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"My father?" Naruto said. He could not believe THE god of death was his father. That was not something you hear everyday. So the only logically

thing he could do was faint.

The Shinigami sweat dropped." Well he took that well." He summoned a Skelton welding an ax." Guard him and if any more fools try to harm him."

He smiled sickly,

"You know what to do." The Skelton could only laugh.

The Third Hokage's office.

The Third was having a good day. The blasted paper work was finish, and Jiraiya had given him a singed golden edition of Icha Icha paradise. Yup a

good day indeed until the lights went out and a person he did not expect to see until death came, the shinigami himself. Now the third feared few

things but when a god appears before you with a PISSED off expression on its face it was ok to do what he did….. He started to beg." Please

shinigami-sama it can not be my time I haven't even finish reading Icha Icha paradise." The shinigami only looked at him." Stand up Hiruzen your

time has not come. No I want you to explain to me why villagers have come and tried to kill my son over and over again. Only now I am forced to

intervene when you should have done something." The third Hokage could only look down in shame" I have tried to help him out but the council-

forget the council." The Shinigami said," you are a Hokage you are the leader of ninja's they only lead civilian's. It is time you put them in their place

or I will do it." The third Hokage nodded "yes I shall do it but what about Naruto? I will take him with me and bring him back before the Genin

my lord." As the shinigami floated away he said" tell Danzo his time on this world is coming to an end." The third Hokage could only nod.


Council meeting

"What is the meaning of this Hiruzen?" The third looked at them all with fire in his eyes." I have called this meeting today to remain you who is in

charge. Today a welcomed guest told me how far this village has fallen.' He slammed his hands on his table" your power has grown too much, that

ends here." He looked at Danzo" I told you to disbanded Root and you did not listen so now I am force to take action. As the third Hokage I here by

take Root away from you and from hence forth they are under my rule." Danzo shouted out "NO YOU CAN NOT DO THIS." The third replied" to damn

bad and if I catch you trying to take them back my anbu will find you and kill you." No more games the third thought the evils this council has done

ends here." And for the rest of you." He looked at them all," how could you harm a child? A child forced to carry burden no one should have to carry.

It is time you remember who you lead, Civilian's only. The ninja's of this village are under mine command; there fore you have no power over them.

As of tomorrow a new council will be made half ninjas half civilians and none of you will be on it." He started to walk away" meeting adjourn and

Danzo." Danzo turned toward him," I would advise you to live your life fully now because the candle that represents your life is about to go out."

Danzo paled in fear. The third could not help but think these words I am so badass.

Naruto's apartment

Naruto woke up to find his father looking at him." Um this is awkward." Naruto said. The shinigami smiled "Naruto you must forgive me for not

protecting you when I should have but im here to make it up to you, son it is time you come home." Naruto smiled" um nobody is going to beat me

right? No in fact everyone is waiting for you, come." Naruto took his fathers hand and soon they were gone.

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