A/N: Well I always wanted to try this and im pissed off at all these Naruto/Grim reaper stories and no one finishes them, so now im going to try and write one. I got this idea from skull reapers fiction, so all the credit goes to him.

A little boy lay sleeping. His name Naruto Uzmaki, Container of the most powerful demon and the most feared." I wonder who my parents were. Did they love me? Where are they now? Those questions sung through Narutos brain, questions without answers. Little did he know that those questions were about to be answered.

Location unknown

A figure stood on a throne. This was no other figure for this figure was the god of death or better known as the shinigami. He was a tall figure with long hair, and this guy was PISSED." My son Naruto, I am so sorry." Over and over he watched Naruto tormented and beaten to within an inch of his life only for the third to come and do nothing. To long this went on and now it was time to stop it, to end it." Fuck the laws my son is in trouble its time for me to kick ass." And with those words he disappeared.

Naruto was having a pleasant dream. He saw a girl with flowing red hair and brown eyes." She is so beautiful." He said, she smiled at him and beckon him to come closer. But before he could run after her to at least get her name he woke up.

"Some one his breaking in" Naruto said." It must be those damn villagers and just when I was having fun." He took a kunai out from out of his bed and started to walk toward his door." Fuck the villagers this time im fighting back." With that determination he pressed his ears toward his door." ok the demon spawn his sleeping we rush in and take him out FOREVER." He backed up and moved far away from the door, aiming his kunai at the door." 5…4…3…2...1." Bam the door flew open 3 villagers ran in. Taking aim he threw the kunai at the first guy, poor guy never saw it come in and he struck him in the head. He went down dead; the seconded charged his Katana over his head ready to strike dowanward."Shit I don't have another one to throw." But then something unexpected happened. He just fell down dead. Naruto looked up and saw someone he thought only the dead could see the Shinigami himself. His ghostly face looked down at Naruto and smiled." Hello Naruto im sorry im late you would not believe how much Kami can talk someone's ear off. Im her brother and she still love to annoy me." He turned toward to the last one who was making a puddle on the floor." Well you little bitch I see you love to make my son miserable." The guy was at a lost for words," what is the matter Tora got your tongue?" The shinigami moved forward and put out his hand palm upward" offer your soul." A bluish figure sprang from the mans body and so did the other two villagers. Their souls sprang to the shinigami like a servant going to a master. Then he shoved them into his mouth and ate them one by one. Naruto just stood there his brain trying to process what was happening. When he was done he turned toward Naruto" my son are you ready to go home? Who are you? The Shinigami smiled" I am your father."

A/n: Bum, Bum, Bum, Bum. This goes credit to Skull reaper. Any way can any one guess who that mysterious girl was? And time line this is before Naruto enters the academy the third taught him Kunai throwing. A warning Naruto will have a Doujutsu called Death eyes and he will have a weapon not a katana, plus he will be godlike don't like it don't read