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Konoha was in shambles, Orochimaru and his sound ninja had allied with Suna to attack the leaf village. They had made their first strike during the Chunin exams. Their secret weapon Gaara had run off with the last Uchiha following not far behind. Orochimaru had trapped the Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, in a barrier that killed anyone it touched. Sarutobi was now fighting Orochimaru with his summon turned weapon ally Enma.

"Orochimaru, I will not let you destroy the leaf village." Said snake only chuckled.

"Sarutobi-sensei, do you honestly think you will be able to stop me? I have everything planned to bring about Konoha's doom." Sarutobi stared at him until Orochimaru pulled off a few hand seals. "Kinjutsu; Junsei Tensei (Forbidden Jutsu: Perfect Rebirth)" Sarutobi eyes widened. A perfect rebirth technique? Orochimaru smirked at his old sensei's expression. "Ah, I see you understand sensei. This will bring back any person who I so desire to be born again. And all I have to do is sacrifice two souls to the Shinigami…not a bad deal if you ask me…especially with whom I asked the Shinigami to bring back." Sarutobi stared at his student in horror, thinking of all the possible people he could bring back.

"Who did you reincarnate, GRRRNNNN" The two were still locked with their weapons pushing against each other. Orochimaru chuckled.

"The greatest hero's of the leaf…Minato Namikaze, and Kushina Uzumaki." He began to cackle as he saw his former sensei's face.

"You monster, how DARE you use this village's greatest hero's as its destruction?" Sarutobi was grinding his teeth in anger.

"I DARE, because I want to see Konoha burn…and it will be so enjoyable to see it burn at their hands. They are mine to control until they see the person that was most precious to them in life…even then they will have to fight my control…ahhh, it seems that the Jutsu is finally kicking in." He looked behind Sarutobi and pushed his sword strong enough to jump back as Sarutobi looked behind him. Two piles of ash were forming together and taking on a human shape. The first shape was clearly male while the other was female. The bodies were completely made of ash, but were slowly tuning to a flesh like substance. The male version grew spiky blond hair while the female grew crimson red hair.

More ash's formed around them as they began to seem more human. The male figure now had on a long white trench coat while the woman had on an ANBU captain uniform. And then finally, the ash's turned to what they were intended, revealing Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. "Go, destroy the leaf village" The two complied and jumped through a recent opening in the barrier. Sarutobi was about to follow them when Orochimaru continued his assault.

Sarutobi seethed in rage, "Minato, Kushina…I only hope you can break free of his control."


Naruto was heading back to the Arena; he had just helped defeat Gaara. Kyuubi had pumped enough chakra through his system to get him back up on his feet, and damned be him if he missed out on kicking some sound ninja. Naruto climbed over the Arena walls and jumped in…to see dozens of Konoha shinobi dead, being stood over by the same man who ruined his life…with a red haired woman beside him. He was about to move back, but the chakra of the Kyuubi stopped pumping through his body, causing him to lose his balance and fall into the arena.

Once he landed, "CRACK" he heard a resounding crack in his left leg. He grabbed his leg, barely noticing the two shinobi running towards him. He watched as the red haired woman drew her Katana, while the Yondaime pulled out an odd looking kunai. He just watched them as time seemed to slow…a second felt like eternity at that moment…he saw the kunai being raised to kill him…the katana swung down…

He closed his eyes, "So…this is how it ends." He opened his eyes to see the incoming blades, "This…is how I die." He closed his eyes, and awaited death's embrace…he didn't care he was about to die anymore…it would relieve him of the hell he was forced to live…he would never be called a demon again…he would never have to ask himself if his parents ever loved him…he would never have to wonder if they abandoned him…he would be free at last…and so with that last thought he waited…waited…waited for the blades that would end his life…and send him to whatever planes Kami had deemed him be sent…it never came.

He opened his eyes to see that the Katana was right at his throat…barely touching his skin, and the kunai was but an inch away from killing him…he saw the face's of the weapons wielder…the Yondaime…why did he look so much like him? And the woman…with eye's the same color as his own…why were they staring at him…why weren't they finishing him off…why wasn't the Yondaime taking revenged for his death…why?

The two stared at him…than the woman went wide eyed as a single tear went down her face…the Yondaime began to cry a bit a moment later. "N-N-Naruto…" The woman stuttered out…as if asking a question.

Naruto was shocked…how did they know him? Did they remember him…do they remember that he is the holder of a demon?

The Yondaime and the woman dropped there weapons…and the Yondaime spoke, "My son?" The woman spoke next, "My baby?"

Naruto was shocked beyond measure, they knew his name, and called him their child…but…but…NO, he had no parents. The villagers said he was a demon. And demons have no parents. But…he wasn't a demon…NO…he was a Jinchuriki.

But someone with such noble blood as the Yondaime wouldn't be treated like a monster…would he?

Naruto looked back up as the woman embraced him, "Oh Naruto…I'm so sorry we couldn't be there for you. I'm just so glad you're safe. I know it must have been hard to hear that your parents were dead…and at such a young age too." Naruto didn't make any move to hug her.

Minato walked forward and looked into his sons eyes, "Naruto…why aren't you happy to see your parents? Surely when Sarutobi told you about us you wished to see us again. Why are you so sad?" Minato just stared as Naruto began to mumble something out.

"Ojiji knew…he knew my parents?" They just stared at their son as he began trembling. Kushina tried to hug her son again but he jumped back and screamed, "NO, my…my parents abandoned me." The two were shocked. Did he honestly think that? "No child with blood as noble as the Yondaime would be treated like a monster." They went wide eyed as he fell to his knees trembling, "Lies…lies…lies…" He kept repeating the same thing. Minato was about to try to speak to Naruto.

"BOOOM" Minato and Kushina turned around to see a sound-nin with about twelve more behind him scream, "Die Kyuubi-brat" He threw a kunai he had in his hands at Naruto.

Naruto watched as the kunai came…he would be free at last…no more lies…no more suffering. The kunai was twelve feet away from him, "CLANG" the kunai was sliced out of the air by Kushina. "Stay the fuck away from my son you assholes!" She ran forward with Minato following.

Naruto stared as the woman cut down the first sound ninja…they called him son…Minato shoved a kunai into one of their heads…they protected him…Kushina sliced a sound ninja down the middle…but they had to be lying…Minato flashed behind another sound ninja and cut his throat, spraying blood everywhere…he wasn't supposed to be loved…Kushina and Minato stabbed through opposite sides of the same sound nin…he wasn't supposed…Minato kicked a ninja into the air as Kushina came down to slice him in half…to have a family...they cut down the last sound nin…it has to be a lie.

Kushina and Minato ran to their son and grabbed his shoulders, "Naruto…Naruto are you okay?" Naruto just stared at them muttering the same thing, "Lies…lies…lies." His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he fell over. "Naruto!" Kushina grabbed him. "Minato-kun, we have to get him to the hospital." The two quickly scaled the wall and cut down any sound-nin in their path to get their only child to the hospital.

The next day

Kushina and Minato were waiting outside their son's hospital room. The doctors had asked that they wait until they could judge what his condition was. The two were seething in rage at what happened when they reached the hospital.


Minato slammed open the doors as Kushina followed him into the hospital lobby. They ran up to the desk as more and more people came in; all of them were shocked to see Minato was alive. Minato was at the lobby desk in under a minute of walking in, "I need a hospital room now." The receptionist looked at the Yondaime in glee.

"Ah, Yondaime-sama, it's so good to see that you are alive. I would be glad to help you with any person who need's assistance." The receptionist smiled and Kushina walked forward.

"He need's medical attention immediately." She looked down at Naruto…when she looked up she saw the sneer being directed towards her son.

"That DEMON! The only reason that this hospital has ever allowed him entrance before is because the Sandaime had ANBU enforcing it. I have no idea why they keep the monster alive; it's just a stain on our village." The receptionist was about to continue her rant when her collar was grabbed by Minato.

"Now you listen and you listen well, he is not a demon. So I suggest that you back off and get him a hospital room before I…" His rant was cut off when a young woman came up to Kushina and grabbed Naruto. The woman glared at the receptionist.

"I thought I made it very clear last time we spoke Haruno, if Naruto is ever to enter the hospital with an injury you are to contact either me, or one of his doctors. This is the last straw Haruno. I expect your uniform by the end of the day…You're fired!" She brought Naruto through a black door on the other side of the lobby as she was followed by Minato and Kushina.

End Flashback

Minato was twirling his kunai while Kushina was sharpening her katana. They remained silent until, "RAAAGGGHHH" Minato plunged his kunai into the wall with enough force that it sent spider web like cracks through the wall. "Why does the village hate our child? I made it perfectly clear that he was to be seen as a hero for holding the Kyuubi at bay." Minato was clutching the kunai so tightly that the metal was being bent by the force of it.

Kushina sighed in anger, "I don't know Minato…but why didn't he know we were his parents? We told Sarutobi that should either of us die he was to tell Naruto who his parents were at 7. And wasn't Jiraiya supposed to take care of him…as a matter of fact, why has no one come to see Naruto. Shouldn't he have loads of friends?" She would have continued her rant when she saw Sarutobi walking down the hall. Minato and Kushina walked up to the Sandaime and stopped right in front of him.

"We want answers Sarutobi…and you will give us them." Sarutobi was sweating but stood his ground.

"Ask away." Minato crossed his arms over his chest.

"Did you tell Naruto we were his parents like we asked you?" Sarutobi began to sweat.

"Well I…" "It's a yes or no question…answer it!" Sarutobi looked down.

"No" Minato glared at Sarutobi deeply.

"Why?" Sarutobi sighed.

"I didn't feel he was ready to know at the time." Kushina grabbed him by his shirt.

"You had no right to say whether he was ready to know or not. We told you to tell him when he was seven. He is probably twelve years old now. You should have told him years ago Sarutobi…now for our next question, why does he have his own personal doctors and hospital room?" Sarutobi sighed.

"Naruto has had several attempts on his life when he was admitted to the hospital by my own ninja and doctors. I had to set up a personal medical unit for him after the 7th attempt." Kushina flipped out.

"Your own shinobi tried to kill him!? What kind of shinobi can't tell the difference between a container and the contained? My son is not a demon, so why the fuck do they think he is one. And how many times had he been admitted to the hospital?" Sarutobi began to sweat at that point. He was about to answer when the nurse came up and spoke.

"I will show you all of his medical files" Minato and Kushina smiled, but Sarutobi snapped at her.

Kagome, I made it very clear that regardless of who asked for those files they were never to be viewed." Kagome just glared at Sarutobi.

"They are his parents Sarutobi, they are his legal guardians now…not you. I wanted to adopt him so many times but the damn civilian council kept on blocking me. So I suggest you shut up, I am tired of not being able to help him. Now that his parents are alive you no longer have authority over those files." Sarutobi wanted to retort but Minato just glared at him.

"We will have words Hiruzen." They followed the nurse as Sarutobi waited outside Naruto's hospital room.

With Minato and Kushina

Minato was twitching in rage. How dare Sarutobi deny his last wishes? That old fool would be getting a piece of his mind when he was finished here. Kushina was debating on whether to cut the old man to pieces or just use a summoning Jutsu to feed him to one of her lesser summons.

Kagome stopped in front of a door. She seemed hesitant to go in, but opened the door. Minato and Kushina followed her into the room to find a 20 by 20 room filled with filing cabinets. "So which one is Naruto's?" The nurse looked down as a tear fell down her cheek.

"They're all Naruto's."

"WHAAAAT!?" Kushina yelled as Minato ran to the first cabinet, a panicked expression on his face. Kushina ran to another one as she found some files. Minato pulled out one dated October 10th; Naruto was five years old then. He opened the file to found notes and a tape. He looked to see a television in the room. He walked over and pushed the tape in. When the tape began to play he as mortified, his son was tied to a cross with barbed wire around his wrists and ankles and was being covered in gasoline. He watched to see that everyone who was doing it had black ski masks on, so he couldn't tell who did it. Just when he thought things couldn't get worse he saw them light a match and throw it on him. The gasoline must have only been placed on certain parts of his body because the fire followed a line and burned his flesh. The fire made a bunch of cross shapes in his flesh. Not a moment later an ANBU came in and cut down the masked assailants. The ANBU carefully doused the fire on the screaming blond. The ANBU then cut the barbed wire and spoke, "Naruto…why can you never be given a break?" The ANBU was about to jump off when he saw the Camera he grabbed the camera and turned it off.

Minato was sick to his stomach. He ran to a trash can and wretched…or at least tried to.

Kushina looked through file after file, each one making her cry even harder. The first one showed the details of when Naruto was beaten near death; five broken ribs, a fractured femur, and a kunai shoved into his lung…released the next day. The next one he was hung by his wrists and beaten with bats, both arms broken, every rib shattered, fractured skull…released next day. The next one was when a group of Uchiha tied Naruto to a training post. He had seventeen stab wounds from kunai, 30 from shuriken and twelve from arrows…released next day. She couldn't take looking at them anymore and fell to the floor, crying her eyes out. Minato walked up to her and picked her up. "We are going to see our son…now!" He walked out of the room with Kushina following.

Once they got to Naruto's hospital room they saw Sarutobi standing in front of the door. "Move Sarutobi" Kushina was not in the mood for his bullshit.

"Kushina, we need to wait for Naruto to heal. Once he is healed I will…CRACK" He was slapped across the face with a chakra charged palm that sent Sarutobi to the side. She pushed open the door to find…nothing.

They ran around the room and looked, but could not find Naruto anywhere. They then noticed that the window was wide open. They walked out of the room and grabbed Sarutobi, "You will take us to where Naruto lives NOW!" Sarutobi was ready to speak against it when an ANBU appeared next to them.

"Hokage-sama, the council has been arranged and wish to speak to you in regards to the recent invasion as well as several other events."

"They can wait until I deem I will go." Minato was about to walk out of the hospital when Sarutobi grabbed his shoulder.

"I will send one of my trusted ANBU to check up on him…it's not a good idea to keep the council waiting." Minato slapped his hand away but complied. They then walked to the council chambers…Kushina and Minato were pissed.

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