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Chapter 4: Should I?


2 weeks later:

I was just bringing my last case down the stairs of my Dad's house when there was a quick knock on the door - Charlie was just gone to the only shop in Forks to get me a drink for the long journey to Darthmouth so it couldn't be him - I ran for it and swung it open someone stood with their back to the door of course I knew who it was straight away it was Jacob Black. I hadn't seen him since before HE left me and it was only very brief. You see Angela and I are best friends with a girl called Leah Clearwater she lives in La Push the Quileute reservation just outside of Forks. She is very tall, tan skin, blackish brown hair which is gorgeous (she doesn't think its nice) she is really nice to us but bitter to all men/boys except her brother Seth because her ex-boyfriend broke her heart he left her for her cousin. We are known as LAB since were always together.


Leah was very distant to us for about 2 weeks we called her cell she wouldn't pick up, we texted her all day long no replies, we called her house phone she was always out. We were getting really worried she hadn't been in school either so the Saturday after she became distant Angela and I decided to go to La Push. We drove out of Forks and we were in La Push we drove up to Leah's house we jumped out and walked up to the door and knocked we could hear laughing and messing inside. Seth answered the door he was smiling when he opened the door but when he saw us his face dropped into a frown

"What do you's want?" He said in a harsh tone. All the laughing suddenly stopped in the other room. Seth had always liked us because we helped Leah to get over Sam.

"We want to see Leah NOW!" I said.

"I don't care if you say she's out Seth tell us where she is we are her best friends! Seth we want to know what we did and why she is ignoring us?!" I said.

He was pouting now there was a cough in the other room then someone was sobbing then I could hear Leah whispering

"Why Sam they're my best friends I have to talk to them!"

"Leah?" Angela called into the house looking around Seth.

Then I realised what she said


He looked into my eyes and seen I was very angry.

He just said "Bella please calm down we don't want anyone getting hurt!"

"GET OUT OF THE WAY NOW!" Leah was sobbing again.

"Leah?" Angela called again


This time he moved I think it was because we mentioned Leah crying.

I ran into the sitting room while Seth and Ange walked behind me I burst through the door then froze. Leah was sitting on the floor tears streaming down her cheeks sobbing really hard that's not why I stopped, Sam's friends were crowded into the room the only ones I didn't see were Embry, Jared and Brady.

I ran over to Leah and cradled her in my arms

"Leah hun what's wrong?"

Tears were now streaming down my cheeks. Leah didn't move or answer so I looked up and seen hiding behind all the rest of his friends the coward Sam was here. I jumped up

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT HEART BREAKING, LYING BASTARD DOING HERE?" No one answered me. Angela burst into the room then Seth hot on her heels.

"Bella what are you shouting about now?" She asked "What happened?" she asked again when she seen Leah lying on the floor.

"I'm shouting about the bastard that left Leah broken being in her sitting room watching her cry and sob on the floor!" I said pointing at Sam then I turned to Seth and said "I can't believe you let him in here you hate him as much as I do!"

Seth just looked down and said "I know" under his breath.

"EVERYONE OUT NOW" I shouted. No-one moved so I said

"Fine YOU out NOW" pointing at Sam. He got up obediently and left the room.

I turned to Leah and said "Leah what's going on?" I ran over and hugged her Angela joined in then we were crying then someone spoke up and said

"God I didn't know girls could get so emotional!" Leah laughed and I looked up and glared at Jacob Black Sam's right hand man.

"I offered you a chance to leave Black you didn't take it your problem not mine" I said.

All his friends chuckled and laughed but tried to cover it up as coughing he turned and glared at them they all stopped but Quil spoke up and said

"I thought you said you could impress her!" I hadn't noticed Quil was here so I jumped up and into his arms I wrapped my legs around his waist we hugged for a few minutes then I said

"So you were trying to impress me then Black?" I asked he looked down.

"Did you not give him any pointers then?" I asked Quil because I had went out with him before. He laughed then said

"No of course not you're my girl he can't have you!" Jacob looked up

"You 2 are going out?" he asked.

"No we used to though!" I said laughing it off.

"We could try that again if you want!" Quil said I was dumbfounded but I had always liked Quil more than a friend. I blushed at the thought in the next minute his lips were on mine I kissed him back but then pulled away I stared into his eyes then turned and went back to Leah.

End of flashback.

That night after Angela went home I was told most stuff about werewolves and vampires. I got more than I wanted I only wanted my bestie back, but I got my bestie, a boyfriend and loads more friends.

Anyway I knew straight away it was Jacob so when he turned around I wasn't surprised he was only wearing a pair of cut offs and he was sweating even though it was a dark, misty day.

Then I realised that I was going to go without saying goodbye to Leah, Jake and the rest of the pack I should have visited them. I seriously don't even know who I am anymore. As soon as I seen him I ran at him and hugged him he hugged me back then said

"Hey Bells how are ya'?" I was crying because I was so glad to see him but also because I knew this would be the last time I saw him.

"Good you?" was all I could say. He asked me why I was crying and I told him the truth

"Cause I'm so happy to see you Jake and 'cause this is the last time I'll see you!" I saw a tear roll down his face but by the time I was finished he had lit up and said

"Don't worry Bells I'm working on my studies hopefully I'll get accepted to Dartmouth as well."

My jaw literally hit the floor. Oh god what I going to tell him…the truth he can handle it…I hope…

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