*POST-Eclipse, PRE-Breaking Dawn, but Jake has imprinted (not on Nessie, obviously)!*


Cullen Chat


xXLambXx – Bella

VolvoVamp – Edward

Gone_Shopping – Alice

Alice's-Future – Jasper

:Grizzly: – Emmett

Beautiful*Rose – If you seriously can't figure that out, it's Rosalie

emmett_wuz_here – Carlisle

I_Have_My_Own_Isle! – Esme

Kewla-Dan-Wolverine – Jacob

Whisper2Me – a girl named Whisper, Jake's imprint…

TheNewtMan – Mike

HisGF'sBFF! – Jessica

BettaDanBella – Lauren

Angel-A – Angela

BenC416 Ben

JournalismGuy0212 – Eric

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VolvoVamp: Bella?


VolvoVamp: Why so enthusiastic?

xXLambXx: it's a CHATROOM! U hve 2 B HAPPY!

:Grizzly:: LETS ALL TXT TLK!


Gone_Shopping: roll on floor laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing &… laughing?

xXLambXx: Yupperoonie!

VolvoVamp: What have you eaten today love?

xXLambXx: Well, U C, I found this tub of sugar…

VolvoVamp: U 8 a WHOLE tub of sugar?!

xXLambXx: only ½! Well then I got bored and 8 the other ½ …

:Grizzly:: so basicly your high on sugar?

xXLambXx: yessums

VolvoVamp: Bella…

xXLambXx: :S

VolvoVamp: what does " :S " mean?

Gone_Shopping: she's either sick or worried

xXLambXx: AFK!

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VolvoVamp: Alice!?

Gone_Shopping: away from keyboard.

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Gone_Shopping: By

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:Grizzly:: Hi Emmett!

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Gone_Shopping: sry, I 4got to tell u…

Grizzly:: Hey Emmett!

Grizzly:: Wanna go 4 a ride?

Grizzly:: sure Emmett!

Grizzly:: let's go!

Grizzly:: I'm an Emmett dude, in a human world… being a vampire, its vamptastic!


Grizzly:: how long have u been here?

Gone_Shopping: too long…

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