed for the nearest person.

"Gimli?" Ino asked sweetly. "Have you seen my El-kun?"

"They're up there, the crazy squirrels," Gimli grumbled, pointing at the crow's nest.

"Thanks, Gimli!" Ino replied, launching herself up the mast in two quick bounds.

The twin sons of Elrond could only gaze in horror at the approaching blonde missile, and try not to scream.