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Here We Go Again


I laid out in the sun, warming myself, when I heard the door slam. My eyes popped open only to be covered with a blindfold, a rough hand slapped over my face. I screamed, but was over come by the sickly sweet scent I knew so well. Blackness started to surround me…but not before I heard James's evil laugh, cackling my name.

"Sonny…I have you at last."

NO! I screamed. No, not now…



Chad shook my arm. I opened my eyes with a gasp, breathing heavily. I stared up at the familiar ceiling I knew so well and took a deep breath.

"Sonny," Chad murmured. "Are you all right?"

He had propped himself up on one arm, the blanket of our bed down by his waist. He wore no shirt. It was moments like these that I liked waking up in the middle of the night…though, I normally didn't.

I reached over and turned on the light. "Yeah," I muttered to his question. "I'm fine." Instinctively, my hand traveled to my swollen stomach. Chad covered my hand with his and entwined our fingers.

"How's baby?" he asked quietly, rubbing my stomach gently.

"Fine." I was a bit breathless. Rubbing my eyes, I glanced at the clock.

4:05 flashed back at me. I groaned. "Not again…I'm sorry, Chad, I…" I trailed off and shook my head.

"Hey, hey, it's okay," Chad moved his hand to my cheek and stroked it gently. "It happens…"

"Five nights in a row?" was my bitter reply.

Chad let out a sigh. "Well, maybe its just because…well, you know, we're so close…" he glanced at my stomach and sighed again. "I'll bet its normal."

"It's the same thing every time though," I whispered. "Every single dream so far…it's like a warning, it feels so real, Chad…" I shuddered. Chad reached over and pulled me in a hug, tucking my head under his chin.

"Shh, it's fine, Sonny," he whispered.

I closed my eyes and sighed. My heart began to slow down. I reached over and flipped off the light. Chad held up the sheets and I cuddled, uncomfortably, against him.

"This was so much easier five months ago," I grumbled, rolling over. Chad laughed lightly.

"I agree…now go to sleep, Son-Beam. It's all right."

I trusted him and kissed his cheek. "All right...but that means you too."

He tenderly kissed my lips. "Deal."

I smiled, yawned and soon fell back into a deep sleep, Chad holding me close to his body.

The next morning I woke up to Chad singing in the shower. I rolled over and yawned before slowly pulling my chubby little body out of bed. I banged on the door.

"Chad, hurry up," I whined. "I gotta pee."

"Again?" he called. "Oh, and good morning!"

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever. I'll use the guest bathroom. See you at breakfast." Seriously, sometimes it felt like we were living in two different houses, or hotel rooms.

I sighed as I made my way down the small hall, whistling softly under my breath, smiling as I rubbed my hand across my belly and thinking of the baby that I'd be able to hold, to cuddle with, to care for, to love in just a few months. It seemed almost surreal - like this was all a dream that I was going to wake up from at any moment.

Having relieved myself, I headed over to the kitchen, a smile still firmly in place as I pulled a plate down, having to stand on my tiptoes just to be able to reach (not an easy task, no thanks to my swollen stomach). Biting my lip as I pulled open the fridge's door, I grabbed the ketchup bottle and a box of pancake mix, which was sounding oddly good at the moment. Hey, I can't control my cravings now, can I?

Continuing to whistle, I poured the mix into the pan, flipping the now almost-formed pancake over so it could cook the other side.

Quickly so they wouldn't be burned, I flipped them onto the plate and grabbed the ketchup bottle, making my way over to the table, smiling happily to myself, trying to push my dream to the back of my mind. The nightmare still swam around my thoughts, but not so much as they had the first night. It was becoming a regular thing now, and I was a little concerned but not so much as to constantly worry on it/

Seating myself, I popped the lid off, pouring the ketchup until I could barely see the pancakes, and then hungrily dug in, my craving satisfied for now.

A yawn drew my attention away from my ketchup-soaked pancakes and to the stairs, where Chad was making his way over to me, stretching.

"Hey honey..." He stopped, his gaze flickering to my plate, before he wrinkled his nose in disgust. "What are you eating? Or... never mind, I don't think I want to know." He muttered the last part mostly to himself, but I still managed to catch it. With a smirk, I stood, plate in hand, and made my way over to him.

"Isn't it just delicious?" I grinned as I held the plate under his nose, letting him catch a whiff of it and smiling innocently. Chad groaned, pulling back slightly at the smell, only dropping his smile for a few seconds (not that he could control it, however, because it really did smell bad).

"Ok, Sonshine, you know I love you, but... I don't love ketchup pancakes, so..." He dodged the plate, easily manuvering around it, before grabbing a box of cereal, opening the package, and pouring some into his mouth. I wrinkled my nose, shaking my head disapprovingly as I washed my plate.

"You eat so gross." I commented randomly, and he motioned towards the plate.

"And you don't?" Was his oh-so-clever reply. I rolled my eyes, chuckling as I dried the plate.

"At least I have an excuse," I replied, "I'm eating for two." I surveyed him, holding back my laughter. "And you... well, you must be eating for four."

"No," He responded, eyeing me, "I'm only eating for three."